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  1. I can only imagine what motorists coming in the opposite direction made of it. ”Maureen, you know I told you I thought I saw a badger in Lidl the other day, well…”
  2. Well I took the literal approach and turned up with a bass made out of a toaster, barbed wire and a cardboard box. ”Don’t push, I’m going”, I said, as I was ushered out of the building, “I was only making good use of the things that we find. You know: the things that the everyday folk leave behind”. It only seemed to make things worse…
  3. Ah, that explains a lot. I went for an audition yesterday for the reformed Wombles gig. Trying to curry favour with the MD I mentioned I was an avid recycler and have been committed to keeping Britain tidy since I was a kid. “Do you think that serves me in good stead, I’d really love this gig”, I said. “That’s admirable”, he replied, “but you do know you’ve got one Les Hurdle to overcome”. ”That’s good news”, I reckoned. “What?!”, he said, scratching his head and looking bemused. And so it went on…
  4. Not heard that before. Really like it. I can see why some folk might think it’s not The Who - the guitar does sound a bit more Jimmy Page than Pete Townsend in parts - but the drums have to be Keith Moon, don’t they?! Edit to say, I’ve listened to it a couple of times now and there’s definitely a Townsend ‘Sparks/Underture’ feel to the guitar so no real reason to think it isn’t early Who? As you say, whoever it is it’s good…
  5. If you stuck ‘Fender Custom Shop’ on it I’d be all over it! Not sure about the fire extinguisher capo, mind…
  6. Was in Bass Direct today and had a little noodle on the OW (fretted) Jazz. Hugely impressed. Looks great, sounds great, plays great. The finish and overall craftsmanship is right up there. I’ve a CS Jazz that I love and, being honest, this is just as good, IMO. If anyone is in the market for a really good Jazz then this is definitely worth checking out.
  7. Over 40yrs old and still sounds as good as ever… Two-bass-tastic plus Adrian Belew!!
  8. Love that cover. It wasn’t until a few years after it was released that I realised it was Mogg and Way wearing the ball bearings!
  9. Re. New Order. I always think they produced some sublime pop moments, this being one of them…
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