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  1. Knowing me Knowing you - the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest winners
  2. 76 Trombones - cast of ‘The Music Man’
  3. Twenty four hours from Tulsa - Gene Pitney
  4. Leaving on a jet plane - John Denver
  5. Tumbling tumbleweeds - Roy Rogers and Sons of the Pioneers
  6. BB, Re the thread title, buy it then, so you can answer the first question, (what is it?) and then post a review on here to explain the second question! Because it seems no-one else can answer either......
  7. Here at here and everywhere- (the Beatles) as an aside, I didn’t realise the Hollies recorded Go Now. Thought it was the Bluedy Moos.
  8. You and me and a dog named Boo. (Lobo)
  9. Listening to to BT ‘on hold’ music waiting for them to answer. Been 35 minutes so far..... Unfortunately it’s not brilliant......
  10. Inevitably.... Jailhouse Rock (the Pelvis)
  11. This was sold to me as a Westfield, but with no markings, pots were two volumes and one tone. It was fretted, but I bought it cheap - less than £30 (that’s why I wasn’t bothered about formal identification) - and de-fretted it. Enjoyed it, but I’d “been there, done that” with fretless, so sold it.
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