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  1. Si, absolutely stunning. Very tempted on this to go alongside the '65 jazz I took off your hands a couple of years back. Will be doing some sums at the weekend
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  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Great bass, I've exactly the same. Cuts through like nothing else I've played. If this was the blue or purple version I'd be paying you now! GLWTS, it won't be here long at that price.
  5. Can also deliver to Peterborough as I work there Monday - Thurs normally
  6. Hi All, I acquired this Berg 412 last year from basschat but it has only been used in anger at home a few times. An absolute beast of an amp but it just isn’t getting the use at the moment. Link to previous thread below, will get some more recent pics up over the weekend. This will be collection only from Norwich due to the weight. https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/341424-now-sold-bergantino-nv412-wpadded-cover-now-£600-inc-courier/ Firm price of £600. No trades on this unless someone has a markbass 2x10 combo. Cheers, Paul
  7. Great bass Si, still very much enjoying your old '65 jazz. Best of luck with the sale mate, I highly doubt it will be here long. Paul
  8. I have just completed a deal with Si for a 1965 Jazz Bass. Si was a pleasure to deal with and the man knows his stuff. Great chap. Thanks Si
  9. Where abouts in Norfolk are you? I'm in Norwich and could be interested
  10. This really is as low as I can go - appreciate it's a post-Christmas market but this needs to leave the herd in order for me to purchase another one!!!
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