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  1. Whoops, sorry,Please move Mods,Thank you
  2. For sale only. Ashdown Little Bastard 30 watt tube amp,in great condition.Super punchy 30 watt valve amp. New price at Ashdown599if they have any left.Collection only from Grantham Lincs Sorry no packing materials.Social distance rules..
  3. Just had a super easy deal with Pete.A pleasure,deal with confidence,Great Bass Chatter.Thanks again Pete.
  4. Yes I believe you did have a Road P bass from me.Thought the installment plan might help move things along Dunc.No time limit to complete the purchase after initial payment just on case .😊
  5. Sorry to hear this Karl,not a good time for us all.Best Rich 😊
  6. Sadly up she goes. A lovely circa 2000 62 Reissue FENDER Jazz CIJ.Bought on here from Alain aka EAD.Someome before Alain bought it, put a large sticker on the back and underneath the sticker the paint never faded like the rest.So my good friend at Belvoir Guitars got a great match and resprayed the back,looks super.Plays like a dream, please message for anymore photos or details. ,Can now courier Thanks for looking. Rich &
  7. Hi Jonny,Glad you are still whith us,was getting a bit worried.lol.Yes decided to hang on to the LB and the 2x12.Hope you are all well over there,sorry times these are.Take care my friend
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