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  1. If you do, make sure that you choke on your own;not someone else’s.
  2. And don’t forget that you’re the most qualified and best bass player in the room, playing onstage at that moment in time. p.s Skank is absolutely bang on re. the hat thing.
  3. And in black ink as red or blue disappears under certain stage lighting
  4. How about Sadowsky ? Sorry, he is a bit annoying
  5. My heart always sunk when turning up for a dep gig or rehearsal and there was a Marshall half stack in the corner.
  6. That sounds totally unreasonable to me that they expect you to soundcheck before the date for the sake of the poxy db meter/venue without any crowd noise. We played a wedding venue a few years ago where we sound-checked and all was fine with the meter. First song, first dance, the meter tripped leaving the bride and groom very upset, with the venue not us, as there was nobody to be found to reset it. Fortunately our very clever sound-guy managed to reset it and fix it so it wouldn't go off again. I've had lots of very crap experiences with stroppywedding venues, particularly the newer re-purposed barn type places that seem to be purely in business to extract as much money as possible, from their clients, while providing very little help. I want ask them who is actual customer here in such circs.
  7. I like where he mentions the Beach Boys. Back in my progtastic teens I recall Jon Anderson referencing them as an influence and thought “are you kidding?” Over the years listening with the ears of a grown-up and becoming a huge Brian Wilson fan I completely get it.
  8. Small world: I hade one of these too. £100 from Macaris sold it back to them in the ’80s for £100.
  9. My first bass was a Jedson Tele like this: https://www.camdenguitars.co.uk/shop/jedson-short-scale-bass/ It cost me £30 from Wing Music in Bromley, the bloke in the shop told me it was an Arbiter. I can’t remember what happened to it, possibly traded when I upgraded to a natural finish maple necked Kay Precision, which weighed a ton but sounded alright.
  10. I’ve used DR Fatbeams on my US standard for a while but recently tried DR nickel Lo-Riders. I really like them. Quite stiff but pretty versatile tone wise with a nice feel.
  11. I have DR LoRider nickel plated on my Jazz. I really like them.
  12. That was another on my short-list. I haven’t heard a bad thing about them.
  13. At the the risk of making it more confusing Bilbo If you want a 5 string Jazzer I quite like the look of these if you can find one . I know Dood rated them highly in his review. https://www.promenademusic.co.uk/Spector-Coda-5-Pro-Trans-Black Sounds like you need a trip to the smoke mate to try some instrument comparisons. I’m in north Essex if you wanted to come and try my Metro Express sometime you’d be welcome
  14. When this happened to mine I had to resolder the tiny headphone jack lugs on the PCB. Fiddly but worked fine
  15. I have posted elsewhere on here how pleased with my Chinese Metro Express, echoing @Bass Agent’s great review. I had to file a couple of fret ends and give it a bit of a setup, but no more than I’d normally do on a new bass. It’s been gigged a few times, I’ve recorded 5 out of 6 tracks at a recent studio session and it is rapidly becoming my go to
  16. https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/66Fq6ZTdph7UgVww5 Here’s one what I did. Drums nicked from interweb Precision Di’d into Logic Pro 3 guitar parts Vintage Tele also Di’d Solo/feedback Fender Strat Mic’d amp
  17. Mine weighs less than my US Jazz and feels very light. No noise issues, although it required a bit of setting up and I did file a few fret ends higher up the neck. Having played a few gigs and rehearsals now it’s my go to bass; I love it. Your review on here @BassAgent helped me make the decision to buy one after my initial reluctance based on the negative reviews of the early batch elsewhere. Thanks!
  18. My favourite drummers that I’ve played with can “play to the room”, which is a very useful skill sadly lacking in some others.
  19. My analogy is bass player is like the 4th table leg; nobody really notices when it’s doing it’s job but you’d miss it if it wasn’t their or it was a bit wobbly.
  20. Wizard were taken over by Eternal Guitars and now marketed as Hot Rod Pickups
  21. I think that another company, who's name escapes me, bought the stock and equipment when he retired. I have a Wizard Thumper in my bitsa P bass and it's brilliant. I bet the Wizard Classic would do the trick for those vintage tones.
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