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  1. Agreed! And thanks again for the heads up. There’s some fabulous footage of the Young Americans period featuring Andy Newmark and Willie Weeks (it’s in one of the Visconti interviews). There’s a lot of the footage that is completely new to me, which is great! Isn’t it just. The whole series is excellent, and Dennis Davis son is a wonderful young man. Finding out about his dad via his work/art, it’s a joy to watch. More of this on the internet please!
  2. Slade Alive! was like a ‘Beatles moment’ for want of a better phrase. Everything changed after hearing that, and seeing Bowie, Mott the Hoople, Roxy Music, T Rex et al all loud and proud on TOTP in the same year - a game changing time...
  3. A slight detour, I know, but thanks to The Fasting Showman’s excellent recommendation re. Dennis Davis I stumbled across this... Too good not to share... Enjoy!
  4. Love this! Dennis Davis on drums (Bowie drummer on Station to Station through to Lodger), and, I think, Emir Ksasan on bass (played with Bowie on the second/soul leg of the Diamond Dogs tour)...
  5. I think this is the very bass... He’s had a few from the Gallery for the competitions. https://thebassgallery.com/products/fender-jazz-bass-1966
  6. He played with Nick Heyward in the 80s. I seem to recall him appearing live on The Tube (or the Whistle Test) with Nick Heyward around the Warning Sign era (I think they did that track live). If it’s out there it’s well worth a watch as it also features the excellent Alan Murphy on guitar...
  7. Through the world of Google I’ve just checked and the Leicester gig was in ‘86. The band were flat, the audience was flat and the gig just meandered along into nothingness. I think the band felt it and the singer started making a few barbs about how flat the audience was, which didn’t particularly help, and it almost all ground to a halt. Genuinely the only time I’ve ever left early because I wasn’t enjoying the band... I’m pleased your experience was better!
  8. Furniture at Leicester Poly (early/mid 80s). ”We’re Furniture, what’s your excuse?” the singer deadpanned, as people drifted away...
  9. That’s great! I remember recording it on VCR and watching it over and over. I think the original broadcast was 2-3 songs (as I recall, further tracks were shown later in the series). His band (as always!) were superb, but I remember being absolutely blown away by the drummer at the time. Because of the album credits I thought it was someone called Sterling Campbell, but it was, of course, Zack Alford. Wow! I think the biggest compliment I can give is that Mrs Riva walked passed when I was playing it and asked when it was from! When I told her who it was she said, “I thought it was Him!!”. The backing vocals on the “Don’t believe in yourself...” sections are superb. When all this madness is over, and you’re gigging again, I’ll be there, sir!
  10. Definitely! I think it may be Schaller. A mate of mine had an early Squier and he swore by the replacement bridge he’d had fitted. A big talking point was the adjustable saddles - the hours flew by!
  11. What bridge is that? They were around in the early 80s (poss 70s?) - the rolling/adjustable saddles were quite the thing...
  12. Bought tickets for a Simple Minds Once Upon A Time gig at NEC just to see Shriekback supporting them. Shriekback were their usual brilliant selves, and Simple Minds were a far cry from the New Gold Dream band/sound that I’d seen just a few years before. I thought they were rotten, if I’m being honest.
  13. Day After Day is a wonderful song. George Harrison plays slide guitar on it.
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