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  1. I’m really looking forward to it. Tickets booked with discount code prompted by BC newsletter so thanks for that
  2. I just googled and it came up with Ed Friedland I’m sure I borrowed one of his instructional books once
  3. I have a Wizard Thumper in my SX/Mighty Mite/CTS/Gotoh bitsa P Bass and I couldn’t agree more Steve . I love it
  4. I’ve been using DR fat beams for a while now, purchased directly from the US still cheaper than buying them here. I really like the sound and feel and they seem to last quite well
  5. Anyone looking for a top hand wired valve amp-buy this ! I'm not in the market for another guitar amp at the mo as mainly bass and have just bought a little Yerasov amp I did some work for Paul Cornford a few years ago and was paid with a Cornford Harlequin, which I no longer have. Wish I'd kept it. They're brilliant amps and the Hurricane is superb and very useful at 22watts If they aren't collectable yet they should be ! good luck with the sale
  6. Mine is very simple but effective, if a little dull- like me! US std Jazz as bought in 2006 bitsa p bass: sx body, mighty mite fender licenced neck, wizard thumper, cts electrics, ‘70s gotoh tuners. All bought on here. Peavey Tim Landers Signature 5 string. Ebay bargain stripped of hideous blue colour and looking lovely all au naturel maple. All with DR Fat beams. Markbass CMD210 and extra 210 cab. no effects and a Korg led tuner strapp comfort straps cant remember which leads I use but good ones as they’ve lasted for years!
  7. This was sent to me: please contact them directly if you're interested
  8. I've just got one of these https://youtu.be/cSh-jbBhbo8 It's the upgraded black Tolex one £369 Lovely
  9. These look very tempting at this price. http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Spector_Coda_Pro_5_Trans_Black.html Anybody tried one ?
  10. [quote name='Rich' timestamp='1509544413' post='3399782'] I remember when all this was trees. And you could leave your front door open. Is it time for my nap yet? [/quote] Aah, nostalgia isn't what it used to be. They used to come in sweet jars when I was a boy
  11. [quote name='lojo' timestamp='1503416875' post='3358065'] The great thing about most Dylan covers is they are always very different from his versions , so you've got options [/quote] If you can find it Michael Hedges live version of all along the watchtower
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