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  1. 253457000_s-l1600(2).thumb.jpg.ac4ee2fa171c9e1fc95bf1f3fa97b15c.jpg1196294249_s-l1600(4).thumb.jpg.95fac75e5d6a853ae900e01fedc19568.jpg1803501377_s-l1600(5).thumb.jpg.b9b9c62425cfa2c67ba8b4d5c2ec62ec.jpg20190709_135330.thumb.jpg.32996030d3dc9f563ae4670709c9955a.jpg1267755142_s-l1600(6).thumb.jpg.267a6a047529a6505833971fa81555eb.jpg994771334_s-l1600(10).thumb.jpg.fc5155e499f723e6a462f1421bb1f124.jpg1919785375_s-l1600(3).thumb.jpg.faecb5e95f16c7504e5c115a2feba298.jpg1018642547_s-l1600(7).thumb.jpg.3d38d670bb757aa71417baf70b9cd0c0.jpg528485413_s-l1600(8).thumb.jpg.1d6bf8e7918d3ee180cf18902488fdaa.jpg1781565121_s-l1600(9).thumb.jpg.60fd0de684bc690c2fe447612fba00e8.jpgBoth Bass and case are in great condition,just one to many strings for me .Bass is in Grantham Lincs.prefer collection or meet so you can see and try.No trades or PayPal.Would ship if necessary.but you would have to arrange your own courier and insurance.Thanks for looking .Message for anymore info.Rich ☺

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  2. On 21/05/2019 at 15:02, DanOwens said:

    Hi everyone,

    So I bought the cheap SLB100 off the classifieds here as a better bridge between my EUB and upright playing, but there's the bass and a bow and that's it.

    I'm getting a bag custom built for it, but I'm after a stand. Do you have experience of the EUB stands on the market? Stagg? K&M? Kinman? Ingles?

    Do you use any with an SLB100?

    I just want somewhere to prop my bass when not in use. 


    Thanks for your input and wisdom!

    Please see my thread searching for a case here: 


    Hi ,This is the Stagg stand .It is for sale but comes with a Stagg eub.😊20190427_130704.thumb.jpg.fb8e7f0164a60d090e5f6d70840f98f5.jpg

  3. 20190521_194326.thumb.jpg.4857fed9a376ce32fe6c85a71fd32964.jpg20190521_194316.thumb.jpg.8abb868ac1424a6db96a4a8c60be03d8.jpg20190521_194336.thumb.jpg.3d707a632bd38d4cbfa66ab0458dfb77.jpg20190521_194248.thumb.jpg.0a54b376f22bbdaa859f25312aa8d1fa.jpgFor sale only,A Fender 62 reissue P Bass made in MIJ,In lovely condition,just a couple of very small blemishes.just over 8lbs in weight .20190302_123235.thumb.jpg.bb77be70df198b4b738bd185813d2c5f.jpg20190302_123249.thumb.jpg.9fb2812b96a6c86be3e0213e28afe839.jpg20190306_103547.thumb.jpg.0ec4d11f0c03715d5bce19af4424d0bc.jpgno case ,so prefer collection from Grantham Lincs or meet within reason.I have a very old case I could ship it in if necessary.Would be £30 posted within the UK.Overseas you would have to arrange your own courier and insurance if required.Thanks for looking .Rich ☺

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