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  1. I’d agree. And in relation to this thread, pretty much every bass line on Remain in Light is repetitive (in a positive way).
  2. Great review! I went with my wife, who it’s safe to say isn’t generally a fan of the type of music that Snarky Puppy play, and she was absolutely blown away by the whole evening, as was I. Also, there appeared to be huge affection from the crowd towards the band and it felt like a real celebration of their career so far. It couldn’t happen to a nicer (or more talented) bunch..!
  3. James Honeyman-Scott’s solo on Private Life is one of my favourite ever guitar solos. Just thought I’d share that interesting fact!!
  4. He was so good at that rolling, repetitive groovy bass line. His lines on tracks like The American, Love Song, Big Sleep, King is White... really add such a lot to the music. Didn’t like them at all after he left and they ventured into stadium territory.
  5. In Trance as Mission by Simple Minds. Another excellent Derek Forbes moment...
  6. That’d do me. Definitely something I could vote for! Though I can confidently say I’d be waiting a long time before I could make it sound anywhere near as good as young Mr Dart does!!
  7. The album, A Song for Paul, is well worth a listen - if you like that track then I reckon it’d be right up your street. I can’t think of an album I’ve liked so much for a long time...
  8. Someone recommended this lot to me recently, and I’m forever in their debt. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Ghost Funk Orchestra...
  9. ... a marriage made in heaven. Warning: it may lead to Colin Moulding envy!
  10. “If Pete Way had ever played in a showband”...
  11. Old Man Riva


    Just bought a wonderful Fender Custom Shop P-bass off Kevin. Kevin was a pleasure to deal with - excellent communication, completely straightforward and everything done with the minimum of fuss. I can’t recommend highly enough! I visited his home to try the bass and was made to feel really welcome - and found a fellow Roxy Music fan into the bargain! Buy with complete confidence from Kevin - a credit to Basschat!
  12. Yeah, definitely one of the odder choices of covers I've heard over the years. Probably done with the best of intentions (i.e. he was a fan of the song) but he was always on a hiding to nothing taking that on. This is good, for fans of this type of thing...
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