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  1. I think you’re right, it feels as though it’s an intentional part of the track. I really like the bass playing throughout the whole album. I’m a complete sucker for that sound/tone!
  2. Yeah, yeah, I know we’re all sick of being bombarded with rare Japanese jazz rock/funk from the mid 1970s, but what the heck, this is what’s being listened to today. Worth a listen just to hear the solo bass at around 8mins in where someone (presumably the player?!) is merrily grunting along to the playing! As an aside, I really like the bass sound/tone on the album...
  3. Thanks for further replies - again, really helpful and much appreciated.
  4. Was back at my mum’s recently and had a dig around for some old concert stuff. Found these two programmes, both just a couple of weeks apart from each other - Weather Report at Brum Odeon followed by AC/DC at Cov Theatre (front row!!). There was a bus strike the night of the AC/DC gig so my dad dropped me off and picked me up afterwards - thought it was highly uncool at the time but of course loved him for it! I’ve still got the tour t-shirt from the Weather Report gig, which, needless to say, hasn’t fitted in years!
  5. Jackie Mittoo is someone I’d recommend giving a listen to. He was an original member of the Skatalites and became pivotal in the running and success of Studio One in Jamaica. Here’s a link to a compilation album on Spotify...
  6. Hi all, Thank you so much for the advice/contributions - really appreciated, and one of the reasons why Basschat is such a good place! Some great advice, pretty much all of which wouldn’t have occurred to me, so thanks again! Beedster, I’ll be in touch!
  7. I love those two albums! Should also be noted that Ronnie Wood is a fine bass player. Little wonder he provided some of the more interesting bass lines in the Stones repertoire (no offence to Bill!).
  8. Hi gang, I want to take some pics of a neck date stamp and neck pocket on a 60s P-bass. I’ve never been one to tinker with basses (string height and intonation is right at the end of my technical limit!) so have no experience of removing necks etc. My normal inclination would be to take it to someone who knows what they’re doing but I’ve looked on YouTube and it seems really straightforward. So... is it straightforward (?!) and if I do muster the courage to do it is there anything I need to be mindful of - i.e. will it require a set up afterwards?! Any advice appreciated!!
  9. I love that box set, it’s a great collection. His take on Man of Constant Sorrow is, for me, one of the best performances he’s given. It’s only a short piece but his use of dynamics - how he chooses to really go for a line and then the parts he almost talks through - is a fine example of a singer really feeling a song. What a voice!
  10. Thanks for that, really like it. I was an avid watcher of The Tube on a Friday (early) evening and don’t remember that at all - wouldn’t imagine it would have been a Muriel Gray choice!!
  11. Hope this doesn’t derail the thread - and genuine apologies in advance to darkandrew if I do! - but with the discussion regarding the departure of the mighty Derek Forbes and Michael McNeil it’s worth bearing in mind how things could have turned out had they been able to get their producer of choice for the Sparkle in the Rain album, Alex Sadkin. For me, it’s the last album I liked of theirs, albeit I find it patchy, to say the least. That said, there are a number of fine Derek Forbes moments on their. These snippets of two demos have been on the internet for a while and as a fan of the band up to that point I am genuinely disappointed that the album didn’t follow this route, rather than the course Steve Lillywhite took them on. Book of Brilliant Things kicks in around the 3min mark... A Derek Forbes story. Back in a bygone age (circa 1983/84) me and some mates were in a band and sent a load of demo tapes out to various record companies, including Virgin Records - this is when they were based in/around Notting Hill/Ladbroke Grove area. We received a letter (I think) from a guy (again, I think) called Ronnie Gurr and were invited down to Virgin to discuss the demo. Picture us ecstatic and planning how to compete with the likes of Simple Minds, Comsat Angels and bands of that ilk who we were fans of at the time. We met with Ronnie (a fine Scottish gentleman) and were listening to the demo in Virgin’s offices when the door bursts open and in walks Mr Forbes with a huge grin. “Can you turn that fu*king racket down. My granny is trying to sleep next door!” (I’d ask you to apply a thick Glaswegian accent to that, for best effect), and then promptly leaves. ”It’s Derek Forbes”, I muttered, to no one in particular. “He’s great”. ”That was Derek Forbes of Simple Minds”, said Mr Gurr. He then went on to tell us all about how amazing Simple Minds were, how they’d just set a record for appearing at Hammersmith Odeon, and turned the music down (pretty much to off!). We all just looked at each other and waited for the earliest moment to leave!! So to paraphrase the great Scooby Doo show finale: “And we woulda got away with it if it weren’t for that pesky Forbes”!! Still love him...
  12. I’d agree. And in relation to this thread, pretty much every bass line on Remain in Light is repetitive (in a positive way).
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