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  1. Patrick purchased my Modulus Flea bass recently. Great guy and an easy transaction to go through despite the hassle of our courier taking 3.5 weeks to deliver the fabled bass due to Brexit reasons. Thanks for the smooth transaction Patrick and enjoy that Modulus bass!
  2. SOLD please lock
  3. Bump for a final drop to £1,900 before I withdraw this.
  4. Thanks @40hz - I also recall the recent days when I'd be trying to find additional Modulus basses for my collection on here and they would always be gone in a matter of hours too if listed! Was always gutting knowing it could be months before another turned up
  5. Bump for another price drop. Impending house purchase means I need the space!
  6. Gassing for another Modulus FU4 that I’ve seen so I’ve lowered this again. Last try before I keep this and it goes back into its case!
  7. Absolutely, great summary there Dan, they are a joy to record with as well. Not so aggressive but same great tone. I have often wondered how MM will top this Stingray for the inevitable 50th anniversary model!
  8. Great bass. Can't get enough of my one, best sounding Stingray I've ever owned.
  9. Thanks Libanass; there's a couple in the US for sale at a higher price at the moment, including a very rare '97 gold sparkle. Think we have a slow market here at present!
  10. Final drop to £2,300 for this fine instrument.
  11. Price now £2,400.
  12. Will consider posting this, found a box in the loft!
  13. Thanks mate. It really is an iconic piece of gear but at the moment I just can't put the new Modulus down. Not too fussed if it doesn't go as it can remain a case queen 😁
  14. Paul_1991


    Final Price Drop to £1,900. Hi All, I'll probably live to regret this one but here we go! Up here is my 1997 Modulus Flea in silver flake finish. Full spec below: Silver flake with matching headstock Headstock with "Flea" decal Lane Poor pickup Bartolini pre-amp Gotoh bridge Early version with no truss rod Jim Dunlop strap lock buttons Neck and fretboard are unblemished, as straight as it should be. Action set low to medium This bass came to me in 2012. It had several loose frets. I took it to luthier Andrew Guyton, at Guyton Guitars in Suffolk, and we decided for a complete re-fret. Andrew is probably best known for the authorised reproductions of Brian May's Red Special guitar; see here. Andrew also replaced both tone pots and repaired the cracked lugs of the Lane Poor pickup casing. In terms of overall condition there are few minor dings to the edges of the headstock and a couple on the body, but barely noticeable. This is an extremely clean example for a 24 year old bass. The tone is immense and cuts through anything. The sustain goes on forever. The funk levels will blow your mind, especially with new strings. The bass comes with a new set of Modulus Graphite nickel roundwound strings (105, 85, 65, 45) and new 9v Duracell battery. Original hardshell case which is a bit battered at the corners but is secure with all fastenings working correctly. Original warranty card and handbook included. Looking to move this iconic instrument on as I have just taken ownership of a Modulus Revolite Funk Unlimited, so the Flea has become surplus to my requirements yet needs to be played and enjoyed. The only trade I would consider is a 1976/77 all original pre Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray. Thanks very much for looking. Paul
  15. we've all been there, I told my Mrs I'd be selling something to fund this, I'm letting my decision just take a while though...!!
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