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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Custom-luthier-built-Hanlon-Musicman-stingray-fender-jazz-hybrid-bass-guitar/124174692298?hash=item1ce9636fca:g:GHsAAOSw0BVeru4r
  2. Wow! As a photographer who does lots of professional retouching, albeit in Photoshop, I take my hat off to this chap – watched at x2 speed
  3. Thanks @Happy Jack – I knew there would be good reason as soon as I posted 🤐
  4. how did this work out?
  5. ah yes, I have some of that and will try it and report back, thanks @BassBunny
  6. sanded out – what am I saying?! The guard has a kind of rough surface
  7. Anyone know how to get rid of these? Can they be sanded out or polished out?
  8. mains cable into the front panel – that's not weird 🙃
  9. Fishman

    Stingray 4

    I may rename this as the slowest build ever, but I see that thread title has already been taken – I've been waiting for the return of my ACG-01 preamp from the repairman for ages now and have bought a replacement to get things moving – once that's arrived it's final sand and re-dye, then lift off. I snagged a minty, cheap used Schaller 2000 bridge from Reverb and have nicked the chrome bits and put them on the black bridge – idea stolen from the Simms Lionheart basses. Not long now!
  10. I thought there would be a difference of preferences – my first fretless was a Wal that had them where the frets would be – I wasn't really good enough to play fretless then, but now it's all good – sadly the Wal is no longer mine (though they are over-rated and well over-priced in my opinion, having owned two). There, cat among the pigeons time now maybe…
  11. glow in the dark = smart idea – no lines though = yikes!
  12. Same position as on a fretted neck or in line with the frets? I have an ebony fretless neck that has dots between the fret lines and I find it a bit confusing when I move from fretted to fretless My preference for my new build will be for faint fret lines and dots on the 3rd, 5th line etc What do you fretless types prefer?
  13. Bought a couple of MM pick guards from @Old Horse Murphy – perfect transaction – thanks Nick!
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