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  1. I give you Mind Bomb by The The. I had my head turned by Infected after Channel 4 showed a late-night film in 1986 documenting each track and was blown away - I then had to wait three years for Mind Bomb. Unapologetically political throughout, lyrically I don't think Matt Johnson was ever better - covering the perils of organised religion (Islam fundamentalism vs. Christianity), bitter breakdown of relationships, and "the politics of greed" amongst other cheery topics. It features Johhny Marr, Danny Thompson, a great performance by Sinead O'Connor on one track and wonderful bass playing by the 'overlooked and highly recommended' James Eller throughout. It even manages to include a pastiche on Sweet's Ballroom Blitz and replace the opening "Steve", "Andy" and "Mick" line with "Jesus", "Buddha", "Muhammad" - one for the older viewers! Not really a 'Sunday morning album', it's one of those albums that is best digested in a solitary fashion, played from start to finish in the order Mr Johnson intended and through headphones for the full solitary effect. Here's the opening track, Good Morning Beautiful; So, anyone else got any recommendations that fall under the 'overlooked and highly recommended' category that you feel should be embraced by the knowing souls on here?
  2. Old Man Riva

    Curt Smith - Tears for Fears

  3. Old Man Riva

    Daily Mail and John Deacon

    Some would say “Liar”, but I believe you. I think it was the time Mr Deacon was attempting to enjoy a quiet Sunday roast but was being continually heckled by a member of The Goodies, sat nearby at another table. As luck would have it Giant Haystacks (who had just been working out and not had chance to shower and freshen up, so slightly stinky) popped in for a Spritzer and stepped in on Mr Deacon’s behalf, telling the Goodie, in no uncertain terms, to leave the reclusive bassman alone. ’B.O. he-man raps Oddie’, as the tabloid headline said...
  4. Old Man Riva

    Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino Bass sound

    Really like that - shades of Richard Hawley. Lyrically, Alex Turner has got a lovely turn of phrase about him. With regards to the bass, my guess would be flat wounds played with a pick with strings muted with the side of the palm. It helps that it’s a really lyrical line so the tone really comes through - too many notes and it wouldn’t sound anywhere near as good. Good band.
  5. Old Man Riva

    What are you listening to right now?

    This... a lot.
  6. Old Man Riva

    Do you remember your first bass...

    A second-hand Avon Jazz Bass copy in 1977. The p/ups were steel bars rather than the snazzy plastic of the real thing. By the real thing I mean the Antoria copies that we were all after. Affording a ‘real’ Fender? No chance!!
  7. Old Man Riva

    Paul Young touring 35 years of 'No Parlez'

    And me. Saw him and the band at Warwick University - between the time of the tickets being announced he appeared on The Tube and by the time the gig came around he was a pop star! He and the band were great.
  8. Old Man Riva

    What are you listening to right now?

    Was big into this when it came out - nice idea, properly mixing hip-hop with jazz. This features N'Dea Davenport from the Brand New Heavies and also a sample of Freddie Hubbard's Povo with a lovely weaving bassline by Ron Carter. Played the whole Jazzmatazz album today, start to finish, and really enjoyed it...
  9. Old Man Riva

    No More Heroes - Intro

    Here’s Mr Forbes..!
  10. Old Man Riva

    No More Heroes - Intro

    There’s a clip somewhere on YouTube of the excellent Derek Forbes of Simple Minds playing I Travel, just to show us how it’s done... It looks as though cold drinks may have been taken prior to the recording of the clip!
  11. Then you've not heard 'Go For It - Sky Blues Shooting to Win', the Coventry City squad song for the 1987 Cup Final. Simple in its message, with a positive narrative, urging the underdog to "go for it". Hugely helpful, it chose to include a helpful (and none too subtle) assumption/assertion that, when the Sky Blues were shooting, they were actually doing it to win. And win we did. Was it down to a team of few stars playing above themselves against a team of genuine superstars (Waddle, Hoddle, Ardiles et al) in what is arguably the greatest Cup Final of the modern era or was it down to the song? I know what I think...
  12. Channeling my best Ron Manager, “Back Home; Esso coins, dad getting the petrol; Banks upset tum; Bonetti the cat; Uwe Seeler; broken dreams; best England team ever; jumpers for goalposts; hmmm, Wembley Trophy football...” Yep, definitely Back Home!
  13. Old Man Riva

    What are you listening to right now?

    If there's a finer track to recline to on a steamy Sunday afternoon I'd love to hear it...
  14. Old Man Riva

    Bill Withers

    That clip is from the Old Grey Whistle Test. Great stuff. There was also an excellent documentary on BBC4 a while back that charted his rise and then decision to stop performing, which was equally great. He came across as a wonderful human being. He fought a lifelong stammer and did/does a lot to help younger people with the same condition, which featured heavily in the programme. On a musical note his 1973 Live at Carnegie Hall album features pretty much the same band as the clip, I think, and is well worth a listen.
  15. Old Man Riva

    1959 Fender Precision Bass SOLD

    Stick/stick mark was 1962+, so the neck pocket is as it should be. It’s an amazing looking bass - a stunner! GLWTS