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  1. I think if you’re a fan of the artificially compressed tone of the RH450 then it’s probably a solid piece of kit (apart from the knobs which are notorious for cracking). I just felt it was sucking the tone from my fingers and hated that excessive compression.
  2. The 450 was definitely underpowered at just 226w by anyone else’s measurements. The hard core, baked in, compression to artificially boost the troughs felt like it was pumping top & bottom end but sucking all those lovely mids. With hindsight I guess I was fooled by that compression and could have partially got around it by boosting mids but the fact that it was permanently engaged just took all the transparency and organic tone away for me.
  3. I had exactly this with a TC Electronics RH450. I really liked the idea of setting up 3 core tones for my functions band gigging and spent a long time working on them at home (at loud volumes). Took it on a gig and it was the worst live sound I’ve ever had. Complete tone sucker. I was using a pair of really good Bag End cabs as well. Sold it the next day 😂 Stomp has been a revelation - sounds great at home and with he band!
  4. Might be a 1.625” nut that’s just over 41mm. Does the price include any sort of case and/or delivery?
  5. NOW SOLD! Thanks to BC for the facility
  6. Oh Walshy, you slay me with all these lovely basses!
  7. May have a potential buyer type bump 😉
  8. My usual question - do you know how much it weighs?
  9. I genuinely put extra effort in that night 🤦‍♂️
  10. When I first moved to London one of the first places I looked up was Lee Ho Fook in Gerrard Street purely because of the song. Went there regularly and had to order Beef Chow Mein on my first visit (although I can’t remember if it was actually on the menu!). I also went to Trader Vic’s and ordered a Pina Colada. Cost a small fortune compared to my wages at the time but felt it had to be done. A few years later I had a big birthday party there and, I’m sure, bored everyone by telling them about the Werewolves connection 😂
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