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  1. Personally I think that everyone in the band has a responsibility to keep time and after being given ‘the stare’ a few times, we bought our Drummer a Tama rhythm watch - to set the tempo that was easy to use. This moved on to a Roland SPD-SX where he can set the programme the tempo for each song, fire samples and run backing tracks. Quite often we set the tempo and then turn off the click – this allow a song to ebb and flow (breath if you will) and to date no one has stopped dancing. We do however often go up our collective exhaust pipe regards tempo and have to fall back on that cliché of ‘does it feel good?’ It’s quite funny that we (the rhythm section) often see the phenomenon of the ‘Mama-mia’* effect where vocalists drop out of time due to incorrect phrasing of a tune that they’re over familiar with. *popular function song from a few years ago.
  2. I like gigging too, However, for me being rehearsed makes gigging more fun I like bands to know their material and don't like / avoid bands who take the looser approach, y'know the 'we don't need rehersals cause we can toss off this stuff' type of bands..
  3. For us, a new music reheasal is knowing the arrangement and 90% of parts and then recordiing it with a simple Zoom style digital recorder, the output is shared among the band a day or so later, this highlights where the song is good or bad and gives something to work on for the following week. Pre gig rehearsals are typically us working on smooth segues between songs and thinking about material 'pacing' and balance of who is singing what Rehearsals are also often a chance for us to get an idea whether a song will work or not before the serious detailing starts I like rehearsing.
  4. Yes I have a drawer full of 'cool' band tee shirts and can't bring myself to wear them unless as a base layer, possibly as fashion and I aren't aquainted, however, more likely an age thing.
  5. I've only listened to bands like 'Vulf' and 'Snarky' after reading about them on here. While can I appreciate what's going on the music just passes me by. I'd wear a "Scott Thunes was my Elvis" Tee shirt.
  6. I ordered a Mensinger Bass from Maruszczyk - when it arrived, the bass was so far from the spec sheet it was laughable. In many ways it was a perfectly serviceable bass but as a custom build I hated it... It was quickly sold at a loss.
  7. P Bass - rotosound strings - pick - valve amp - high cheek bones - swagger.
  8. Thanks, that's all down to Jake, I did a lot of soul searching regards the pickups - I suspect that I'd have been equally happy with the B90
  9. This is my Serek it's a Midwestern 2 (MW2) which I receiveed yesterday, ordered direct from Jake Serek . Pickups are the Serek Singles which sound awesome - I can highly recommend working with Jake on a build. I sat at home last night and played through the sets of both of my bands with a stupid grin on my face. Build quality is in the same league as German Warwick, Elrick Gold, Spector US.
  10. You could consider a 'showreel' - if you've got any shareable videos of you playing live then cutting these together to show your skills off may be more marketable / palletable than - here's me playing 'Dean Town' or something. - Y'know showing how you present yourself on stage.
  11. Great Looking Basses - I feel Elrick are overlooked as a builder - I have a Serek MW2 (delivered ten minutes ago) waiting for me at home - your pictures aren't helping.
  12. This in no way contributes to what the best upgrade is, but for the past couple of years I've had an Aquilar AG 4P 60 in my mid 90's American Std P bass, inspired by this thread, I changed it back to the original pickup and discovered that for now, I prefer the original pickup. #itsallinthefingers #youliveandlearn
  13. There are some gorgeous sounds available using flats, but if using a Jazz in a gig where we're playing back to back numbers with a variety of styles, I go for the flexibility offered by round wound strings,
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