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  1. https://youtu.be/nICgCOJ7BS8
  2. Did the Gotoh bridge make a big improvement ?
  3. Hope you enjoy it. I’m really pleased with mine.
  4. I’d snap this up in an instant if I hadn’t already just bought one !
  5. My recently purchased MIM FSR I love it
  6. We saw them last night in Cambridge. Brilliant a really fun gig and great bass led grooves
  7. That sounds a good find. I quite like the newer silky neck finish but you can't beat a good Japanese P and I really like the 62 re-issue, esp with the US pickups that some have. I wish I'd bought one back in the '90s.
  8. That sounds like a grand day out ! i agree with your verdict of the American Pro. My player needed a bit of a truss rod tweak as there was too much relief, and intonation needed adjusting on a couple of strings but now plays really well.
  9. I A/B’d the player and the Am Pro The pro was really good but way beyond my budget at another 800 quid I rehearsed with my Player FSR on Monday and absolutely love it. I didn’t try the Musicman but I did try a lovely sunburst 5 string at Wunjos Unfortunately Wunjos couldn’t get me an FSR in that colour so I ordered it from my local PMT on Friday it was in store on Saturday. They matched the lowest price £639. Kudos to Tom at Wunjos his response was sorry couldn’t help in this instance but as long as I got the bass I wanted that was the main thing as I d be back next time I purchased something. I certainly will. Great service good prices and nice folk in the heart of the West End; what’s not to like?
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