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**SOLD** Musicman Stingray 5 with Status neck and side LEDs

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Musicman Stingray 5 with Status neck and side LEDs. - £1200

This was my everyday go to bass however as I no longer gig seriously, and therefore have no need of a 5-string.  I have reluctantly decided that it must go as it just sits at home in its case and rarely gets played.

The core instrument is a 2003 Pacific Blue Burst Stingray 5, serial number E36***, which was fitted with a Carbon Fibre neck by Rob Green at Status in early 2005. The neck has subtle blue side LEDs and a separate battery box is fitted to power them.

Pick-up is a Nordstrand 3-coil with 3-way switching. The original MM pick-up is also included.

Pre-amp is the regular Stingray 5.

Schaller Strap-locks.

Complete with a Hiscox case.

Weight is 10lb 4oz.

Collection or meet preferred. Do not want to ship.

Would consider trades for 4-string basses e.g. Fender P or PJ with Jazz neck, Spector NS Doug Wimbush or NS with DW neck,  original USA Musicman Sterling but no Jazzes.











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Damn. Seen pictures of this before and i’ve always wanted it! Can’t afford it i’m afraid (gutted!!) but what a fantastic looking instrument. Have a free BUMP. 

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I remember playing this bass years ago - It made me go and spend a lot of money on my SR5 - good luck with the sale. I'd have it off you in a heartbeat if I had the cash. 

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18 hours ago, fluffo said:

Any neck dive on this and whats a rough weight on this

Never been aware of any neck dive and I played it very regularly for several years.  Weight is in the listing above.

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Great Bass and a good friend, Dave if I was still playing Bass I would have this off you in a heart beat :-) Was seriously tempted when I saw you were advertising it.


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    • By AXM
      FS: 2011 MusicMan StingRay5 H - £1250 ono
      Maple neck
      Rosewood fretboard
      Black pickguard
      Approx 4.5kg 
      Includes: Original case with keys & New set of strings 
      Perfect Condition, I have had it from new, it's never been gigged, its been to about 2 practice sessions and has probably had about 20 hours play time in the whole time i have had it.
      Lovely bass but i can't justify keeping it, given how much its been used and i don't have time to play anymore. 
      Cash and Collection Only
      Location: Bristol  

    • By drewk_ie
      So with an imminent arrival of a new bass 😉, I’ve decided to sell my Pre EB ‘82 Stingray... four bolt neck, the neck is straight, trussrod has life left, frets are in pretty good shape. Original preamp with electrolytic capacitors, linear taper volume pot, factory installed protection resister etc and is all very musical and effective, and gives with the pickup that sound only pre-EBs got, as we all well know! 
      Easy to play with a nice low-medium action, a comfy C-shaped neck and an instrument on light side for a Stingray, weighing in at 9lbs.
      Every part of the bass (except strings and 9V battery of course !) is original. There's no date stamp on the neck-heel, but it does happen, as you can see on Music Man inventory (musicmanbass.global).
      The bass has a very beautiful dark veneer rosewood fingerboard, which was a custom order option at this time I believe.
      Serial number B023268
      Bass will be sold with a soft case.
      Priced at £1760 Including shipping, (fees/duty etc if applicable to your location are not included).
    • By Cenas
      I'll put for sale this bass for excess of instruments, therefore not really into trades, but you can try me.

      This bass is a war machine, with almost 30 years and it's ready to much more. It has some dings, most of them in the body, normal for the use.
      I can send some more detailed pics under different lights to see the dings, just ask.

      Bass construction: graphite compost
      Fretboard: phenolic
      Pickups: hyperactive
      Preamp: 2eq + mid switch
      1600£ 1500£ 1400£

      Not much more to say about it, the brand says it all. Plays really well, and sounds unique!! Full of lows, the mids cut through a band like no other and the highs are really clear.

    • By colleya
      Needs must, so here's my none more black Stingray 5 stealth for sale.  Now £1050 including UK postage.
      Sounds monstrous, looks awesome.  Low action and plays really nicely. I had this strung with DR neons for a while which really popped on stage and proved popular with the punters.
      Here it is in action at a 'recorded rehearsal' last October.
      Great condition, a couple of small dings - headstock and back of the body which I've shown in the pics.  Currently sporting a rather fetching Manchester bee sticker on the back.  I can remove or leave depending on buyer's preference.
      Weighs 4.65kg but balances very nicely.
      34" scale.
      String spacing is 18mm (I think).  Looked that way when I measured it.
      I can post at buyer's risk in a well used gig bag and bass box.  It will be well packaged.  Price includes standard UK shipping.
      Socially distant trial & collection from Sale, South Manchester also available.

    • By big rob
      Here is my lovely Nightingale bass the pre runner to the GB rumour bass and as you can see there is plentry of DNA present.
      Was totally refinished by the previous owner and Bernie Goodfellow worked on the bass also fitting an agular obp3 pre amp.
      Also has side luminlay position markers that can be charged with blue light https://luminlay.com/featuresen.html
      The action is low the paint job is perfect and the board and fret are as now, beautiful snake wood board too. 
      Also very light.
      Only moving on as too many basses in the collection at the moment. 

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