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  1. Thanks all for the comments and info. After a few deep breaths I took the neck off and got the bridge pup out. So its not just plastic covers over the pup. The plastic cover has the holes for the screws so you can't just remove them. So I guess these are not the originals. No markings or numbers on the pup. Also took the neck off and took pics. Confirms its a 2002. See below.
  2. Thanks Andy. Will try to (delicately) get the pups out later for a look.
  3. You're a gent. I'm going to try and do same later so will post what I find. Just had a good chat on the phone with another BCer who know a lot about these. Thanks for this. All info. welcome Al
  4. No I'm not 100% sure. No mention of it when I bought and didn't think to ask. Just assumed they were. Someone else asked the same questions. I'm changing the strings later so I'll see what I can do to get in there for a look. I haven't fiddled with it at all so it's exactly as I got it. Will post pics. Thanks.
  5. I had a message asking about the pickguard screw holes so took it off this morning to have a look. It's definitely not the original pickguard. It has a shop sticker on it. All the outer screw holes match up with the pickguard (i.e. no leftover holes). You can also see three additional screw holes underneath to match up with the previous one. The one in the centre might be just another one for the original pickguard. Two others to the right of that? Don't know. Finger rest for thumb players maybe? Also two screw holes for the ashtray don't look factory drilled. It's a bit ragged. ( see pic) I thought they came with the pup covers but maybe not. Also see ding on the edge. Took the pots out for a photo op while I was at it. Finally pics of the back. Some buckle rash and one ding. Happy to dig more to help things along. Al
  6. Someone on TalkBass posted specs for this a few years ago. I don't know where he got them, or where you get the 'official' specs from Fender. Scale length is 34", nut is 1.5". It says pearloid pickguard here but the one on it is not the original. Model Name: Fender FSR '75 Jazz Bass(r) Model Number: 017-4300-(809) Series: American Vintage Series Body: Alder Neck: Maple, (Poly-Urethane Finish) Fingerboard: Rosewood, (7.25" Radius/184 mm) No. of Frets: 20 Vintage Size Scale Length: 34" (864 mm) Width @ Nut: 1.500" (38 mm) Hardware: Chrome Machine Heads: Standard Bridge: Vintage '70s with Single Groove Saddles Pickguard: 3-Ply White Pearloid Pickups: 2 Vintage Jazz Bass Single-Coil Pickups Pickup Switching: N/A Controls: Volume 1. (Neck Pickup), Volume 2. (Bridge Pickup), Master Tone Colors: Candy Apple Red, Olympic White, Lake Placid Blue, Sonic Blue (Polyurethane Finish) Strings: Fender Super Bass 7250ML, #073-7250-005, (.045, .065, .080,..100) Unique Features: Matching Painted Headstock, White Binding with Pearloid Block Position Inlays, "Bullet" Truss Rod Adjustment, 3-Bolt Neck Plate with Tilt Adjustment Feature Source: CORONA (US) Accessories: Black Tolex Case U.S. MSRP: $2,199.99 Specs: Product Prices, Features, Specifications and Availability Are Subject To Change Without Notice INTRODUCED: 2/2002 DISCONTINUED: DISCONTINUED COLORS: COMMENTS: Limited run for the European Market in 2002
  7. Thanks for the chips ins. The decal on the back of the headstock has been like that for about five years. I always use Dunlop fretboard cleaners when I change strings. Maybe I gave it a general wipe down with the same cloth and it reacted in the gigbag. I didn’t spot it at the time. It is weird though I’m sure Dunlop would know if their cleaners reacted with decals. I’ll try and find a pic of the original Al
  8. I bought this on BC in early 2009. To be honest I don't know how to date this. The serial number is 00241. I think they did a run of 1000 of these. Someone on BC suggested 2002. I registered it on Fenders website and got the following back. FSR 75 J-BASS CAR W/PNTD HDCP Model #: 0174300809 Serial #: 00241 Grateful for any BCers who can decipher this. Here the original BC posting when I bought it. The little decal on the back of the headstock disintegrated for some reason (see pic). Don't know why. Just opened the gig bag one day and there it was. Gigged regularly when I first bought it but only about 5 times in the last 5 years or so. Has one beautiful little ding on the back, otherwise condition is 9/10. I'll add a pic tomorrow but I think it had a white pick guard off the line, with the ashtray and front pickup covers. The previous owner swapped it out for pearloid and I don't have the original. I have the ashtray cover but not the front pup cover. Think it also has pup covers added. I don't think they were on the original model. I bought this for £1075 on BC in 2009 and think it should have maintained its value, so priced it at £1200 to allow for a bit of time based mojo. It's a beautiful bass. Only selling because I need to thin the herd, and I'm playing more guitar these days so someone somewhere should be playing it. Selling in good faith and happy to take all information/corrections if someone more knowledgeable spots something. Comes with a hard flight type case (not Fender) No tags/candy I'm afraid. I'm in Kingston Surrey. Would prefer collection, or will drive for up to 1 hour from Kingston to meet up.
  9. Hey John. Hope you're good. I had a listen to your SoundCloud music. Sounds great to me. I'm a basser on the other side of 50 with all the gear and transport. I've played in all variations over the years, blues rock, funk, reggae and country. Looking for something fresh now to keep the old grey matter ticking over. Living in darkest Surrey. If you want to have a chat give me a bell on 07970 639445. Best wishes Al
  10. Grant is passionate about bass and a thoroughly bloody nice bloke to boot. Deal with confidence bass brothers and sisters. I've bought/acquired guitars from Grant over the years and always a pleasurable experience. Highly recommended for all your bottom end requirements Cheers Grant.
  11. Andy bought my Yamaha 5er Nathan East. Top man. Straight as a die. Deal with confidence brothers and sisters.
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