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  1. About time I learned to do the stuff that I usually pay for, eg fret work Any recommendations welcome Thanks!
  2. Way back in the early 80s I had the fortune/misfortune (delete as appropriate) to do the low-end bits in a band that modelled itself on Capt Beefheart and any number of other avant garde outfits – anyway, to cut to the chase, the lead singer dropped some acid before a show and things went south pretty quickly – he wandered into the audience and sat down, sharing a bag of mini-mars bars with the bemused crowd – needless to say the gig ended shortly after – no idea where the mini choc bars came from At another gig shortly after that, some oiks were chucking beer at us and he leapt into the crowd and smashed a punter over the head with a Les Paul he'd borrowed – that show ended with ten or so punters and band members swapping blows Not so much embarrassing as remarkable… great days!
  3. Nice one everyone, good to see the forum community spirit demonstrated here in spades. It reminded me of a news report I saw recently when a passenger was talked through landing a plane after the pilot had taken a turn for the worse.
  4. Indeed it was – I'll be doing another one soon so will report any shortcomings 🙃
  5. That is a pain – maybe it's the maple – I had none of this when I sanded my swamp ash Stingray body 🤔
  6. Good shout – I know just the person Cheers!
  7. Would anyone be able to recommend someone who could weld a couple of small hinges? They are the hinges from an oven door that are no longer available as spares – trying to avoid shelling out for a new oven just for the sake of a couple of 10 quid pieces of metal Here's part from a spares website – it's the small nib circled in red that needs drilling out on the old ones and a new rod inserting in it's place – the whole piece is about 43mm in length, the nib is approx 3.5mm diameter and should protrude about 4–5mm Mods: please move this post if it's in the wrong place
  8. I should also add that all the others I tested had either a warm or cold tint – the Fiebings is neutral, and very black!
  9. You won't be disappointed with the Fiebings black dye – I tested four or five different wood dyes and stains including the Crimson one and they all had some show-through – the Fiebings is super-black at the first coat – it goes on nice and even. I should really finish the bass I used it on – see the dye here:
  10. Alex bought my MIJ Mustang. Lovely chap and a pleasure to deal with.
  11. Thanks, yes, it's a cracker, looks mint – weight is 3.4kg or 7.5 pounds, weighed on kitchen scales so probably not spot on but near enough For anyone looking to arrange their own courier (my preference), disassembled in a box would be approx 80x35x15cm The hard shell case is approx 121x43x15cm, weight is also approx 3.5kg
  12. Happy to post (UK only) or meet halfway depending on distance
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