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  1. Wizard were taken over by Eternal Guitars and now marketed as Hot Rod Pickups
  2. I think that another company, who's name escapes me, bought the stock and equipment when he retired. I have a Wizard Thumper in my bitsa P bass and it's brilliant. I bet the Wizard Classic would do the trick for those vintage tones.
  3. I suspect they would have become donors for “cut ‘n shut” basses.
  4. I have heard a theory that one of the reasons vintage instruments are so good that given the variations in early manufacturing only the really good ones stayed in circulation, hence the perception that old ones are better; maybe. I guess this is more plausible than Flea’s rationale for switching to vintage Jazz basses: “ they had a long time to forget they were once trees”. Although I kind of like that too.
  5. I’ve just been have a look at If You Want me to Stay- Sly and the Family Stone. Tricky!
  6. Yes I have used the Fender ones. They’re really good value. I understand that they’re made byD’addario
  7. I currently have nickel lo- riders on my Jazz. Stiffer than most, but lovely tone and feel. Fat beams are great too.
  8. “If I wanted your opinion I’d give it to you”.
  9. Check out her solo album gail ann dorsey i used to be Great singing writing and playing
  10. My favourite line, which I look forward to using at the earliest opportunity when kicking someone out of the band: “It’s not you it’s us; we don’t like you.”
  11. I used to use Mag 4x10 and 1x15 cabs when it was the thing to do. Best thing I did when I fried the 15” driver ( Hartke H500 amp issue) was to replace it with a Celestion. I called the Ashdown customer service chap about their Blueline speakers. He coughed and said “Jensen” and very candidly I thought, said Celestion, who were still in Ipswich at that time, would be a far better choice. He was dead right.
  12. I’ve been bemused over the years how unprofessional bands are, particularly in the hiring and firing area. When working regularly as a dep I’ve had the experience of learning a whole set, having been promised loads of gigs as the supply bass player, following a very good audition/rehearsal. “Send us a pic and some bio for the website”. Ok done. Then nothing, tumbleweed, nada. No communication or response until browsing said bands FB page and I see that they’ve just played a lovely gig with their new stand in bass player. Had another bunch of time wasters who just never got back to me after another good rehearsal and when the “ex pro touring drummer” finally picked up the phone they were going to have a rethink and probably call it a day. Next week Facebook again “here’s our new brilliant bass player. Why can’t bands just be upfront and not waste everyone’s time if you’re not the guy/gal/other for the job ?
  13. Old folks Boogie for a recording session next Saturday. Jeez it’s tricky like most little feat songs. Already done Skin it back and Walking All night. I thought that this’d be the easy one.
  14. Me too Fat beams sound great and last for ages. I buy the direct from the US via ebay. Still cheaper than the UK price if you only buy one set and don't get stung for duty/ups fees as I did when I tried to buy two.
  15. I found the turnaround after the middle 8 particularly tricky. Definitely took more than one listen.
  16. Sorry Got my point in the wrong place. Always do setups in imperial as I’m a fender man and my feeler gauges are ancient !
  17. You could check the nut height: fret at 3rd fret and measure gap on first fret. It should be around .76mm or 3 thou in old money
  18. Relief is normally measured at the 7th/8th fret. 10 thou in my setup
  19. I’ve played in lots of covers bands I don’t always like
  20. I think with zero frets, an idea I wish was used more often, the nut height is set for you. My Sadowsky has an “adjust a nut”, ie two little screws to adjust the height. Otherwise it’s nut files and a feeler gauge.
  21. I only have imperial feeler gauges so I set 10-12 thou relief at 7th fret and 2/32in on the G,fretted at the first fret, and 3/32in on the E or B on my five string. Pretty much fender or Sadowsky specs I think. Nut height is 3 thou at first fret with string fretted on the third.
  22. I’ve recently recorded Truckin’, Franklin’s Tower, Sugar Magnolia and Touch of Grey for an album project. first half here I was never really a DeadHead but really liked Jerry’s melodic guitar playing and the whole hippy Californian: hey it’s all going to be cool, tune in turn on trip out vibe(see also Spirit)! However having learned these tunes I’ve also discovered what a lovely melodic bass player Phil Lesh is.
  23. I heard rumours of a 5 string Electra TT ?
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