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  1. Then you've not heard 'Go For It - Sky Blues Shooting to Win', the Coventry City squad song for the 1987 Cup Final. Simple in its message, with a positive narrative, urging the underdog to "go for it". Hugely helpful, it chose to include a helpful (and none too subtle) assumption/assertion that, when the Sky Blues were shooting, they were actually doing it to win. And win we did. Was it down to a team of few stars playing above themselves against a team of genuine superstars (Waddle, Hoddle, Ardiles et al) in what is arguably the greatest Cup Final of the modern era or was it down to the song? I know what I think...
  2. Channeling my best Ron Manager, “Back Home; Esso coins, dad getting the petrol; Banks upset tum; Bonetti the cat; Uwe Seeler; broken dreams; best England team ever; jumpers for goalposts; hmmm, Wembley Trophy football...” Yep, definitely Back Home!
  3. Old Man Riva

    What are you listening to right now?

    If there's a finer track to recline to on a steamy Sunday afternoon I'd love to hear it...
  4. Old Man Riva

    Bill Withers

    That clip is from the Old Grey Whistle Test. Great stuff. There was also an excellent documentary on BBC4 a while back that charted his rise and then decision to stop performing, which was equally great. He came across as a wonderful human being. He fought a lifelong stammer and did/does a lot to help younger people with the same condition, which featured heavily in the programme. On a musical note his 1973 Live at Carnegie Hall album features pretty much the same band as the clip, I think, and is well worth a listen.
  5. Old Man Riva

    1959 Fender Precision Bass SOLD

    Stick/stick mark was 1962+, so the neck pocket is as it should be. It’s an amazing looking bass - a stunner! GLWTS
  6. Old Man Riva

    What are you listening to right now?

    I remember a mate doing me a copy of this album on a trusty TDK D90 when it came out nearly 30 years ago. I couldn't stop playing it, and played and rewound it time and again. To this day it still ranks as one of my favourite albums - it's otherworldliness (?) put me in mind of how I felt hearing Bowie albums in the 70s or Prince in the early/mid 80s. It all seemed so far away from the traditional sound/production I was used to hearing.
  7. Old Man Riva

    What are you listening to right now?

    Really like Bow Wow Wow - there was a BBC gig from Sefton Park (I think) back in the day that blew me away at the time. As I recall it a Wal bass was being 'strummed/slapped/picked/strangled' to within an inch of its life for most of the gig. Fabulous bass player.
  8. Old Man Riva

    What are you listening to right now?

    Had a Donald Byrd day... Which has featured two of my favourite four-string fellas, Mr Rainey and Mr Felder.
  9. Old Man Riva

    Best bass you've ever played that you did not own

    You’re not losing sleep then... that’s good! The ‘66 Jazz is a really nice bass. The neck is lovely on it and the bass sounds great - that said, I don’t think I’ve played a ‘66 dot and bound that I didn’t really like. I think it suffers from what you say - it’s been around for a while and has become part of furniture.
  10. Old Man Riva

    Worst bass you've ever played that you did not own.

    For basses where you’re paying a premium and expecting top quality in return I’ve played a few Fender CS basses that've been properly horrible. They've tended to be NOS ones, strangely enough, rather than the relic jobs. A mixture of rotten set-ups, poorly finished frets, necks like bananas (as referenced above) have all been present on expensive instruments. In the spirit of fairness I’ve also (mostly) played some lovely Fender CS basses but when they get it wrong they really get it wrong.
  11. Old Man Riva

    Best bass you've ever played that you did not own

    I’ve convinced myself I remember that bass also! If you’d gone for it at the time and still had it, the way prices have gone in the past year for vintage instruments, you would probably be sitting on a profit now (not that they’re there for that reason, IMO). I’m aware that’s probably not going to make you feel any better, btw! They’ve had a ‘66 dot and bound Jazz in there now on a commission sale for a good few years that’s been up at the same price all along. It was over the market rate when it was first put on the wall but now I reckon it’d be seen as a bargain, for want of a better word, as values have rocketed. If it’s any consolation I wished I gone for the ‘64 P-bass at the time. First world problems, eh...
  12. Old Man Riva

    Best bass you've ever played that you did not own

    The Gallery had a 1964 Precision about 5-6 years ago which was one of the nicest basses I’ve ever played. The neck was nicely played in and seemed a little narrower than early 60s Ps normally feel, and the sound was gorgeous. It was strung with flats (not sure which brand) which I believe had been on there for many years. It was light in weight, worn but not battered and the tone pot still gave you the full range - in short it was stunning. It was expensive (even then) at £4k, but whoever bought it would have had a stunning bass.
  13. Old Man Riva

    The way we were... in defence of Later (sort of ...)

    I think she'd broaden it out to include Steel Pulse, Slits and X-Ray Spex, but, aye, that'd be similar to her starting point... Mid-50s and still wants to change the world... and there's nowt wrong with that.
  14. Old Man Riva

    The way we were... in defence of Later (sort of ...)

    The good lady wife reckons Sleaford Mods and Young Fathers are the best thing since sliced bread (and/or Crass). I'm too scared to disagree... or play Weather Report within earshot.
  15. When Later first aired over 25yrs ago (pre-internet/YouTube etc for most of us at the time), for me, it was like a breath of fresh air in terms of being able to see live bands on the telly. It gave music fans the opportunity to see bands/performances that we wouldn't otherwise have access to. So, in the spirit of the above here's something that blew me away when I first saw it in summer 1993, and still does, in fact... At the time I think it was one of her first live appearances after Debut came out. I love the song, but this version, to my ears at least, is the best live version I've heard to this day. Captures the original and adds that little bit more. And I was (and still am) intrigued by the bass/guitar (?) that is used as a percussion instrument by one of the keyboard players. Anyone else got any standout moments from Later?