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  1. Me too Fat beams sound great and last for ages. I buy the direct from the US via ebay. Still cheaper than the UK price if you only buy one set and don't get stung for duty/ups fees as I did when I tried to buy two.
  2. I found the turnaround after the middle 8 particularly tricky. Definitely took more than one listen.
  3. Sorry Got my point in the wrong place. Always do setups in imperial as I’m a fender man and my feeler gauges are ancient !
  4. You could check the nut height: fret at 3rd fret and measure gap on first fret. It should be around .76mm or 3 thou in old money
  5. Relief is normally measured at the 7th/8th fret. 10 thou in my setup
  6. I’ve played in lots of covers bands I don’t always like
  7. I think with zero frets, an idea I wish was used more often, the nut height is set for you. My Sadowsky has an “adjust a nut”, ie two little screws to adjust the height. Otherwise it’s nut files and a feeler gauge.
  8. I only have imperial feeler gauges so I set 10-12 thou relief at 7th fret and 2/32in on the G,fretted at the first fret, and 3/32in on the E or B on my five string. Pretty much fender or Sadowsky specs I think. Nut height is 3 thou at first fret with string fretted on the third.
  9. I’ve recently recorded Truckin’, Franklin’s Tower, Sugar Magnolia and Touch of Grey for an album project. first half here I was never really a DeadHead but really liked Jerry’s melodic guitar playing and the whole hippy Californian: hey it’s all going to be cool, tune in turn on trip out vibe(see also Spirit)! However having learned these tunes I’ve also discovered what a lovely melodic bass player Phil Lesh is.
  10. I heard rumours of a 5 string Electra TT ?
  11. Funny that. the one in Glasgow that I tried back in August was noisy and the guy there said that they were still all like that. He’d said that they’d sent all the first batch back because they were crap and his was a new one. The one I finally bought from Thomann a couple of weeks ago however was absolutely fine.
  12. Thank you Sir My wife said something similar about a sharp intake of breath when I got the credit card bill.
  13. It’s a Sadowsky Metro Express
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