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  1. Love that live desk recording The other videos are excellent as well, some quality playing - especially liked this one: I have a few things up for sale - might have to add some more now 😂
  2. Thanks iMilanek, just think, it could be 😉
  3. Demer power amp now sold - Monique & gig bag available at reduced price
  4. I was playing the two of them back to back this afternoon as well 😂
  5. I think I bought it from you & traded with Steve, he owned it for a while and traded back for something different plus some money. It is a cracker I have to say. I'm only putting it up for sale as I have a '64 that I'm very attached too plus a '78 that's a real rock kinda bass. This one is actually nicer than both overall but I won't sell the '64 after a long restoration and the '78 isn't worth a lot as it's been buggered about with, lol. Definite discounts available for previous owners 😉
  6. Let's look at selling some vintage loveliness today. . . This '74 P is all original as far as I know. I can take it all apart and get pictures if required. The only reason I haven't done so is that I'm selling a batch of things at the moment and if other things sell then I'll probably hang on to this one as I play it a lot! Previously owned by Michael (Wateroftyne) and played on a quite a few gigs by him as far as I understand. It's a lightweight 3.9Kg / 8.6lbs. I've only gigged it twice but it's a 'perfect' weight for a long evening on stage It has a nicely proportioned jazz type neck profile. Not quite as slinky as a 60's J but definitely similar to some 70's J's I've played. There's some wear marking on the rear of the neck but it's not bothered me in playing and frets seem fine to me. Action is set medium/low and I've never had to touch the neck, holds tuning really well from week to week. Obviously the body is worn & nicely faded, metalwork is tarnished and the pickguard is a bit 'warpy' in places but it's all 'real' wear and not artificially relic'd. I particularly like the upper body where there's both red paint & wood showing through - you'd have to pay extra on a new heavy relic Fender Custom Shop for something like this & the price would quickly go over £3K! Has a really nice growl and sounds great if you wind the tone right back & jack the volume right up 😎 Sits in a band mix just like a good old P bass should and reacts nicely to player dynamics or tone/volume twiddling. Comes with a, period correct, aftermarket hard case made out of some sort of hard dark grey plastic - no idea what this is called but it seems to have done the job for many years. Happy to ship in UK or EU at cost. Estimate approx £30 UK & £45 EU (I've allowed a little extra here for insurance). Payment via bank transfer or Paypal friends & family.
  7. Had a couple of trade offers but nothing that really suited so it's still here. . .
  8. Had a bout of really wanting a Status headless 4 but this popped up and I thought it might be fun. I have a Streamline as well buried away somewhere! I think the '66J is likely to go before the sparkly one. Maybe the '74 P next. . .
  9. The bass cull continues with this genuine 'one of a kind' Status originally made & customised for TM Stevens around 26 years ago. For whatever reason he didn't end up with it & it was then owned by Ashdown for about 20 years and used for testing new kit. I bought it direct from them and it's been played at a couple of rehearsals and one gig since then. Apart from one small surface scratch down the bridge, and some small buckle rash on the rear, it's pretty much perfect - certainly doesn't look 26 years old! The surface marks should be visible in the pictures below - The volume control 'sometimes' has a little scratch sound right at the end of it's travel towards off position but you have to listen very closely to hear this. It may well go with a continued bout of twisting. Some screws and bridge hardware are showing some age but I felt this just added a bit of character It has no serial number and there has been some debate between various Status experts (all of them far more knowledgeable than I) about whether it's an S2 Classic or an Empathy. Rob Green thinks it's an S2 so that's probably a safe bet. Here's what Ashdown said about it: "This S2-Classic is the ultimate combination of traditional and modern guitar design. Made in the 80's built for TM Stevens and painted by a top German artist. TM Stevens never actually ended up with the bass instead it found its way into our possession around 20 years ago and has been one of our go to test basses. Woven carbon graphite and selected exotic woods are combined to create a bass which sounds even better than it looks. It has a wide, even frequency response with huge dynamics and sustain." Note that the artist signature appears to be Andi Graphic Art 94 - this would suggest it's a bit newer than the Ashdown estimate but that 94 may not be the date it was made and/or have nothing to do with that at all. Could just be the 94th piece of custom artwork etc. It has the classic Status electronics with the sweepable mid boost/cut switch and sounds just like a Status should - great cut through that sits in a live mix really nicely. Happy to post anywhere in the UK / EU at cost - probably £25 UK & £40 EU (both with insurance).
  10. Looks like this is now sold - just waiting for international money transfer to complete Thanks again to Basschat for providing the sale connection.
  11. Approximately 23mm & 25mm - roughly 2-3mm deeper than my '66 J (which was sitting next to it on the wall).
  12. I bought this one just to see how they compared with my old Fenders and I have to say it does a great job. The pick guard especially impressed me as this can be an area where heavy relics fall down but this one is just the right amount of fade & wear plus it shows the indentations of where a pickup cover might have sat for years. Even the little cracks around 2 screws have additional ageing - really thorough job!
  13. Had a couple of people ask about splitting the Monique out & selling separately. Wasn't sure about this as the case is designed to carry both but the Jule website still sells this case for Monique only and shows how you could use it just for cables With that in mind I'll split them up if anyone wants just Monique & her case - I'll take £1,225 for them
  14. May accept trades on this one with, ideally, some money coming my way as part of the deal. Would need to be 4 strings and not too heavy - maybe something like a Japanese Fender in an interesting colour 😁
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