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  1. Hi Can anyone shed light on the pros and cons of these two designs, eg can I get a P sound from the first one with appropriate switching/wiring? double split coil humbucker https://www.delano.de/mc_4_fe_m2/mc_4_fe_m2_details.html dual coil humbucker https://www.delano.de/mc_4_fe/mc_4_fe_details.html I'll be pairing this with a J at the bridge and will need advice on wiring options, such as parallel/series, two single coils and whatever else might be worthwhile Cheers!
  2. Hi @BassBunny – with Delano pickups, do you have to request extra wires/contacts for series/parallel etc, or is it straight forward to do with any pickup? I'm building a new bass that has been routed for a Delano MM and a J and I'm exploring wiring options – I will create a new post shortly Cheers
  3. Not often you see a maple neck on a Wal @medpb
  4. Anybody using one of these? Are they any good? https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Electric-Guitar-Foam-Case-by-Gear4music/C86
  5. for gawd's sake somebody buy this, it's a bargain – I worked in a shop that stocked these and they flew out of the door
  6. mods - please move to the 'share your music' section, thanks
  7. https://transmissionfromnowhere.bandcamp.com/releases
  8. Fishman


    Yeah, something about it for sure 😊
  9. Fishman


    just came across this on the FB Wal Lovers group
  10. Mike is your man… http://www.madebymike.co.uk He made a Pearl Octaver clone for me – lots of custom finish options too
  11. or maybe Herbie F only wrote for Clive Dunn?
  12. Good debate this – I'm now wondering what it must be like to move between playing bass with Bowie and Clive Dunn 😐
  13. WTF? Points of View is still on – you're kidding right!? I quite enjoyed Barry Took's wry approach – no doubt it's the Alice Cooper clone from Strictly doing it now As for people keeping on about this, this is my first time commenting – it has to be time for something new though, surely? I don't think the new stage design is good either, just my opinion
  14. I don't care what the answer to this question is to be honest, but why the feck do they put it on over two nights? There are also references in the show to 'tomorrow' when JH speaks, as though we think it's actually taking place over two days – yeah, sure Dear Points of View (remember that?), please, please decommission it now and bring back Blankety Blank or Z-Cars, or that show about motorcycle trials riding 😜
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