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  1. Oops - hit the submit button twice!
  2. Did this ever sell or get traded?
  3. Oh no, what awful news. He regularly made me smile and was, as many have said, "one of the good guys"! I will miss spotting his MB1 signature popping up all over the place. MB1
  4. As far as I know we were the only Demeter dealer in Europe. James D is a lovely guy and really knows his stuff. I think I could still get stock from him but it would only ever be on a special custom order basis which would mean no returns available. Probably not worth the risk unless anyone was 100% sure they really wanted something.
  5. Easy to identify which one of us it was by our hair 😂 Phil didn’t much at all Vic had a giant mane (usually under a beenie) Barrie was the ‘silver Fox’ 🙈
  6. Also the opposite can be true I’ve seen a few people here saying they weren’t impressed with a Sadowsky but if there’s one bass that I’ve consistently found to ‘come alive’ at a gig, then it’s one of these. May not always sound great to some people just playing at home or in a store but they seem to sit in a band mix so well.
  7. I’ve never liked Wals. Had a few in the shop over the years and I could never understand what the all the fuss was about. Uncomfortable to play, neck like a baseball bat and all middy nasal tones unless you fiddled with the controls for ages 🤦‍♂️
  8. I hang on to my Streamline as a possible ‘backup’ bass but, 9 times out of 10, I forget to take it with me to gigs 🤦‍♂️
  9. molan

    A pair of Sei

    I remember that one suddenly appearing in the shop one day from the next owner. He was a pro gigging player and this was his main instrument.
  10. molan

    A pair of Sei

    It is indeed! Well, the slatwalls are in my study anyway It was all part of a plan to run the business from the study (it’s a soundproofed, brick built, building with dedicated power supply, heating, 500mbps internet etc). Vic was going to run it as a demo unit 3-4 days a week or by appointment and I’d manage the web site and finances. Unfortunately the loss of our Victor in the run-up to establishing it really knocked me back and I’ve not had the enthusiasm to reboot it. Was about to get going last autumn but got offered a freelance consultancy project on a 12 month contract just 10 days after ‘restoration’ stuff started. The consulting gig pays about the same in a week as I could earn from Bassgear in a month - in fact, it’s actually more like more in 2 days vs what little we used to take out of the business. About 6 of the basses are BG owned plus a small selection of, never used, MarkBass amps, some ATS and a few boxes of strings 🤦‍♂️ Maybe I’ll start by selling some ex-BG stuff before the private ones. Will see how much time I have spare. Just in the process of putting a 2nd band together so that’ll get ‘in the way’ a bit 😂
  11. molan

    A pair of Sei

    Thanks, Nick I’m good. planning on slimming the accumulation of basses down so I just have a few I actually play! There’s currently 36 of the buggers kicking around so quite a few need to go 🙈
  12. I’ve been lusting after this burgundy mist Sei from the first time I saw it about 3 years ago. Finally got round to purchasing it and couldn’t be happier. Almost perfect spec for me 33.5” scale, a P that sounds great solo’d or mixed with the bridge humbucker (which can also be really snarly solo’d), sounds just fine in passive mode, super slim striped maple neck, lovely fingerboard, very low action, through neck with beautifully carved neck to body alignment, bound body, back-angled headstock and even has nice subtle white LEDs on the top of the neck. Sits beautifully on the wall next to my other Sei too 😉
  13. I did have all the bills of sale buried away but was locked out of my backup drives by a large global ransomeware attack a couple of weeks ago. waiting to see if anyone will find a hack to get past it.
  14. Just a thought - would my 32” JV P be of any interest? Very rare to find an original 32” JV bass.
  15. Contemplates selling vintage Fenders to fund Fodera purchase. . . 🤦‍♂️
  16. If anyone can do it then Roger is the man 😉
  17. I think Roger is only too aware of the issues coming from the Warwick made instruments and is working hard to eradicate them. From everything I know about him, he will take this very personally and be trying his utmost to make sure that all instruments bearing his name are worthy of it. Of course, some of this will be teething issues of new production but you didn’t really have to be much of an expert to predict that Warwick wouldn’t meet Roger/Yoshi’s exacting standards. The thing that gets me the most is the simple problem of weight - Sadowsky instruments are almost legendary in being light in weight whilst retaining a full and deep inherent bass tone. Someone at Warwick QC decided to ignore this core element of the Sadowsky brand and allowed instruments to be made with heavy lumps of wood. They then let them out of the factory without owning up to people that they were bloated and overweight. This simply never happened with Yoshi’s Metro basses. Some of the limited runs were heavier than others - like the 70’s ash bodied Miller-style natural wood ones. However, dealers were told in advance that these were going to be made using heavier, denser, ash in order to firstly nail that classic late 70’s tone and also to deliver really nice looking pieces of natural ash. Warwick simply didn’t seem to care about this and just flogged overweight basses to dealers without a care. . . Personally I’m looking forward to owning one when all the Warwick-related issues are sorted
  18. You don’t measure volume in watts - that’s like saying you measure distance in litres. I do remember the days of cheap & nasty hifi manufacturers using watts as a measure of volume but they were selling to people who knew nothing about hifi 😂 It always creases me up when people say a particular speaker is ‘louder’ than another because it’s “500watts” and the other is “300 watts”. Apart from the fact the wattage figure is for power handling, it’s the decibel sensitivity of the speaker that makes the difference rather than any watts measurement.
  19. Certainly quite a while ago. Trace Elliott was always called ‘Try Selling It’ in our store - believe me, it wasn’t easy either. Only thing harder to sell was a Hartke 8x10😂
  20. I spoke to Trickfish a lot in their early days and was really impressed by their professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication to bringing new products to market that ‘worked’! I found Richard Ruse to be a great guy and genuinely inspirational to work with. It was such a shame that he left us early and didn’t see all of his vision come to fruition. I’m afraid I’ve only heard their cabs at demo volume and, of course, we all know that’s nothing like a gigging environment. However, I certainly know who I’d spend my money with as the rest of the team there seem to share Richard’s genuine dedication to delivering a class product for the gigging bassist 😉
  21. That definitely looks like he same one I had. At the same time I had a black Flea that I really should have kept. It had a pair of Lane Poor pickups, a boost switch and a funky inlay of Randy Hope-Taylor at the 12th fret!
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