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  1. Hi Mike .Hope you are keeping well.If I ever sell my Tecamp rig I will pop down and collect this.☺
  2. Getting very tempted Roger, But it would be a challenge on a 5.
  3. Tecamp puma 300 Tecamp XS1X12 300 watt cab 8ohm's both in mint condition,Very lite ,cab 12kgs amp 1,5 kgs.Ideal for small gigs rehearsals and Double Bass.Collect from Grantham Lincs or meet within reason.Would post at cost,No trades, ☺
  4. Has Bassdirect stopped selling Berg cabs as none in stock,and if you look on the Bergantino site for UK dealer it says order direct from the states.Just wondering😊
  5. My Markbass 106HF ported 6x10 1200 watt @ 6 ohm's.in great condition.Due to size collection from Grantham Lincs.or meet within reason .no trades thank you.☺This cab will even flap your underpants😂
  6. James just bought my GK800RB.in a no quibble deal.Great easy bass chatter.Thanks James .Best Rich ☺
  7. As above,must be in good condition ,and able to post ,😊
  8. Easy deal from the newbie 😊Thanks very much Ian deal with confidence.Thank You Rich ☺
  9. Sold a cab to Alex .just had to bubble wrap it.He did the rest courier paid me when he collected the cab.Great easy deal ,Thanks Alex .Hope it arrived OK.Rich ☺
  10. Played one of these at the 2016 bass guitar show.Excellent quality and sound .
  11. Tecamp puma 300 in mint condition inc manual and carry bag, Only weighs 1.15 kgs ,Very punchy for its size,nearly fits in your inside pocket ,😊£320 posted within the UK .
  12. Thanks Krispn,But I think once there is a doubt in people's minds hard to shake off.Its a lovely bass ,not be the end of the world if it doesn't sell.Take care Rich ☺
  13. Thanks Charic ,and guys for the kind words .☺
  14. Roger,Great to see you again. To me my friend the Jake had much more punch than the Sandberg,But then you make any bass sound good.Take care catch you next holiday .Roger is a great guy to deal with ,So have no worries about the bass being sent from Portugal,seen the bass light as a feather.
  15. [quote name='Radchenko' timestamp='1506547058' post='3379530'] Nut width please? Ni pbass [/quote] 43 Millimetres Radchenko ☺
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