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  1. Old Man Riva

    Inner City Blues - Oh, Mr Babbitt...

    Funnily enough also listened to Bootsy today - James Brown’s Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose. Clyde Stubblefield; oh my word...
  2. Old Man Riva

    Inner City Blues - Oh, Mr Babbitt...

    Yes, he comes across really well in that doc. I imagine the pressure of being in a group of musicians that included Jamerson would’ve been quite something. He was a wonderful player in his own right, and nailed the songs in the doc perfectly - why wouldn’t he?! And Chaka Khan! There’s a moment during What’s Going On where the world almost stops turning for me due to her performance...
  3. Old Man Riva

    Inner City Blues - Oh, Mr Babbitt...

    It's such a great line; one of the grooviest things I've heard in a long long while. Great feel and tons of groove... Jamerson is on the rest of the album with the exception of Mercy, Mercy Me and Right On, which are Mr Babbitt.
  4. Listened to the Detroit mix of the What's Going On album today and lost the whole day to it! The Detroit mix is the original mix, and not the mix found on the released album (which was done in LA a month or so after the Detroit mix). Anyway, Inner City Blues. I've always 'heard' the (Bob Babbitt) bass line in my head as being much simpler/straightforward than it actually is, but listening to it on headphones today there's a ton of stuff going on that I'd not heard/appreciated before. It's such a lovely line; perfect for the song and beautifully played... so, maybe a daft question, but... is there more than one bass on the track?! I know there are vocal comps through the album (initially coming about by accident where the two engineers - Kenneth Sands and Steve Smith - mixed a comp of two vocal takes, which Gaye loved) so is the bass line a similar experiment/outcome? Whatever it is, it's a masterful performance by a wonderful musician? Help a curious pair of ears out here, folks!
  5. Old Man Riva

    Tal Wilkenfeld

    Wasn’t expecting this at all, especially the voice... Good band too...
  6. Old Man Riva

    The Defiant Ones - Iovine and Dre Documentary

    Watched both episodes and really enjoyed them. There’s some really good early footage of both Iovine and Dre at the start of their respective careers that show how completely driven they were and their passion for music (and it’s safe to say that neither came from what you’d call a ‘moneyed’ background). Really looking forward to next week’s episodes. As a couple of asides: JJ Fad had previously completely passed me by! And I’d forgotten just what a wonderful piece of music Springsteen’s Meeting Across the River is. Yeah, well worth a watch...
  7. Old Man Riva

    Dee Murray. Elton John.

  8. Old Man Riva


    My first ‘proper’ album, that. Had it as a Christmas present in 1972 (I think). In the late 70s/early 80s they used to do an annual Christmas gig at Brum Odeon, which were consistently great nights out. And they influenced Prince’s spelling, the daft Black Country rockers!
  9. Old Man Riva

    The Bizarre World of Frank Zappa Tour

    Not sure if you’ve seen it (or aware it exists!) but the Nikki Sixx ‘My Favourite Riff’ episode with Vai as a guest included some good Zappa stories.
  10. Cheers for the recommendation! I’ll give Last Day of Summer a go. Hadn’t realised the drummer and guitarist left - agree the drummer was especially good. There’s a version of At the Farm on YouTube featuring those two that is just so good - shades of Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac in the guitar playing.
  11. Old Man Riva

    RIP Ted McKenna

    Forgotten all about that. Love it! The electric piano reminds me of Tomahawk Kid from the live album. One of those bands I forget I like until I’m reminded I like them then I play them so much I go off them!
  12. I stumbled across White Denim on 6Music a few years back and was blown away. Not too keen on recent records but the albums D and Corsicana Lemonade were played to death.
  13. Old Man Riva

    Top 10 jazz albums for a newbie

    To add to Frank’s list and other excellent additions on the thread I’d argue a passionate case for Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker ‘Carnegie Hall Concert’ (features Ron Carter on bass). Song for Strayhorn is one of my favourite pieces of music of any genre. Stunning.
  14. Old Man Riva

    Twas 33 years ago - RIP Phil Lynott

    Great pic. He was cool as... Lucky enough to see them a few times over the years and one show (with Brian Robertson) was, to this day, one of the best gigs I've seen - the band were right on top of their game. Also saw them with Snowy White and John Sykes (separately) playing foil to Scott Gorham and, whilst neither were as good a fit as Robertson (imo), and parts of the shows may have been patchy with some of the material not up to the standard of the mid/late 70s Lizzy (again, imo), Philo was always fabulous. For me, one of rock and roll's great frontmen...
  15. Old Man Riva

    Geddy's Lee's Big Beautiful Book of Bass

    Re. Gibson Thunderbird: Geddy asked Pete Way (UFO) what it was exactly that he loved so much about them. ”Well, Glee, they sound three-quarters quite good, and one-quarter not very nice”. If ever Gibson were after a blurb on an ad page for a Thunderbird there’s one right there! Only had a brief scan through this morning but upon first glance it’s a fabulous book!