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Steinberger XL2 1984 SOLD!

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No - it's not Geddy's old; however, I bought it from the UK before Brexit (Those were the days) ...

The condition is excellent, everything works, everything is original except for replaced wear'n tear parts in bridge/tuners, which are sold as original parts from https://www.headlessusa.com/bass-jaws 
I think Babicz is the maker of these...

The old worn parts are included for those who are interested in such things. The detachable leg rest a memory from the previou- s L2 model - remains. The newer XL2's have that ugly hinge support permanently mounted. This one is called a "transition model", due to some DNA from the old L2 as well as from the XL2...

String holder/adapter for single ball strings is included. The original bag remains and is in a condition like fly infested mummy; it can be used if you get a new zipper and are a little good at sewing. The bass also has an original Steinberger hardcase.








Note that the tuners are at a bit of distance from the string holder / string jaw holder, due to use of washers in the new mechanics...

I have checked prices on all XL2s that are for sale around the world and see that the average price of these is just over £3400, the condition not taken into account, and without considering any cost for shipping, customs and VAT. This one is in pristine condition, no dings and scratches, just a little black worn off on the string holder up on the neck. (Sharpie pen fixes it ...)
Since the bass and I are in Sweden, I set the price to 30000 SEK (£2550 / 2950€) plus shipping. Since I bought it, I have spent about 4000 SEK (£340 / 400€) in renovation and extra accessories.

Now open to partial trades! At least £1700 / 2000€ in cash! Serious bids are considered!
Can be shipped at buyers expense. I use Wise (former TransferWise) - not PayPal, since they charge a LOT. Or bank transfer!

My feedback page: 


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Extraordinary basses, I have a 1986 model. I might have considered another one (they're only going to increase in value, after all) but Boris's Brexit Bonus adds about another £900 to the price! ☹️ GLWTS.

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10 hours ago, AndyTravis said:

Eeeeeeh. Nice.


just came to say that. These new thumbnails on sale posts are like mega temptation 

They are a great addition to the site. For sale items don’t slip under the radar now. Great for sellers, not so good for GAS.

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While I can't jump into buying this back right now (it's my old bass) I have to say it is a VERY nice one and in fantastic condition. Sounds absolutely stellar and has an incredible straight neck, low action etc

Not only a modernist melding of art & design (ooh get you), it's a FANTASTIC bass ;)


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