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  1. With TV themes in mind, this always used to (and still does) cheer me up. Takes me back to a time as a kid when I convinced myself (quite understandably) that I would meet and marry Sharon McReadie. She’d be off fighting evil regimes in some far-off land and despite that she’d be more concerned with finding ways to get back home so we could be together. But only if she were a fan of Slade...
  2. I’m really intrigued by these. Can you give someone who knows nothing about fan-fret basses a crash course in what they’re like?! The OW P-Bass version looks great, btw!
  3. Not necessarily the best looking I’ve seen (that was a worn 1968 sunburst with pre TV logo and lollipop tuners) but I love this - it’s a Fender CS Masterbuilt currently at Peach Guitars (for an insane price).
  4. Young Americans by Bowie is generally the track that can elevate me, whatever my mood. Mountains by Prince is another. Though the thing that is raising the spirits music-wise at the moment is watching the Leland Sklar Phil Collins videos. (The music isn’t really the sort of thing I’d normally listen to, but) Watching Mr Sklar do his thing in the way that he does - and the way he comes across as a person - lifts my spirits no end.
  5. I stumbled across this just now and thought I’d share... Not seen it before - and I’m still not sure how on earth he came up with it - but it made me smile all the way through! I know it won’t be to everybody’s taste, but well worth a look as we find bass-related things to fill the time and get us through to the other side. Keep well and (hopefully!) enjoy... https://youtu.be/q9UCBsXI4LI
  6. Ron Carter did play some fine electric bass on Gil Scott Heron’s The Revolution Will Not Be Televised just a few years later, mind!
  7. Indeed. Some of the stories made for uncomfortable listening/viewing. I knew a little of his life previously, but the film was genuinely eye-opening and inspiring, certainly from a musical perspective. I hadn’t realised at all how he went about doing the (improvisational) soundtrack to Ascenseur pour l’echafaud and how it pretty much changed his approach thereafter - less charts and more improvisational; requiring the players to step up and deliver themselves. An excellent film...
  8. Try the link on Ricky 4000 post... That’s what worked for me.
  9. ... and a mighty fine device it is too, sir! Lovely playing in the clip, and yes, reminiscent of Willie Weeks.
  10. I love John Martyn’s performance on this...
  11. Colemine Records is definitely a label worth checking out. I really like the Neal Francis album, and the Ghost Funk Orchestra album A Song for Paul blew me away when I heard it (they’ve a new LP out in the near future that promises to be just as good). Yeah, a really interesting label...
  12. Ah, okay. Speaking of Department S, there was a song out a few years ago (The Hives?) that I couldn’t hear without thinking of Is Vic There - it was the vocal that did it...
  13. The guitar part sounds similar on the Oyster Band version..?
  14. I'd forgotten he did that. I like some of his other covers (Love of the Common People and I was In Chains I really like) but he's a bit hit and miss for me. Anyway, it all pales into into insignificance when assessed against Simple Minds version of Prince's Sign o' the Times. What on earth were they thinking?!
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