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Old Man Riva

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  1. Just Discovered A 'New' Bassist

    Have a listen to Reverend Lee by Roberta Flack. Lovely playing.
  2. Fave and unfave music noises

    Really partial to the sound of a drop-tuned acoustic guitar - think Joni Mitchell and Hejira, Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter etc. Have an irrational loathing of the sound of tap dancing.
  3. Lyrics that changed your world

    Pretty much anything/everything off Aladdin Sane. It helped that the lyrics (with the exception of the Stones cover) were printed on the inner sleeve but as a kid really starting to eat, sleep and drink music it was an incredible experience listening to the album with the lyrics to hand. The most mesmerising of the lot were the lyrics to Drive In Saturday that still have an effect to this day.
  4. 1964 Fender Jazz Bass - Trade deal in progress

    Don't think that's correct. There's an excellent book by Hal Leonard - The Fender Bass, An Illustrated History - that, as well as great images of Fender basses through the decades, includes copies of Fender trade ads. All of the trade/press ads (from stack knob onwards) show the bridge cover/ashtray with the large F design. The Precision, on the other hand, didn't have the design, possibly due to the (smaller) size?
  5. Bowie. Any era, even the Glass Spider tour.
  6. Have you seen this? Life affirmingly good...
  7. 1964 Fender Jazz Bass - Trade deal in progress

    I reckon it's got something to do with the neck cavity/pocket..?! I'm also aware that there was a slight anomaly back in the early days (and I think through to the late 60s/early 70s) to do with the machining/manufacturing of the body - where the cutting tool left a slight imperfection when it left the body after the final cut/routing. Or maybe it was all a dream...
  8. 1964 Fender Jazz Bass - Trade deal in progress

    I'm intrigued... any clues?!
  9. 1964 Fender Jazz Bass - Trade deal in progress

    I've never regretted moving any bass on with the exception of a '66 CAR dot and bound. It had the lovely gold undercoat/primer that was wearing through into the CAR finish so looked fantastic. Ah well... The '64 looks lovely - I love that rich black into red that the sunburst instruments of that era seem to have. I doubt it'll be around for long!
  10. (I struggle to get a Ditto looper to work)
  11. Rap - no, it doesn't start with a C!

    Samples Cymande (which a lot of artists did/have)... 'old skool', as it's now inappropriate for a middle-aged bloke to say!
  12. From circa 2015/2016. Essentially the P-bass with the Jazz neck (rosewood board). Similar to/same as this... https://www.gak.co.uk/en/fender-custom-shop-2015-postmodern-precision-bass-relic-dakota-red/119135
  13. Fender Precision bass with Jazz neck

    As referenced above, if you're looking at getting a P-bass with a slimmer (more Jazz-like) neck you should definitely try a Nate Mendel signature model.
  14. No real love for Jaco

    Whilst his playing wasn't/isn't to everyone's taste his legacy regarding the electric bass guitar should never be diminished and is almost beyond compare in terms of players generations later looking to emulate him and (some would say rip off) his sound - see also James Jamerson and Larry Graham. If we consider how many incredible musicians there have through time few leave a legacy whereby their sound/tone/style is emulated almost on a daily basis (you could argue that Hendrix would be a good example from a guitar perspective). In the 80s you couldn't move for bassists rolling off the neck p/up on a Jazz and playing right next to the bridge - it was everywhere. The 90s brought Acid Jazz and, again, those urgent and funky sixteenth note lines, and as Joe Dart is heavily referenced (quite rightly, in my opinion) as one of the leading lights of today's electric bass playing, for me, the sound he is closest to, is that of Jaco. And without Jaco there wouldn't have been Rhythm Stick, and for that alone he deserves all the acclaim he gets!