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  1. Can't help I'm afraid, but I love the look of those really early Wal's I've always dreamed of having a clone made in 5 string format... but time, money etc.
  2. I remember playing a Cirrus 5 string, neck through in the late 90's (or maybe very early 00's) in California. Couldn't for the life of me tell you the model etc. I do remember it being one of the nicest basses I've ever played and went back into the shop about half a dozen times to play it! Just couldn't stretch my wallet that far at the time (think it was $1700 and I was a student). I played another Cirrus 5 a few years later in a shop in the UK and didn't like it half as much, it was much cheaper and I was gutted.
  3. I sold this cab a fair few years ago and can't for the life of me remember who to! Anyway, I'm thinking of building another one but then thought I'd see if whoever I sold it too is still using it etc. So if you do have it please get in touch, would love to know how it's getting on TBH.
  4. I've recently been rebuilding my pedal board and digging out a few older pedals that I haven't used for some years. I'm happy with the sound and setup, however a few of the pedals are quite crackly both on the pots and output sockets. Can i just squirt them liberally with switch cleaner, or is there a better process to go through to recondition pedals? Ta
  5. I remember playing this bass years ago - It made me go and spend a lot of money on my SR5 - good luck with the sale. I'd have it off you in a heartbeat if I had the cash.
  6. [quote name='RAY AGAINST THE MACHINE' timestamp='1458764523' post='3010714'] I'm a little confused. I was under the impression a 5 string would take care of all turnings , except maybe low g or something . [/quote] To be honest so was I until recently I've played my 5 for years and years without any issues, just finding for this project it's just not coming out right so experimenting a little with other ideas.
  7. I hadn't thought about the nut I had e graphite neck and I'm pretty sure it's moulded in. Think I'll order a 4 string set for my knock around P Bass, see how it goes. Do you have to do a big set up?
  8. [quote name='charic' timestamp='1458747608' post='3010484'] I use Newtone strings when drop tuning, they make me sets specifically for it [/quote] Oh Cool Just on a 4 string? One thought had occurred to me was to tune up the B on a 5 and everything else down?
  9. Hi All, Hope this is the right forum for this stuff. I'm looking for some advice on what I guess is called Drop C tuning. Meaning that that the whole bass is down a tone then the lowest string down a further tone. I've been working on an album playing guitar (a first for me) and have just started to track the bass. The guitar sounds really nice in this tuning. When tracking the bass I've just been using my Stingray 5 in regular tuning and transposing. I had tried Detuning a 4 string P Bass but the strings were so loose they sounded like they were about to fall off This has presented me three problems: 1) It's mind bending transposing stuff, this is a pain in the arse but by no means insurmountable. 2) Some of the rifts 'make more sense' using open strings on the Drop C guitar, so when playing them on a regular tuned bass can be very awkward to play, again not insurmountable. 3) I've found it really hard to get a bass tone with enough punch when dos of the work is done on the low B. Haven't found way around this yet. So I'm really looking for little advice on what others do in Drop C (or similar alternative tunings), particularly from the point of view of strings/setup/tone etc. Thanks in advance.
  10. I think RItters look incredible and have enjoyed during over this thread. Don't think I'd ever get one though, they're more than I could ever afford but more importantly I'd live in permanent terror that my clumsy hands would drop it or something
  11. Sounds really interesting, can ou let me know some more details please?
  12. Glad to see some progress on this after such a difficult period and hiatus - good things come to those who wait though
  13. Steve Vai (I know he's not an upright player) advocates peeing on your own hands to build up tougher calluses. Rumour has it no one will shake hands with Steve Vai.
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