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  1. Hi hope you are both well in France .Thanks for the advice ,will check the combo out .Rich☺
  2. I only have a big markbass rig and it is not happening with the eub,
  3. Thank you Paul,I don't have to do anything with the Allen key nuts?
  4. Hi all .Just bought myself from here a Stagg eub.The chappie I bought it from said you may want to lower the action,it seems pretty high.Advice please as completely new to this ,Hope someone can help an old fellow out here.Rich ☺
  5. Met once again at Sheffield Station.Thank for coming down Alain .Love the bass.And the pics of your 66.Best Rich ☺
  6. Just aquired a lovely markbass amp from John.Expertly packed and swiftly delivered.Thanks you again.Best wishes Rich ☺
  7. Gavin called in for a cuppa and pick up his new cab,Lovely guy.Delt with before but always by courier,nice to meet and have a chat.Good luck with your other sales Gavin.Best Wishes Rich ☺
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Just sold Sean my Berg cab.Lovely guy great to deal with .Best Rich ☺
  10. Due to our main man's medical condition, My band has called it a day.And at 74 the chances of me picking up an other gig seem somewhat remote.So selling two of my cabs. I have for sale both in immaculate condition official cover as well.A Bergantino HD 1X12 350 watt @8ohms and a DBEmbee 1x12 600 watt @8ohms both with adjustable tweeters.Prefer collection from Grantham Lincs.Sold individually at £375 each Thanks for looking.😊
  11. Great seller is Dan ,And only one Peavey left,So hurry up at this bargain price ☺
  12. Some folks like to spend than they need Lozz😊
  13. Hope you are well Dan.Have you retired from playing ,selling all this gear ?
  14. In mint condition in original box 500 watt built in tuner ,carrybag power lead .£200 collected from Grantham Lincs or will post next day delivery for £220.Thanks for looking .☺
  15. Just bought yet another Berg HD 1X12 from Ian, easy peasy deal Thanks again Ian Both cabs sound great with the GK1001RB☺
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