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  1. That looks lovely, Si. I’m a big fan of the Olympic White/tort guard/dark wood neck. Enjoy it, sir! (and if you’re ever over this way feel free to drop in with it for a cuppa!)
  2. Just for you..! http://www.reallygreatguitars.com/product/gorgeous-pre-cbs-1963-fender-jazz-bass-original-tolex-case/
  3. Hard to imagine BB King without his Gibson 345/335 guitars. Michael Schenker and his Flying V is another that springs to mind. Also, Angus Young and his Gibson SG, and brother Malcolm and his Gretsch.
  4. I know what you mean. In the late 70s I left school and started an apprenticeship and shortly after, in the early 80s, joined my first ‘proper’ band - who were all slightly older than me, had good jobs and had significantly more experience and money. The two guitarists were fastidious about their gear, and always seemed to have new sets of strings - or at least changed them regularly. I (naively) asked how often I should change my strings - I genuinely had no idea! - and they both said, “same as us!”. This was at a time when the only strings I knew about (Rotosound Swing Bass) cost half of what I earned in a week. I was obsessed with music/bass playing and any spare money went that way - no going out with mates, no going to the football; music was all that mattered, but changing my strings on a weekly basis? No way! After a few weeks I told them I couldn’t afford the strings and they (amazingly) bought me a set out of the band kitty (that I’d not contributed to at this point, as I’d not gigged with them) but gave me strict instructions to boil them once a week. After being chased around my mum’s kitchen by a Swing Bass G-string I only ever tried it once. And I agree... I obviously wasn’t doing it right!
  5. Rick Beato is having similar conversations...
  6. “You only need to buy one set of strings in your life, as long as you regularly boil them”. I tried it once and it was like cooking angry spaghetti, boiling hot strings flying everywhere on the stove. Sounded like spaghetti, too...
  7. Apologies, this should have been posted previously... I bought a lovely Fender Custom Shop 1966 Jazz from Graham in July 2018. Really straightforward transaction - excellent communication throughout, and I ended up collecting the bass from Graham at his home where we had a good chat about basses and music in general. Buy with confidence!
  8. That looks lovely! WishIcouldplay is an excellent seller - I previously bought a Fender CS 1966 Jazz off him and it was such a straightforward and enjoyable experience. Lovely bass, excellent seller... buy with confidence!
  9. Indeed. I used to record some of the shows with a mic from a mono cassette player and just let the tape run. The quality wasn’t great, but I still have a tape that has Draw the Line by Aerosmith, followed by Suburban Relapse by Siouxsie and the Banshees. Definitely an eclectic show!
  10. That’s great! The Ruts sessions are well worth a listen - I still have a TDK D cassette somewhere with them taped from the show at the time(s). John Peel also played them back to back in their entirety when Malcolm Owen died. I think there’s a session missing from the list - Society (B-side to Babylon’s Burning) was definitely recorded as part of a session, as I recall. They were all once released on CD, but this has (sadly) since been discontinued. Great band, great sessions, and (for me) a genuine example where the Peel versions were significantly better than the album/single versions...
  11. That’s the one - don’t know where Man in Black came from?
  12. Man in Black? I bought that as a kid. I think he had a couple of hits, but can’t remember what they were! He looked proper cool on ToTP, as I recall... I’ll add Truth by Kamasi Washington... (Edit to say that wasn’t really a hit, so...) I’ll go with Pearl’s Girl by Underworld....(Edit to say it has ‘vocals’ on it). I’ll pass!!
  13. Just teasin’! Enjoy the bass, sir! I don’t think I’ve heard one negative word about them. They sound like wonderful instruments.
  14. Wow! That’s lovely, Kev! You’d get a job in Roxy Music with that bass!! Enjoy it, sir..!
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