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    looking for any trades Udo ?☺
  2. Bought one of these at this year's Bass Guitar show direct from the Markbass stand,and if concerned about the origin,exactly the the same components just put together in a different country.same warranty,GLWYS Mark.☺
  3. Had a lovely sunny day in Norfolk meeting our Dood ,Very genuine guy ,great to chat bass for a couple of hours,And the bonus walked away well carried away a Mint Barefaced BB2.,,Thanks buddy enjoy your soya.Best Rich ☺
  4. Sold Ali a Trace Pre amp ,A no fuss no bother deal ,Thank you very much Rich ☺
  5. For sale only ,A Tecamp XS1X15 Blackface cab 300 watt @8ohms ,complete with Tecamp cover ,Both in mint condition.German engineering at its best.Great lightweight cab.No trades or offers on this please.Collection from Grantham Lincs or meet within reason for fuel money.No shipping at the moment.For sale as I have aquired one of Doods cabs .that is the only reason,or this would be a keeper.😊
  6. If the DI switch is an easy fix,I would fix it,high end amp ,the last thing you want to do if you buy it is take it to a repair shop.Just a thought ,😊
  7. For sale in great condition a Trace Elliot GP12 SMX pre amp comes with two spare valves.All singing and dancing these pre's post for £20 next day delivery.Thanks for looking 😊
  8. Just had a nice chat and A lovely coffee with Sean.What a nice fellow.Thanks Sean.Oh I forgot bought a cracking Bass from him😊Camper van man never showed😠
  9. richardd


    Matt just drove from and back to Norwich to pick up a cab.A pleasure to meet and chat Matt.Just looked on your feedback and I think you bought an Ampeg SVP pre amp back in 2008 from me but niether of us remembered anyway. I am sure you will enjoy the 104HF.Best wishes Rich ☺
  10. More fun MT than a sink for of dishes,😊
  11. If you sell me the PBass Leight.you wouldnt have to sell,this .😊
  12. Thank you they really are super basses☺
  13. For sale only My Markbass 104hf 800 watt @4ohm.iin great condition,come with a padded Markbass cover,just to grand for my current t needs,shifts a lot of air.very punchy and an easy lift.Collection from Grantham Lincs .☺
  14. Yamaha TRB1004 NT Made in Korea, in great condition,Maplecap body excellent quality bass. comes in a decent gigbag. collection from Grantham Lincs.or meet within 50 60 miles.☺
  15. This is stupid money for a cracking set up,Why are people having to give things away.
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