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  1. Just seen one of these. New product launched last week and promoted on FaceBook by manufacturer. First question asked - "how much is it in UK I'd really like to know". Time delay for message to filter through to manufacturer and response of £769 takes 30 minutes. Simple Google search reveals it's already discounted to £749 and that 7-8 retailers are taking orders at £769. Time taken to discover this was less that it took the guy to type out his initial question. I'm now watching to see if he asks where it's available. . .
  2. Try manning the phones on a Saturday in a retail shop - the questions you get are often hilarious and you have to try desperately hard not to laugh. To be fair - the opening line of ‘I’ve been on Basschat and. . .’ would often lead to some of worst informed questions of the lot. Usually people who had ‘researched’ things in great detail but hadn’t really played much (or at all) and clearly didn’t know what they were talking about. This was often especially true when it came to gigging gear. People would say a certain feature on an amp or cab was an absolute necessity and if you asked, politely, why, they would come up with some nonsensical or crazily technical reasons that made no sense out in the real world of a gigging musician. I will always remember one guy insisting that the minimum requirement for a pub gig was an 8x10 cab and he wanted to know why we didn’t stock such an ‘everyday’ item. Strangely he didn’t have a gig at the time. . . You just had to smile, remain calm, and try to be as helpful as possible and explain about how something might work on a stage.
  3. Yes, it was built and painted for TM Stevens but he didn’t keep it. Has barely been played and sat on display for over 30 years!
  4. This will be heading my way soon!
  5. 18mm would be Standard on one of these I think.
  6. What’s the neck profile like? There’s a very flat option that I really like
  7. Did it melt the tolex so the rubber feet were stuck to the top?
  8. We have discussed this as it happens but we’re waiting for some court rulings as the big corporations take on EU legislation. We’re a compact little team of industry veterans and only really use it for short sharp chats rather than as main channel for transferring content. Will keep a watching brief on developments though 😉
  9. MarkBass MultiAmp, I checked back and what happened was that he simply left the amp on top of the cab for a longish period of time. The feet of the amp somehow ‘melted’ into the Tolex and the tolex started to lift away when he tried to remove the amp! The MultiAmp isn’t at all heavy and, in my personal experience, doesn’t generate much heat.
  10. Conversely I know a guy who used one on a long gig and the heat from the amp melted the tolex and stuck the rubber feet to the cab 🤦‍♂️ Not a particularly hot amp either and it had no issues on his other, tolex covered, cabs.
  11. It’s mostly going back to my roots Dave - I worked in big studio movie promotion for several years and really enjoyed it. Now working with some of the same people but on purely independently produced and financed films. Way smaller budgets but also without all the politics of big Hollywood studio productions. The biggest bonus is that I can work almost exclusively from home and only have to travel into London about once every 2-3 months instead of every day. We have a very experienced team of people working together and we can short-cut all the time-wasting meetings and ridiculously long conference calls. All our materials sit in a central cloud based storage system and we chat via Skype and WhatsApp Makes it much more relaxing but still fun and, mostly, rewarding as we all deal direct with producers, writers, cast etc - I was most impressed to get Suki Waterhouse asking for my WhatsApp details last week and sending me little messages and requests for help in stuff, lol.
  12. I reckon you need a 33.3” scale Ritter Cora in red next - not least because I have one to sell 🤣
  13. Yes, that’s definitely the one - I remember the initial panic of shipping internally in the UK because it was impossible at the time to get anyone to cover the full insurance value! Lovely bass. I was going to keep it personally at first but then a full custom Yin Yang became available so I took that instead. With hindsight I think I preferred this one. May have to stick a Ritter or vintage Fender up for sale now, lol.
  14. Hi all, the business is technically still ‘active’ but the web site needed a complete overhaul and I simply haven’t had time to complete it. Unfortunately/fortunately my private marketing consultancy business has really taken off and I can earn more from this in 2-3 days than bass retail can generate in a month! I’ve been mostly working in movie marketing for about 18 months with a good friend who’s a producer and we have 10 films out this year. Current project is working on one with a Biffy Clyro soundtrack so that’s been a lot of fun. I have maybe 25-30 basses stashed away to relaunch with including Ritter, Fodera, Alleva Coppolo, Atelier Z, Suhr and a string of vintage Fenders and some JVs as well. Just need to find some time to get them all photographed and the site finished. . .
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