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  1. For me, it's down to the music, if I like the music I don't care how the bass line is played...
  2. I saw Amy Winehouse in a small club in Chester in the very early 2000's - a small crowd. My mate who suggested the gig seemed to think she'd go on to do something.
  3. Being a fan of the short scale - may I ask which short scale(s) are you now playing?
  4. Personally, having lost a couple I don't like the fine threaded nut that secures the strap on the Schaller offering, so prefer the Dunlop dual system. But a decent strap works too .
  5. For my ears Gunnarson always played lines that supported the melody and propelled the beat - much like Jamerson. I think he had the theory and the feel - listen to something his line on Dancing Queen, properly listen without a bass in hand - it is a work of joy.
  6. To be fair, it looks like the builder has realised that his old production methods gave issues and he's taken steps to address this.
  7. Not too sure if this helps.. Doobie Brothers - Listen to the Music.pdf
  8. Oh Yeah, you can really go nuts with the options on the quote form too - I know this and now have three Serek's 🤪 But, Jake Serek is a pleasure to deal with and his basses are wonderful.
  9. Did you ever progress your interest in a MW 5?
  10. I had a Gibson - the weight was fine, however, the balance wasn't great; we all know that there have efforts by various builders to improve this.
  11. It's not TOTP this is the Dutch equivalent TOP POP, the speed issue, who knows - it could equally be down to its upload to YT.
  12. I met in in '88 when the last touring FZ band was in meltdown
  13. Good to see Scott Thunes being mentioned Seeing Thunes with FZ in the early 80's, for me was an epiphany. Here was a guy playing music that was as tough as it comes while looning around with a low slung P bass and a pick. 👌 'If' he was a headcase - FZ liked him and he was lovely when I met him.
  14. No I don't find it demotivating at all, elements of it are entertaining and it makes me smile especially the Nathan Navarro videos . That said, I don't confuse it with music.
  15. I like these - I have three P basses each one wonderfull in it's own way - enjoy it 👍
  16. Given that grubscrews are generally a harder / higher grade of material than the saddle An additional issue that 'may' arise is damaging the heads of the grub screws in the 'concoction du relique' which could lead to pesky drilling the grub screw out manoeuvres.
  17. We'll have to disagree. The mating surfaces of the screw threads don't need to be rusty, you can't see them.
  18. The process that rusts up the screws to the point of being seized is inexcusable. There are a number of ways that I can think of that would still provide the false sense of age and still leave the bridge operational. But you pays your money etc..
  19. I recently read somewhere that Palladino's custom shop model was based on on early 80's JV. If this is the case you could reverse engineer the process and look at the Custom Shop spec.
  20. Well this depends on the audience. Suggestions from all about material. Pub gigs - Pretty much anything goes. ABBA to Zeppelin but we try and pace the set so it builds, when we start its opportunity to play some slower stuff to ready the audience for what's to come - people tend to dance more when they've had a drink. We put setlist on Spotify (if it's on Spotify) and have a listen Functions: Cater for the audience - but other influences apply like speeches, eating etc. and this is generally music that people can dance to should they choose If its material that i don't like - I learn it as well as I can and try to play it as if its a session that I'm being paid for
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