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No lust in Jazz

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  1. No lust in Jazz

    Thoughts on short scale basses?

    I too was dubious about the 'ability' of short scale basses, they do feel different not better, not worse just different, in a band context no one will hear a difference, from my own experiences.. A Fender MIJ Mustang - is great, but I couldn't love mine - I detested the PJ PU configuration and higher fret access isn't great - I sold mine. A Supro Huntington II - Will cover all P and J Bass sonic territory - I dropped one of John's (KiOgon) wiring looms in mine, which added to its flexibility - I still own it. My personal favourite is a Spector CTB - A bass that I just love - different in tone to the P and J Bass, (but to my ears sensational), so doesn't aide your quest. I have a Serek Midwestern II Incoming later this year - because I deserve it - watch this space. I briefly owned a short scale custom built Mensinger Joker - an expensive mistake. There are a couple of short scale Spectors in the classified at the moment - both of which would be of interest if it wasn't for the Serek.
  2. No lust in Jazz

    Perfecting the gig setup process

    We have the PA set up at around two hours before we arrive and set up in the classic three across the back - Bass; Drums; Keys - three across the front - Vocal / Violin; Vocal Keys; Vocal Guitar each interacting with the engineer until sound check where we unleash fury. Same for Pub gigs..
  3. No lust in Jazz

    Compact amp that puts out good power at 8 Ohms

    Buy a Quilter Bass Block 800
  4. No lust in Jazz

    5 String Short Scales. Do they work?

    I had Mensinger / Maruszczyk make me one, the 5 string vs. 30.5" worked fine - sadly the rest of instrument, particularly the build quality was lamentable and I sold it.
  5. No lust in Jazz

    Tribute bands - where the name is better than the band

    Weren't the Manic Street Preachers originally called the Welsh Clash as a homage to the Scottish Sex Pistols?
  6. No lust in Jazz

    What music do you play?

    Abba to Zappa although right now its more A-Ha to Zeppelin - but visiting many stops on route.
  7. No lust in Jazz

    playing with a pick is faster - fact or fiction?

    I don't think that Jerry did a lot professionally after his stint with Steve Morse.
  8. No lust in Jazz

    playing with a pick is faster - fact or fiction?

    Jerry Peek Played in the Steve Morse band for a time - his technique was a plectrum based slap melange; something that I've not seen since. He was one of a group of players that lead me to gravitate to pick playing.
  9. No lust in Jazz

    Feedback for KiOgon

    As always top quality and great service - many thanks John
  10. No lust in Jazz

    Mustang Bass - MIJ Vs. JMJ - Do they sound different?

    I know that its not answering your question, but I've owned a MIJ Mustang - I felt this had issues, for less money than the JMJ Mustang I bought a Supro Huntingdon II - which in my opinion is a better instrument - better playability and has tone for days.
  11. No lust in Jazz

    That 'valve sound'

    Reference listening to how music has been produced - has anyone been following the Rick Beato series - 'What makes a song great?' this series covers a range of artists and musical styles.
  12. No lust in Jazz

    playing with a pick is faster - fact or fiction?

    Sorry, I don't
  13. No lust in Jazz

    Recommend me some tunes for rehearsal.

    Or my personal favourite.
  14. No lust in Jazz

    Recommend me some tunes for rehearsal.

    I find Weather Report to be a decent reference of accessible 'Jazz' - who can resist a Jam with Omar Hakim ?
  15. No lust in Jazz

    playing with a pick is faster - fact or fiction?

    Yes I did - we gigged it for a couple of years. Donna Lee is tough(er)