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  1. I don’t understand this attitude at all. This is an open forum where people come for advice and information of possible new gear purchases. The OP is clearly in love with his gear. I’m sure no one has any issues with that. However, this is a brand with more complaints about build quality, fit and finish than any other I’ve ever come across. This is a simple statement of fact, it’s not an ‘opinion’ just something that is well-documented both on this forum and others. Whenever anyone reports these simple facts it seems owners of the brand’s products feel the need to somehow defend them as if it’s not important that things peel away, parts chip and break and bits drop off as if it’s a personal attack on their brand choice.
  2. It’s not my cab - just one of the many I see up for sale with build faults. This particular one appeared a couple of days ago. I’ve never seen this from any other brand. It’s not exactly like this is ‘new’ technology but there’s only one brand out there that have yet to master how to glue a basic protective covering to a speaker cab. Even home-made ones are better than this. . .
  3. I'll just leave this here - only 2 years old. Manufacturer support - 'I'll send you some glue'. . .
  4. Persian end-blown flute for me. It has been played continuously for 4,500–5,000 years, making it one of the oldest musical instruments still in use so why go for anything else?
  5. I think this is my personal favourite of all the Foderas I’ve ever played!
  6. Fabulous! I saw Lee Sklar playing one of these with Judith Owen - very possibly my favourite ever live bass tone!
  7. I keep coming back to look at this - if it was a 4 I’d have bought it immediately! My only worry with a 5 is that it might suck me back into preferring 5s again and I have a LOT of 4’s kicking around 🤦‍♂️
  8. Just seen one of these. New product launched last week and promoted on FaceBook by manufacturer. First question asked - "how much is it in UK I'd really like to know". Time delay for message to filter through to manufacturer and response of £769 takes 30 minutes. Simple Google search reveals it's already discounted to £749 and that 7-8 retailers are taking orders at £769. Time taken to discover this was less that it took the guy to type out his initial question. I'm now watching to see if he asks where it's available. . .
  9. Try manning the phones on a Saturday in a retail shop - the questions you get are often hilarious and you have to try desperately hard not to laugh. To be fair - the opening line of ‘I’ve been on Basschat and. . .’ would often lead to some of worst informed questions of the lot. Usually people who had ‘researched’ things in great detail but hadn’t really played much (or at all) and clearly didn’t know what they were talking about. This was often especially true when it came to gigging gear. People would say a certain feature on an amp or cab was an absolute necessity and if you asked, politely, why, they would come up with some nonsensical or crazily technical reasons that made no sense out in the real world of a gigging musician. I will always remember one guy insisting that the minimum requirement for a pub gig was an 8x10 cab and he wanted to know why we didn’t stock such an ‘everyday’ item. Strangely he didn’t have a gig at the time. . . You just had to smile, remain calm, and try to be as helpful as possible and explain about how something might work on a stage.
  10. Yes, it was built and painted for TM Stevens but he didn’t keep it. Has barely been played and sat on display for over 30 years!
  11. This will be heading my way soon!
  12. What’s the neck profile like? There’s a very flat option that I really like
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