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  1. Yes, it's in sunny Derbyshire...
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  3. Apologies, I should have made that clear in the description. The micro switches have never been installed, hence the small, wooden plugs above the tone controls. A fairly easy, and cheap job.
  4. It’s all solid wood. The body is chamfered slightly with the bridge sitting in a recess.
  5. I bought this lovely bass direct from Mark Ramsay (RMI Bass). This is a Montage 33" scale that Mark described as: "The Montage is neither a clone nor a prototype. The bass is an original, bespoke creation designed for a niche breed of player". The bass has had some modifications made, by Mark, to get everything has he wanted. If you look at the pictures you will see that there are three wooden plugs where the micro-switches were going to be added for coil tap etc - the plugs will push out should you wish to install the switches. The back of the neck had a bit of refinishing but nothing that impacts on the playing. The frets also have had some reworking/reprofiling to allow for a low action and smooth playing. A Gator semi hard case is also available. The weight is 3.6kgs. Full Spec: Specification: * 33" Scale * Translucent tobacco burst * 5-string tuned E-C * 6-way bolt-on construction with all-access heel * 24 steel nickel frets - 2.5mm x 1mm * Flat fretboard (no radius) * C-shape neck profile * Approx. 22mm neck thickness (including fret height) * 43mm nut width (8.25mm spacing) * 345mm body width, 38mm depth * Sung Il / Wilkinson (Korea) BB002 16.5mm brass bridge * Wilkinson WJB-750 open-gear light-weight tuners * Single bi-directional truss rod * Three-way wedged body construction (Vietnamese walnut / swamp ash / alder) * Split-level body with 4mm poplar birdseye top enclosing a 20mm shallow chamber * Three-way "Apex" neck scarf construction (hard maple / hard ash / nato mahogany) * Indian rosewood fretboard with pearloid Japanese inlay * Split-level headstock design with matching poplar birdseye cap * Ramsay dual-coil humbucking (split-able pickups) housed in Macassar Ebony-topped maple shells * Stock 9v, 3-band EQ preamp with adjustable boost gain dial * Volume (pull/push passive/active switch), Balance, Treble, Midrange, Bass * Aluminium control knobs with white indicator lines * D'Addario Nickel XL strings (medium gauge) + 0.032" high C * 1100mm total length
  6. Here's my EBS pedal that has not been used since I bought it a couple of months ago (Andertons). I've tested the pedal and, as you'd expect, it works perfectly and the range of tweaking options are super. So, brand new, in the box. Details: Features two channels and a useful loop. The MicroBass II can be used as an active direct box,a one or two channel preamp, instrument switcher or blender. The two channels provide sound shaping from high end solid-state types to distorted timbres, using the awarded tube emulation circuitry found in the EBS range of professional bass heads. An incorporated effects loop gives the user added flexibility for connecting to other effect pedals, or for mixing in an external audio source such as a CD player for rehearsal purposes. Unmatched Flexibility. The balanced output with speaker simulator option provides unmatched flexibility in live and studio situations. Footswitches control mute and channel operation/switching. Other features include headphone output, low battery indicator, link and master outputs, bass, ‘sweepable’ midrange, treble, bright and edge filters, drive and effects mix controls. The EBS MicroBass II delivers that big, burning EBS sound wherever you go. Specifications Nominal Input Level - 8 dBv Input Impedance 10 Mohms (Ch A), 1 Mohms (Ch B) Output Impedance 10 kohms Frequency Response +0 / -3 dB 20 - 20k Hz Tone Controls Bass +/- 15 dB @ 100 Hz Treble +/- 15 dB @ 10 kHz shelving Bright + 12 dB @ 10 kHz,15dB gain Midrange +/- 12 dB, 50 –2.000 Hz ,Q=0.80 Edge +/- 12 dB @ 7 kHz Boost Control Gain 0 – 30 dB Drive Control Gain 0 – 35 dB Dynamic Range typ 107 dB A-weighted Dimensions (L x W x H) 4.3” x 6.0” x 2.3” (110 x 153 x 58 mm) Weight 875g (1.95 lb.) Power Requirements 9 V DC Regulated, 10 mA
  7. Just downsizing some of my tuition books I've used for teaching - not a lot of that going on at the moment!! The books are in excellent condition with relevant CD's or DVD's. Postage is £2.50 per book or, if you want the lot then it'll be £10 total for postage. The books are priced individually or £40 for the lot plus postage. 1 Tony Grey: Ultimate Jazz Bass Method - SOLD 2 Damien Erskine: Righthand Drive - SOLD 3 Bass Chords - £6.50 4 6 String Bass - Scales, Chords, Arpeggios, etc - £6.50 5 Victor Wooten: The Best of... - £9.50
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  9. Scooby


    Like you I added a couple of centimetres on and round the weight up but it was still under 10kg. For UPS to argue it weighed 30kgs is ludicrous. I have had further excuses all based on the 'audit' by UPS staff (drunk most likely). Fortunately I took pictures of the package and with the tape measure showing the dimensions - one pic showed the bass in the case. UPS now inform me that my case, along with pics, has been forwarded to their 'investigation' team. Why they didn't just say 'Whoops, we might have made a mistake' and notified me prior to thieving £75 out of my account, I don't know. I would have used Interparcel - and Painful - but Interparcel didn't recognise the address in Spain whereas UPS did.
  10. Scooby


    It was UPS direct. Never again.
  11. Scooby


    Just a word of caution if anyone is foolhardy enough to use this 'courier'. I sent a bass to Spain, took pictures of the package with dimensions. I entered the details correctly on the online form and paid the required price. The parcel was delivered - several days late even though I had paid for the priority service. I then find UPS have taken an additional £75 from my bank account. The first customer service advisor hadn't a clue why the amount had been taken and I then received an email saying someone would call the3 next day...two days later and no call. I rang again and was told the extra charge was because the item weighed 30kgs! I can't lift 30kg let alone pack it and then the UPS driver carry it under his arm to the truck. I informed UPS of their incorrect weight assessment. I was then informed the item exceeded 100cm in length...yes it did and the correct length entered onto the form. I have sent several similar sized parcels with UPS before and never had a problem. I informed UPS that I had entered the correct dimensions and they had charged me accordingly - I had sent them the pictures by this time. I then receive an email with a convoluted explanation of how they calculate cubic size and my parcel came into the 'large' category hence the additional charge. Their email then suggests that I had knowingly entered the incorrect dimensions and weight - or at best made a miscalculated guess. I await they fourth excuse after I referred them , again, to the pictures and also asked why the online form didn't recognise the dimensions as 'large', or were they still insisting I had entered the figures incorrectly. So, case raised with Resolver, emails to UPS CEO UK, emails to their Customer Service Team (there's a misnomer), and messages on their Facebook page. I strongly recommend that you use an alternative courier service. I have not had one response where the supposed Customer Service took an objective stance and said that there might be an issue on the side of UPS, oh no! it's me that is in error and UPS are determined to say they are in the right. So, please be warned.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. Here is my amazing Ritter Roya 4. Custom built for me and has only been used for a few gigs and studio sessions. Always sounds superb, very ergonomic, and a total delight to play. The spec is below and the only minor issue is that the switch for the bridge humbucker (to change between humbucker and single coil) broke. The pup is in humbucker mode, which I never change. You can still alter the pup using your fingernail. The bass comes in a hardshell case - mint condition - and with the manual. I'd prefer a straight sale but I am willing to consider trades for a similar high spec bass (4-5-or 6 string). Cash value is £2999 with a trade value of around £3250 Details: Roya 4 VINTAGE 4 (60mm-30mm) Gold Ritter 3D / B1String Attachment RITTER BT - Custommade by Gotoh Bone Schaller Security Locks Swamp Ash Poplar Burl Natural Frosted Transparent Maple Bold on 3-Pieces Natural Frosted Transparent 33,3" (845,82mm) RITTER MASTER Parametric RITTER MASTER Triplebucker - Maple RITTER MASTER Triplebucker - Maple 3,7 kg ( 8,14 lbs )
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