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  1. Yeah, definitely one of the odder choices of covers I've heard over the years. Probably done with the best of intentions (i.e. he was a fan of the song) but he was always on a hiding to nothing taking that on. This is good, for fans of this type of thing...
  2. I’ve always thought Bowie’s version on Young Americans was a low point on an otherwise excellent album. I think it’s truly rotten, and I say that as someone who idolises Bowie and can find many ways in which to defend The Laughing Gnome - though I still haven’t found a way to explain away his ‘interpretations’ of Iggy’s Tonight or the Beach Boys’ God Only Knows! It’s a shame he just didn’t stick with The Gouster... Re. Beatles covers, I always liked Shirley Bassey taking on Something. Adding a certain something different to the original, in a positive way, unlike, say, Paul Young when he took on Love Will Tear us Apart!
  3. Whenever I hear Zappa solo I feel sure he was a huge influence on Prince.
  4. Been posted on here before, but absolutely no harm in posting it again! Something a bit more recent that you may like...
  5. I’ve had the pleasure of having a proper noodle on this bass and have to say it’s a fabulous instrument (and sounds great in the clips). For me, it’s the nicest early 70s Precision I’ve played (and I have one myself!). Top bass, top seller..! Good luck with the sale, sir..!
  6. “UK Prime Minister makes alternative travel arrangements after refusing to use Eurostar for crunch Brexit talks”
  7. Now that’s a line you don’t hear every day..!
  8. Stuck in his local A&E after putting his back out again breakdancing?
  9. Most of John Cooper Clarke’s output springs to mind. In a (really) good way. Not really random but I never tire of hearing the lyrics to the chorus of Bowie’s Drive-In Saturday. “His name was always Buddy And he’d shrug and ask to stay. She’d sigh like Twig the Wonder Kid And turn her face away. She’s uncertain if she likes him But she knows she really loves him. It’s a crash course for the ravers It’s a drive-in Saturday...” Also love Jagger’’s “My best friend, he shoots water rats, and feeds them to his geese” line in Live With Me.
  10. As I recall, the BBC banning Relax was instigated by DJ Mike Reed, who, upon playing the single, got an earful of the lyric, and stopped playing it half-way through, chirruping loudly about it being the start of the decline of civilisation as we know it - I may have over-egged that last bit, but it’s not far off.
  11. Pushed for just one, Aladdin Sane by Bowie. The gatefold sleeve and iconic cover, poring over the the lyric sheet for hours on end (all songs included save for the Stones cover - could never get my head around that as a kid), mesmerised by the most amazing music. What’s not to be obsessed about for the past 46 years?!
  12. Philip Glass - The Bowie Symphonies at Festival Hall on Thursday. Liked the Low symphony; loved the Heroes symphony; couldn’t get on with Lodger at all. Story of my life..!
  13. Every now and again something pops up that you just want to share...
  14. I like to imagine a Stella Street-style parallel universe where Mick is in his kitchen carefully ironing his jim-jams shouting camp abuse at the radio as (Si Si) Je Suis un Rock Star wafts across the airwaves... (I actually own a copy of that single!)
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