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  1. Sorry but, as mentioned, I’ve used many wireless systems and have never had to ‘glue’ it to my bass in order for it to work at its best. It still sounds very amateurish to me. As a user you will obviously have a lot more product knowledge than me - do you know the answers to my other questions?
  2. Is this for real? Just seen some of the posts that say you have to stick a pad on to your bass for this product. Then, apparently, the pad sometimes fails and you have to resort to Velcro! If it fails mid gig does the kit stop working and/or are you left with something flapping around that requires gaffa tape? What if the bass you’re using is a pre-CBS Fender with an ultra-thin nitro finish - would the sticky pad damage the finish and leave an unsightly mark? What happens if you have more than one bass? Do you have to buy sticky pads and Velcro for each one? Ive used loads of different wireless systems over the years and never had to resort to sticking something on my bass to use any of them. All sounds very ‘amateur-hour’ to me
  3. Wireless advice please!

    Line 6 all the way. It’s nice to support ‘local’ businesses but when their product is quite obviously inferior then you really have to go with the better performer - especially when it comes down to exactly how you’re hearing yourself. Any delay in signal will directly affect your timing. As a bassist that’s not something you can afford if you want to be remotely professional
  4. Sei Bass Flamboyant Headless Fretless

    When accessing via mobile the album just shows an empty folder I’m using iOS and Chrome but they work fine for other albums. I can see the folder is unlocked so it’s not that causing the problem.
  5. Hello From The Bass Gallery!

    Ouch - how bad was the dent? Did you get compensation before selling it privately?
  6. Old vs New Barefaced cabs

    I must say that I totally understood the one word response. Question was about differences between older and newer cabs and they've gone up in price so 'cost' was both an accurate and appropriate response
  7. Old vs New Barefaced cabs

  8. FT Alleva Coppolo custom. Traded

    I was the original importer of this bass. Lovely cherry sunburst finish
  9. Tune Bass Maniac 4 string - SOLD

    Great price for one of these. It’s a brilliant first bass but has loads to offer for more ‘seasoned’ players too!
  10. Interesting FRFR story..

    I’m sure this sounds a bit silly but I love the fact that I’ve been down to one trip to and from the car for each gig for some time now. Simplest route is my MarkBass Alain Caron combo in one hand and bass over my shoulder - even leaves me with one free hand! My ‘big’ rig has a Berg 210 in one hand, amp in the other and the ubiquitous bass over the shoulder. If the car park is bit of distance from the stage area I’ll shift the amp to the other shoulder and use both hands on the cab. Still one journey though. Always make me smile watching guitarists and drummer going back & forth humping stuff. I even get to arrive half an hour after everyone else now because I can set up so quickly
  11. Interesting FRFR story..

    Somewhat bizarrely, the loudest two gigs I’ve ever been to were soul / funk. Bobby Womack once played a ‘radio special’ in a tiny club and, for some inexplicable reason, his sound crew decided to use the same rig he’d had the night before at the Forum in Kentish Town. I was deafened and my ears rang for weeks - in fact I think it was the start of my long term tinnitus issue. The absolute loudest ever was Incognito at the small O2 venue in Greenwich. I literally had to put my hands over my ears because the higher frequencies hurt so much. All around me people were wincing and covering their ears. I had to move right back and to one side of the hall to get anything like a decent volume
  12. My favourite gigging combo. Goes stupidly loud, more than I’ll ever need on stage. Surprisingly amout on low end from a relatively small cab. I find myself cutting bass at some venues and that’s pretty rare for me!
  13. Interesting FRFR story..

    You have to explain, rationally, how better quality sound, both for the musicians playing and the audience listening, is “killing rock & roll”. This makes no sense to me whatsoever.
  14. I don’t understand why it should be expected that it would drop out if either out of sight or on a large stage? Whenever I’ve tested quality systems you can leave the room, close the door, walk across the car park, get in a car and wait for some to start driving away before you lose signal!