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  2. As new in box .£30 posted .£25 collected from Grantham lincs.
  3. richardd


    Kev bought a Metronome ftom me, a great guy to deal with.Thank you Kev
  4. Nice old Wittner metronome in wooden case,about 40 year old in perfect working condition. Has BPM Plus time signature pull bar.Thanks for looking
  5. Free collection from Grantham lincs. Before the Tip . 😁
  6. Just purchased a lovely Yamaha from Quent,expertly packed, next day ups delivery. Perfect.A great Basschat experience. Thank you Quent.👍
  7. Very true Mick.Great basses,but coming to the end of the road. 😪
  8. Hi Dave .What price would the cab be,please Rich Durrance 🙂
  9. Hi Andy. Have you any idea of the age of the combo. Thanks Rich
  10. One of Bernie's best. Beauty
  11. Hi.I have not owned a Ray for a long time,but to me they are completely different, the Sandberg too me has darker funkyer pallet. I always use it with both pickups on,And it punches like hell.
  12. Not sure if it was Interparcel or Parcel 2 go. But if you put no insurance required ,a pop up came saying You dont mind if it gets damaged then, not sure if that is the exact wording, Looks like home delivery when we can.
  13. Thanks Karl. I personally think this era of Sandbergs outshine the new ones, Stay safe Buddy.
  14. Sure they are original's, so what ever came in a CIJ 62 reissue. Sorry cannot give you any more info.maybe someone on here may be able to enlighten us both.Rich.
  15. My immaculate 2010 Sandberg PM 4 No dings dinks or scratches,comes in a brand new tweed case.No offers.Thanks for looking,
  16. Does that mean stuff like Sandberg will have an increase,How will dealers work?
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