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  1. Bought a fretless Stingray from Rich. Hassle free transaction, bass as described and a great bloke to deal with. Cheers Rich πŸ‘
  2. Hello chaps. Posting this on behalf of a friend. My friend has recently had this Hughes and Kettner amp come into his possession and is trying find out any info he can about it, how much it might be worth etc. The amp belonged to his father, who has sadly just passed away. No idea of amp's age etc. Anybody come across these before? Anybody owned one? Any ideas on worth? Any help/info would be much appreciated. Cheers all
  3. I've used nothing else but Trace for 25 years and have felt that love myself. Many of their amps have come and gone. But times have changed. I'm using in ears more and more these days and have moved onto something more portable. Hopefully the fella taking this off my hands will sort it out and enjoy it as I have. πŸ™‚
  4. Hello all. Here we have the amp section from my workhorse Trace combo of 25 years. I no longer have the speaker or enclosure unfortunately (Looong story!) Anyway, up until recently I'd been gigging the amp in a GP7 head unit from the same era (just swapped out the GP7 for my GP12) It's a 200W amp, by the way. The amp recently died on me during a gig (Massive howling sounds coming from the speaker!! πŸ™„) The exact same happened about ten years previous. When I got it repaired back then, the repairer told me that the fault was with something called a "power dropping resistor" becoming detached from the circuit board due to heat - I think that was what he said, I could be wrong! Anyway, this time I've chosen not to have it fixed, but rather to pass it on to somebody who fancies repairing it, or needs the spares. (I've put the GP7 unit back in the head shell and I'm selling it separately, so all that remains is these guts from the GP12) Couple of the white graphic slider caps are missing, not sure where they got to. πŸ€” I've decided it's time to modernise, sell all my Trace gear and save my back 😁 - Have just bought something black and yellow! πŸ‘€ So this is free to whoever fancies it. I'm based in Liverpool but if it needs posting, all I'd ask is for the P & P to be covered (it is reasonably heavy!)
  5. β™₯ Beautiful. Oh, for a spare three and a half grand!! GLWTS πŸ‘
  6. Somebody buy this please. It's taunting me!!
  7. Just sold a Trace combo to Martyn. Nice fella, met halfway, no problems. Hope to do business again ☺️
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