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  1. The demos of the Cutlass sound great, but I rarely play solo bass stuff, any sonic differences to my P bass will get washed away by the rest of the band.
  2. I'd listen to music that you like and to play with a few other musicians on a similar ability to yourself - both of which don't need subscription.
  3. I think that GAS can be defeated by actually spending time playing what you have.
  4. I have eight basses - each one is different in its own way, as soon as I think I haven't played this one for a while - perhaps I'll move it on, I pick it up and I'm right where I was when I bought it.
  5. I've actually met him a couple of times - In London with FZ and with Dweezil and Ahmet's band 'Z' in the early 90's - he's a legend.
  6. I enjoyed the Manchester show last night. I have no view on the hologram, other than I love the music and the chance to see some of these guys play together again wasn't to be missed. Being a stranger in town I had to ask for directions to the Bridgewater Hall; the guy that I asked, having a crafty fag out back of a building, happened to be Ray White, met Keneally and Ahmet too all took time to chat - which added to the evening. Thunes was headed to the pub - I didn't follow him.
  7. If I'm of a mind to, I often slip some disco ocatves (Lipps Inc. 'funky town') into a song just to subtract any credibility from what I'm doing - does this count?
  8. I nearly started a "Well I've tried and owned a lot of stuff, but I keep coming back to a Precision" why is this? thread..
  9. It's all down to personal taste, but I've despised the J pick up in every PJ variants that I've tried - so, for me and maybe only me the J pick up is wasted
  10. The trouble is that when someone like yourself posts - a player of talent and skill, who has been there, played with well known names, toured the world and recorded albums of music that people have actually enjoyed.. it makes a lot of halfwit trolls realise how bad their miserable lives actually are.
  11. I'm interested in playing parts accurately, this keeps me going through some, at times, pretty staid material across all of my bands - living in the Walter Mitty world where I pretend to be a session player or Scott Thunes circa Zappa's band of 1984 I think its down to the individual and band, if you want to run round and have a laugh then great, its also great if you have the desire to 'nail it' - whatever that means.
  12. In the first instance, I'd be contacting KiOgon for any such messing.
  13. In one of my current bands the band leader(s) make odd choices of material, I have offered that the mid 90's album track by a band that I or no one else that I know has heard of, is a poor choice in a 20 song set, so all I can do is play it well and with conviction, they get the gigs, do the promotion and pay me - so I don't worry too much about it, at the end of the day its just opinions.
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