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  1. Vulfpeck, and Joe Dart

    Apologies if already posted but there's a more-than-slightly surreal Mr Finish Line album launch party here... It's lengthy, has a great band led by Cory Wong playing Vulf tracks/jamming, and comes across as an episode of the Larry Sanders Show directed by George Clinton. I love it!
  2. Later with Joolz last night

    [quote name='Lozz196' timestamp='1509560781' post='3399947'] I honestly thought that Noel Gallaghers son was a cover, it sounded so familiar. Really surprised that`s one of his own. [/quote] Holy Mountain? I heard it on the radio and thought it was Underworld or something that Karl Hyde had done with Eno a while back.
  3. Warm Fuzziness for Max Webster

    Think I saw them supporting Rush once upon a time in the 70s. Good band, as I recall...
  4. [quote name='funkgod' timestamp='1507491027' post='3385869'] I have a few in mind that could go on this list. but the one that i think tops all of them and should be known more is...... Jimmy Herring. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fau1dnLWTLA[/media] [/quote] Never come across him before. Now had a look at a few things on YouTube from your link - what a great player. Ta..!
  5. John Martyn - his songs/voice get recognition but his guitar playing can often get overlooked (great dropped tunings and experimenting with tape echo in the mid-70s are two things that spring to mind). Phil Manzanera - mention of Bryan Ferry above immediately links him to Roxy Music along with Eno and Andy McKay. Manzanera added the ballsy r'n'r sound/feel to early Roxy albums to give them an added layer.
  6. Becker

    Gone. [email protected]&gger it... And 67 is no age. Apologies, just realised this has been posted elsewhere on the site...
  7. Brown Sugar..yes I know..but read on.

    Seen very few bands over the years take on and nail Stones songs. For me a large part of the Stones' (unique) sound is Keef's groove and Charlie's feel and not many bands I've seen over the years can replicate it. Similar with cover/bar bands taking on AC/DC. Guitarists can generally nail the Angus parts but never seen anyone who can nail Malcolm's rhythm playing which, allied with the great Rudd/Williams rhythm section, give the band its unique sound.
  8. BBC 4 proms doing Charles Mingus arrangements

    Had the good fortune to be in Spitalfields Market a few years back and Shabaka Hutchings was just wanderin' around the area playing solo. Gorgeous music wafting through the air, all free for everyone to take in. A lovely player...
  9. Traded - Please close thread

    Anything that comes via David Pym is going to be a quality instrument. The bass looks lovely, good luck with the sale...
  10. Favourite solo on a hit record?

    [quote name='blisters on my fingers' timestamp='1499116078' post='3329378'] The late great James Honeyman-Scott [url="https://youtu.be/ZbC8JltxSq8"]https://youtu.be/ZbC8JltxSq8[/url] [/quote] A great choice. Was going to go with his solo on Private Life which, whilst being fabulous on many levels, wouldn't really fall under the 'hit' category. Pete Farndon an overlooked bass player too...
  11. Chuck Rainey & Bernard Perdie

    [quote name='Burns-bass' timestamp='1495969362' post='3307805'] Interesting, we've had this discussion in my old band. Weren't they using quite a lot of recreational drugs at the time and did literally hundreds of takes of some tracks? I think Fagen said they sometime struggled to remember who was playing on what track. Not sure how much of that is true, of course... [/quote] There was a good article in a recent edition of Classic Rock regarding the making of Pretzel Logic (the album that preceded The Royal Scam); a couple of quotes lifted are: "They strived for perfection, and both paid attention to every note and breath" (Timothy B Schmit), and "Working with Steely Dan could hardly be considered 'fun', but it was rewarding" (Michael Omartian). A friend of mine had the good fortune to work with Gary Katz many moons ago and he told a few stories that gave a good insight into how Becker and Fagen work - multiple takes, charts presented to every player, no deviation allowed etc. As I say, I struggle to believe that what Chuck Rainey and Bernard Perdie played on the take we heard was just them replicating what they'd been told to do! And if it was, then my admiration for Walter and Donald has increased, which I didn't think was possible!
  12. Chuck Rainey & Bernard Perdie

    Fabulous stuff. A full three minutes more to hear than on the final/edited album version. As much as Becker and Fagen were/are sticklers for charts and the like I can't believe that a lot of what we hear is not coming from the players, esp. on the outro. Great guitar playing too...
  13. Fender Jazz - Road Worn - Fiesta Red SOLD

    It's a terrific bass (and at a really good price considering what they retail for these days). Good luck with the sale...
  14. Hi, I'm at the very early stages of putting out feelers for a late 60s or early 70s Precision bass - years 1968 through to 1972 are of interest. These are the B-width neck basses and I'd be after a rosewood board bass rather than maple. Not in a position to pull the trigger just yet but interested to know what's out there. Thanks...