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  1. A1 meet wth Tim today,Nice chat did the deed,A credit to Bass chat.Thanks Tim 😊
  2. Just traded amp with Danny boy.Easy as Easy.Thanks Dan enjoy,Best Rich ☺
  3. Hi Dave ,Grantham Lincolnshire ,but would post ,Rich
  4. Gareth bought my lovely P Bass,no hassle no rush .A.credit to Basschat.😊
  5. 500 quid,You could always change the electrics and still.be quids in .GLWYS.☺
  6. In mint condition With silly expensive Markbass carry bag +power lead.A MarkbassTTE 800 .Very Very loud ,3 valve pre 1 valve compressor..Retro looking without the weight.Been useing Mark bass for the last 5 or more years just fancy a change,.would post if you arrange courier.☺
  7. Sorry Buddy ,but still cannot read the back panel,even when zoomed in.Also is the cab UK made ?Rich
  8. Only two months old.But too Hifi form me in excellent condition as new,With BF cover..I have the original packaging.so would courier,But YOU must arrange and insure if you wanted to.Collect from Grantham Lincs or meet within reason.Welcome come pop in and try if you are local.Thanks for looking Rich 😊
  9. What does it say on the rear panel.made or designed in the UK
  10. Do you ever drive anywhere near the East Midlands South Lincs .☺
  11. Hi .Is this a UK BUILT amp,and what model cab is it.Cheers☺
  12. Is this still available your Majesty 😀
  13. Thanks Dave,but need to move the Jazz first or trade .☺
  14. Thanks Frank ,it does make a diffdifference I know 😊
  15. Thanks Mark I may well do that,☺
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