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  1. Will consider posting this, found a box in the loft!
  2. Thanks mate. It really is an iconic piece of gear but at the moment I just can't put the new Modulus down. Not too fussed if it doesn't go as it can remain a case queen 😁
  3. Hi All, I'll probably live to regret this one but here we go! Up here is my 1997 Modulus Flea in silver flake finish. Full spec below: Silver flake with matching headstock Headstock with "Flea" decal Lane Poor pickup Bartolini pre-amp Gotoh bridge Early version with no truss rod Jim Dunlop strap lock buttons Neck and fretboard are unblemished, as straight as it should be. Action set low to medium This bass came to me in 2012. It had several loose frets. I took it to luthier Andrew Guyton, at Guyton Guitars in Suffolk, and we decided for a complete re-fret. Andrew is probably best known for the authorised reproductions of Brian May's Red Special guitar; see here. Andrew also replaced both tone pots and repaired the cracked lugs of the Lane Poor pickup casing. In terms of overall condition there are few minor dings to the edges of the headstock and a couple on the body, but barely noticeable. This is an extremely clean example for a 24 year old bass. The tone is immense and cuts through anything. The sustain goes on forever. The funk levels will blow your mind, especially with new strings. The bass comes with a new set of Modulus Graphite nickel roundwound strings (105, 85, 65, 45) and new 9v Duracell battery. Original hardshell case which is a bit battered at the corners but is secure with all fastenings working correctly. Original warranty card and handbook included. Looking to move this iconic instrument on as I have just taken ownership of a Modulus Revolite Funk Unlimited, so the Flea has become surplus to my requirements yet needs to be played and enjoyed. The only trade I would consider is a 1976/77 all original pre Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray. Thanks very much for looking. Paul
  4. we've all been there, I told my Mrs I'd be selling something to fund this, I'm letting my decision just take a while though...!!
  5. Thanks, Kev! I'm being super careful not to knock or scratch this one! I believe it's a "LP Legacy" pickup, really good attack and sustain as ever from a Modulus.
  6. Yeah I think Planet Bass would be pushing $5k plus very easily. Mind you, I haven't actually paid any duties on this bass yet and it arrived a week ago, thought I'd get a message from Fed Ex to say come and collect to pay duties. Keep thinking surely I can't have gotten away with this!! I don't think I've ever seen an orange FU for sale in the UK, still longing for a purple flake
  7. That is a fantastic instrument, glad that it has stayed in the Bass Chat family I'll see how I get on with this one but after 24hrs it certainly appears to have it all including a great tone. I've a '97 sparkle to go alongside this but certainly will struggle to justify owning 2, the '97 is a bit of a case queen and I rarely play it, it's a sentimental piece for my youth spent ogling Flea's collection and always wishing to own one!
  8. Thanks mate. Do you still have any Modulus basses at the moment? Recall that purple sparkle you had, still regret not getting that one off you! No downward neck pull at all, seems really well balanced. 7lbs just seems surreal for a bass, much more comfortable to both sit and stand. Never really thought a great deal of it until now; I've been playing a 40th Anniversary Stingray lately and that must be a good 10lbs but the difference between that and this new axe is staggering.
  9. Thanks Hiram. I've a '97 version and this seems totally different, only 7lbs as well which I'm sure will reap reward for my back
  10. Thanks for the comments all. Few more photos for you guys....
  11. Took the plunge on an additional Modulus FU4; hope you all enjoy looking at this one! Imported from the US of A. 2019 model in a matte black finish.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. Lovely bass that, very sorry to hear that you are having to give up playing due to ill health, wishing you all the best.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  15. Si, absolutely stunning. Very tempted on this to go alongside the '65 jazz I took off your hands a couple of years back. Will be doing some sums at the weekend
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