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  1. Sold Damir in Croatia my Barefaced midget.Lovely guy .Loads of back and forward chat.Sure we will see him on here soon.,.your new rig looks cool..Best Wishes Rich ☺
  2. Just sold Barefaced midget to New member of Basschat,Damir,And Mario here acted as money,and middle man ,what an easy guy to deal with.No hesitation sendin stuff to the guys in Croatia.Thanks again guys it got there in the end,Best Wishes Rich ☺
  3. I have a Hartke 3500 mosfet 2unit high 19 inch wide and 13 inch deep.would this bag fit ?Rich
  4. Have no quams about getting this shipped from Ireland,Just bought a BF midget from Mark,Arrived next day delivery in perfect condition,If he drops the price much more I might even buy it myself,😊
  5. Just sold Edward my Barefaced cab ,real nice guy to trade with.Thank you Edward the search goes on .😊
  6. Barefaced 2x12T in great condition,just one small indent on front top edge,see photo.Collection from Grantham Lincs or meet within reason.Cannot post this ,maybe take a part trade of a cheapish 4x10,Thanks for looking ☺
  7. richardd


    Just bought a Cab from Mark,Great service from himself and parcelforce 1 day Ireland to Lincolnshire.Thanks again.Rich 😊
  8. Amazing cabs these ,traded mine a few weeks ago for a Barefaced 2x12 T.but wish I still had it .GLWYS sale ☺In fact this could be mine😊
  9. Ashdown ABM 900 in good condition,j all works as it should ,575 watt x2 a very power full amp,Just to big for my needsSub button only seems to kick in upper registers,Collection from Grantham Lincs or meet within reason .would post at cost and your risk. thank you☺Ashdown say possibly needs a new pot on the sub section.but the rest of the amp is fine reduced accordingly So
  10. Hi Walshy.Is it the latest 6x10 or the 69er.Rich ☺
  11. A Merry Christmas to all my friends on Basschat 😊Rich
  12. Just bought a lovely Sandberg from Carl.A very easy painless deal.Deal with this guy in complete confidence.Thank you Carl ,Best Rich ☺
  13. Markbass LM 800 in great condition.Made in Italy,has been kept in sleeve/bag all, it's life so no nasty scratches.All works as it should.Would only take a part trade of an Ashdown ABM 600 ,but must be in good condition.Thank for looking .☺
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