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  1. The pedals are essentially the onboard controls set in an external casing so, yes, they work. The Sad pre is a boost only circuit with a very significant effect on the sound - I think not least because of those frequency and Q settings. I’ve swapped a few tone circuits in and out of basses over the years and generally found that the aftermarket ones have more of an overall effect than changing pickups. Obviously depends on which pre and which pups of course - some are more subtle than others.
  2. No, not at all. A Sadowsky running completely passive sounds very different to one with both treble and bass set at 10 (which is pretty much unusable). Roger spent a long time selecting the frequencies for each tone pot and the Q of each as well specifically to work interactively with each other and not to overlap in the mids. Lots of people have tried to cop this sound but I’ve never really heard anyone get it close before.
  3. Exactly. That how I tested it vs the onboard pre. I didn’t use an expression pedal but simply moved the low and high gain settings in line with manual adjustment of the tone controls. Obviously not an exact science as the manual tone controls aren’t visibly calibrated but it’s easy to set them at half way and then pop the preamp off and on.
  4. Only if the preamp setting genuinely matched the onboard Sadowsky pre.
  5. I was having some fun with this today. Using my ‘real’ Sadowsky I set it to passive and used the HX setting and played with different boost levels whilst flipping between passive and active on the bass itself. Sounded incredibly accurate to me
  6. Got my Stomp on Friday and an RCF NX 12 SMA and having great fun with it. Seems really intuitive to use Didn't find much in the stock patches i liked but downloaded a clutch and have been playing with them off and on all weekend! Is there a single link that shows all the potential downloadable presets for the Stomp? I don't want to simply 'collect' a million of them (been through that silly game with Adobe presets!), just want to see how some people have approached getting a great live tone with an FRFR setup.
  7. Is this bass owned by a retail outlet or an individual? Or maybe being sold by a retailer on commission and also advertised privately here? I’m confused now
  8. Do you know roughly how much it weighs?
  9. Surprised this one is still here - especially at this price!
  10. The 74, Squier JV and CS are all 1.5” nut.
  11. Clearly your definition of ‘same’ is, well, not the ‘same’ as mine. . .
  12. This is a really common issue with flats, especially La Bellas. I’ve sorted lots of issues with a random dull sounding flat that turned out to be a little twist whilst fitting. The guy who ran La Bella’s sales operation for years taught me how to do this and said he was the only person who could fix dead strings ‘on the phone’ back in the 60’s when people used to call up complaining 😂
  13. This thread randomly popped up whilst I was looking for something else so thought I’d throw my thoughts in. I own a number of P basses - off the top of my head: 64 - Olympic white / 74 - Sunburst / 78 - Olympic white / 82 domestic Fender JV OW / 84 Squier JV (32” scale) OW / 94 MIJ burst / 11 CS gold sparkle Whilst some have been refinished or modified I believe all have original pickups and pots. Some have classic 1.75” nuts, a couple have the narrow J style 1.5” and there’s some in the middle. They all sound different. The principal variation is probably the dark/bright change via the tone pot. Some are much brighter with the tone wide open whilst others are more mellow. Some move to a thick ‘thump’ wound down vs a more defined growl. Some sound deeper and rounded vs others which a zingier and sparkling. Could go on. . . The one essential thing I can say is that each of them sounds different from the other
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