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  1. Beautiful 1990 Chapman Stick 10 String. In Padauk, dark markers and in mint condition. Comes with strap, two sets of new strings - the current ones are in need of a change! - and hard case. Happy to consider trades but please make contact via PM.
  2. Finally decided to sell my Markbass 802 combo. It has done a few rehearsals mainly and some semi-acoustic gigs, so never pushed above half way! In great condition with only the slightest 'fluffing' on the top edge of the carpet :O))) No need to describe these amazing combos, they are just...amazing! Power: 250 [email protected] Ohm, 150 [email protected] Ohm 2x 8" Markbass custom neodymium loudspeakers Piezo horn 8 Ohm Frequency range: 53 Hz - 18 kHz Efficiency: 96 dB SPL Bass reflex on the back Controls for: Level (volume), VPF filter (Variable pre-shape filter) Center frequency 380 Hz (cut), VLE filter (Vintage loudspeaker emulator) frequency range 250 Hz-20 kHz (cut) Ground lift ON/OFF internal loudspeakers when using headphones Line out XLR balanced - Headphone output 1x Speaker output (jack) AUX-IN Dimensions (W x D x H): 261 x 393 x 498 mm Weight: approx. 10.6 kg
  3. FEATURES HD amp models that feel, behave and interact with previously unachievable realism for an entirely new playing experience 16 HD amp models based on the most sought-after guitar tones: California cleans, classic crunch, vibey boutique warmth, modern high-gain, and more; 128 user presets; 256 factory presets 90+ effects including delays, modulations, distortions, compressors, EQs, filters, and reverbs; 4 simultaneous FX; and Tap tempo 24-second looper with dedicated footswitches for Play Once, Pre/Post, Rec/Overdub, and Play/Stop Built-in tuner with signal mute 1/4" and XLR outputs (mono/stereo); MIDI via USB; FX loop (mono/stereo); expression pedal input; L6 LINK jack for seamless integration with Line 6 DT50 tube amplifiers; more Free editor/librarian software POD HD400 represents a giant leap forward for amp modelling. It is the only multi-effect pedal that boasts 16 brand-new, state-of-the-art Line 6 HD amp models, 90+ modern and vintage-styled M-class effects, and a comprehensive digital and analogue I/O. HD amp modelling: sound and feel like never before HD amp models defy the accepted standard. They feel, behave, and interact with previously unachievable realism. Creating these new HD amp models was no small feat. Line 6 mixed 15 years of amp modelling experience with 3 years of new research and development to build an entirely new amp modelling technology from the ground up. During that time, we hunted down 16 incredible amplifiers and”with the help of LA's top tube amp experts”restored each one back to peak condition. The new modelling technology uses 10 times more amplifier information than before, including single-ended class A tube stages, class AB push/pull interactions, power supply behaviour, and more. The result is a high-quality warmth, feel, sustain, and articulation for you to fall in love with. Tube amp fanatics have long enthused that their favourite stacks and combos aren't merely "amps," but instruments themselves, with playability equal to that of the guitar plugged into them. New HD modelling takes the POD HD experience to that same exalted level, capturing the genuine playability that great guitarists demand.
  4. A great Basschatter! Janis bought my headless MPU 5. Great communication, quick payment and a smooth transaction. Recommended folks!
  5. It is a satin black finish on an Ash solid-body. The grain shows through the finish and looks lovely. It is a 34" scale, 45mm at the top nut, adjustable string spacing - currently at 19mm - and weighs 3.4kgs. It has two humbucker Pick-ups and a Piezo under the bridge. The Esh-Tronic controls are: master volume, Master Tone, Bridge pick-up/Parallel/Bridge and 80% Neck PU/Pick-ups in series. Control nearest the bridge is: Studio (pick-ups direct bypassing the pre-amp/Passive/Passive and Piezo/Active and Piezo. The combination of two humbuckers and a Piezo allows you so much variation and the option to bypass the preamp and go direct is a super idea. This is a German made bass and quite unusual to find this pick-up spec, Piezo and pre-amp configurations.
  6. WARNING! Do not use Parcel2go. They have charged my bank account for a service I never used. I have only used them once a month ago and vowed never to use them again because of their shoddy service. I now find they have charged my account for a service I never booked. Further, they have stored my card details illegally to enable them to make this charge. They have no contact details, no phone number, live chat or emails...I wonder why??? My bank cannot find any contact details for them and a search just reveals fraudulent phone numbers that charge you premium rate and no contact. I have tried to raise a case using 'resolver' but I'll wait and see what happens.
  7. Recently got this lovely bass in a trade. It is an amazing bass with a huge sound. This MPU Headless 5 is built by Finnish maestro, Marko Ursin. The overall quality of the build is superb. It has a hand wound 10-pole pick-up with adjustable poles. It also has a piezo at the bridge and is equipped with the ACG eq 02 preamp, plus a pickup blend/volume stacked knob. String spacing is 18mm at the bridge but it is adjustable either way. It accepts regular strings, as they are clamped with screws on the end of the neck by a string anchor. The width at the top nut is 46mm. The bass has a truss rod. Cosmetically the bass is near mint, except for a couple of very tiny dinks that are difficult to picture. The black hardware paint shows a little bit of wear too. It is a light bass (4 kilos) and balances really nicely, making playing a real pleasure.
  8. Now available after having a cuddle and polish from Paul Everson.😄
  9. An absolutely super Multi-Effects pedal. Some great sounds - and a load of personalised sounds added! So easy to use and the Nexus Tone Studio is one of the most simple and user-friendly bits of editing software around. Very limited home use, comes with box, manual, mains cable etc.
  10. Reduced to a quick £575 for a short while as I have seen something I would like to grab...bass-wise that is! 😄
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