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**SOLD** Musicman Stingray 5 with Status neck and side LEDs

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Musicman Stingray 5 with Status neck and side LEDs. - £1200

This was my everyday go to bass however as I no longer gig seriously, and therefore have no need of a 5-string.  I have reluctantly decided that it must go as it just sits at home in its case and rarely gets played.

The core instrument is a 2003 Pacific Blue Burst Stingray 5, serial number E36***, which was fitted with a Carbon Fibre neck by Rob Green at Status in early 2005. The neck has subtle blue side LEDs and a separate battery box is fitted to power them.

Pick-up is a Nordstrand 3-coil with 3-way switching. The original MM pick-up is also included.

Pre-amp is the regular Stingray 5.

Schaller Strap-locks.

Complete with a Hiscox case.

Weight is 10lb 4oz.

Collection or meet preferred. Do not want to ship.

Would consider trades for 4-string basses e.g. Fender P or PJ with Jazz neck, Spector NS Doug Wimbush or NS with DW neck,  original USA Musicman Sterling but no Jazzes.











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Damn. Seen pictures of this before and i’ve always wanted it! Can’t afford it i’m afraid (gutted!!) but what a fantastic looking instrument. Have a free BUMP. 

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I remember playing this bass years ago - It made me go and spend a lot of money on my SR5 - good luck with the sale. I'd have it off you in a heartbeat if I had the cash. 

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18 hours ago, fluffo said:

Any neck dive on this and whats a rough weight on this

Never been aware of any neck dive and I played it very regularly for several years.  Weight is in the listing above.

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Great Bass and a good friend, Dave if I was still playing Bass I would have this off you in a heart beat :-) Was seriously tempted when I saw you were advertising it.


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    • By sly83
      High-end bass by Philippe Deputte Luthier Artist.
      - Walnut table with inserts in black pear
      - Swamp Ash body 3 parts wavy maple neck
      - Graphite reinforcements and Truss Rod double actions.
      - Speckled maple fingerboard, abalone inlays. Scale 34 '
      - Walnut veneered head, Hipshot Tuners
      - Hipshot bridge 18mm
      - Bone nut.
      - Neck / body connection by step inserts mechanical, optimized vibrations.
      - Maple and ebony railing
      - Very dynamic and precise through B string.
      - BENEDETTI microphones exclusive MIC system (switchables pickups). Contact by copper plates. A Precision, a Jazz and a double Humbucker.
      - John East Uni pre 3 Electronic Preamp with Volume control / Balance stacked pots Parametric medium / boost medium stacked Bass / treble stacked - Switch 2 positions 1 active / passive - Switch for pickups 1 + 2 or 1 + 3
      - 3.45 kgs !! Perfectly balanced.
      Each point of this bass has been designed for optimal ergonomics. Whether the choice of the profile of the handle and its radius, as well as certain details that are important such as the jack plug in the back and the front strap attachment which allows to have a flat strap, which does not pull not on the shoulder.
      Fantastic playing sensations. Very low action. It falls perfectly on the shoulder, no tiredness of play even after a very long gig.
      Supplied with Hiscox box.
      New strings set La Bella Super Steps 45-128.
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      Trade accepted with other High End 5 Or 6 Strings
      I can add some cash for a Ken Smith / Fbass /Fodera / MTD etc... 
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    • By KXH
      Hi everyone,

      I'm looking for a second hand Status musicman neck.

      I'm going to build my own acrylic verson of the stingray and wanted a status neck to fit on it. Preferably predrilled for 4 or 6 bolts.

      I'm located in Belgium, and will of cours pay immediately. (Paypal is the easiest probably).

      Take care,

      Kevin Hensels
    • By MarshallBTB
      Not 100% sure about letting this go, but a recent purchase means I'm out of space!

      Been used a lot but in great condition.
      Has a few scuffs here and there, worst being marks around the jack socket, and a small chip in the front top contour.
      Had a couple of nuts break on me so ended up getting one cut(still compensated) Its solid and it's never broken since!
      It sounds awesome, can get a great range from the pickups/eq, always ended up being bass I used for any recording or studio work. Nice weight, with a decent strap its never been an issue, feels nice and solid.
      Have the musicman hardcase for it too.
      Not prepared to post, at least for now. Welcome to come and give it a play. Will be cleaned up and restrung before it goes!
      Will get some more detailed pictures together soon too!

    • By Nouse_
      This Ernie Ball Music Man Sterling has recently been restrung and set up by my local guitar tech with a nice low action. This is in excellent condition with one small mark pictured. Come with the original case and two different pickguards. Take the pickguard off and you get that Joe Dart style look, but with active electronics! (Pickguard screws will be included).
      Renowned for its slightly smaller body and neck profile, the Sterling 4 string bass boasts a big sound. 9 volt active 3 band EQ preamp, 3 position pickup selector switch and a ceramic humbucker with hum canceling phantom coil come standard on the Sterling, allowing this bass to cut through any mix. Optional additional pickups in the neck position only add to the versatility of this innovative bass.

    • By big rob
      Claas Leviathan Custom 4. Handmade in Germany Info: https://claasguitars.com
      Neck and Fretboard: Flammed Maple.
      SeymoreDuncan Musicman and Jazz Pickup.
      Richter 3-Band EQ.
      The bass is in good condition and the frets are like new.
      The jazz pickup and preamp are modifications from the original bass.
      She may look from the future and has all the modern tones but can also do old school really well.
      Looking for £1600 £1250 , down from £1850 might consider other trades or partial trades (cash my way).

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