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  1. molan

    Mike Lull P Bass FEELER

    This was my main gigging bass for a while! Pictured here pre wedding gig where I guested on a couple of numbers with the wonderful Sway Allstars Eventually I picked up the Fender version which suits me a little more, although I don't seem to play it as much.
  2. molan

    Marta Altesa

    Exactly - she did not ever play with the band. One soundcheck and that was it. How do I know this - I asked someone who was on the tour in a professional capacity. He had no reason to lie or distort the facts. It’s patently obvious that this was the case anyway because there is not a single picture of her playing with the band other than ones at a soundcheck (and I don’t think any of these show JK). In the modern era, and given her YT profile, there would be loads of images and YT footage if Jamiroquai actually invited a fan on stage to play a song at a huge stadium. It doesn’t make the blindest difference whether she is male, female or something in between. Her FB profile ‘implies’ she played with them but the wording doesn’t actually say this directly. Anyone trying to pass off that they’ve played live on stage with a major band when they simply didn’t is, at best, unprofessional. It’s classic social media and forum stuff to perpetuate these stories without any attempt to check facts. Saying ‘Google it’ or referring to someone’s Facebook page and assuming it must be true is the typical approach but it’s not hard to work out the truth by using a bit of common sense. . .
  3. molan

    Marta Altesa

    The majority of those pictures show someone who was a travelling guest of the band. That’s very different from ‘touring’ and actually playing with them. The only pic of her with a bass is one where she’s trying out Paul Turner’s rig. If she actually played with them you’d think she might have managed at least one pic with her on stage with the band and in front of an audience?
  4. molan

    Marta Altesa

    Of course, this could just be an urban myth. . .
  5. molan

    Marta Altesa

    She really didn’t - I’ve seen that story before and it’s not true. I’ve never seen her do anything other than to play over the top of stuff on YT.
  6. molan

    Sei jazz vs Sadowsky NYC Jazz etc.

    I have one of each and I’d say I like them more or less the same amount. There is something special about the best Sadowsky NYC basses with an attention to detail and a sound that just works so well in a live environment. They definitely sound quite different but I couldn’t say either one was ‘better’ than the other. My Sei is pretty special and I’d hazard a guess it would start getting close to NYC money given the spec. NYC basses have risen in price a lot over the last few years but some of this is because of the weakened £ and the cost of shipping has definitely risen if you use a high quality courier with full insurance (and then stick VAT on top). I’ll try and take a pic of them side by side
  7. molan

    Ritter R8 4-string

    I can happily vouch for Chris as an expert on Ritter instruments and as a great guy to deal with. Outside of Jens himself I don't think there's anyone that knows more about these amazing basses!
  8. molan

    Best Preamp Shoot out.?

    I think I currently 9 or 10 of these, lol
  9. molan

    Ritter R8 4-string

    Ah - I missed the whole neck-bolt discussion, lol. Pretty sure all 4 string R8’s will have the same configuration. Same with all 4 string Cora’s, Roya’s etc. The difference is between models so an R8 will be different from a Cora which is different again from a Roya or a Raptor etc etc.
  10. molan

    Ritter R8 4-string

    They are both R8 four strings but the one here would have been way more expensive new. 1 piece mastergrade flame maple body in a high polish finish is a big upcharge on the simple sandblasted swamp ash. It’s pretty tough to find single pieces of maple like this one that can be used for an entire body.
  11. A Barefaced with peeling Tolex, surely not, next you’ll be telling us that the edges chip really easily, the handles are coming loose and there’s a strange rattling noise inside the cab. . .
  12. Sorry but, as mentioned, I’ve used many wireless systems and have never had to ‘glue’ it to my bass in order for it to work at its best. It still sounds very amateurish to me. As a user you will obviously have a lot more product knowledge than me - do you know the answers to my other questions?
  13. Is this for real? Just seen some of the posts that say you have to stick a pad on to your bass for this product. Then, apparently, the pad sometimes fails and you have to resort to Velcro! If it fails mid gig does the kit stop working and/or are you left with something flapping around that requires gaffa tape? What if the bass you’re using is a pre-CBS Fender with an ultra-thin nitro finish - would the sticky pad damage the finish and leave an unsightly mark? What happens if you have more than one bass? Do you have to buy sticky pads and Velcro for each one? Ive used loads of different wireless systems over the years and never had to resort to sticking something on my bass to use any of them. All sounds very ‘amateur-hour’ to me
  14. molan

    Wireless advice please!

    Line 6 all the way. It’s nice to support ‘local’ businesses but when their product is quite obviously inferior then you really have to go with the better performer - especially when it comes down to exactly how you’re hearing yourself. Any delay in signal will directly affect your timing. As a bassist that’s not something you can afford if you want to be remotely professional
  15. molan

    Sei Bass Flamboyant Headless Fretless

    When accessing via mobile the album just shows an empty folder I’m using iOS and Chrome but they work fine for other albums. I can see the folder is unlocked so it’s not that causing the problem.