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  1. Thanks @CHRISDABASS – may give it a go if I can summon up the nerve! Cheers!
  2. Thanks Chris - was it done with a blow torch?
  3. As others have said, don't do much to this – if, once it's refinished, you drop it and it gets damaged you may cry for days – while it's like this you won't worry for a second. I have a 70s jazz that looks like crap, but plays beautifully and gets knocked over all the time – and nobody bats a eyelid 🙂
  4. Amen to the Gallery – I had a rear control cavity on my Stingray routed by Martin a couple of years back to accommodate an East Uni-pre – terrific work!
  5. my old ears are having trouble hearing past the mwah of the fretless 🙃
  6. I wonder if this is as good as it looks – would like to see a demo using a fretted bass
  7. I just tried out some Fiebings leather dye on my test scrap and it is very black, which is what I was after – I also tried indian ink which was also very black, but raised the grain a bit more I have some swamp ash samples coming from rothko for ultimate proof of concept before attacking the body
  8. I have to say though, that is one hell of a good-looking bass, GLWTS
  9. I only have 9 (but I probably own more than 70 cameras, so I can appreciate the GAS!!!) 2003 Stingray 4 Stingray 4 build in progress 1976 Aria Pro II Jazz 1977 Aria Pro II P 1976 Aria Precise P 1970 Shaftesbury Telecaster bass 1978 Ibanez Jazz Washburn AB20 acoustic Fender Japan Mustang God only knows where my two Wals are now and my lovely 60s Jazz that I probably sold for next to nothing)
  10. take a look at these hands… two basses on this one
  11. is this black or charcoal? ebay link doesn't show black for sale
  12. Fishman

    Stingray 4

    The body was made by GSP basses over on thefretboard.com – it's very, very good apart from that neck plate hole which is a smidgen out The pick guard was from my other Stingray that was routed for the J pickup by Paul Herman (now Wal) via Charlie Chandler's a few years back – quality job as one would expect – that Stingray will have P+J pickups once I've finished this The ACG-01 preamp was in my other Stingray for ages before replacing it with an East Uni-pre – I'm looking forward to using the ACG-01 again I'm afraid it's gonna be black though!
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