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  1. Hiero B.E.A.D. Fuzz V2 In my opinion, this is one the best fuzz pedals out there for synth sounds. Loads of great sounds to be had! This is the latest version with the gate and tone controls. It’s in excellent condition with Velcro on the base. £135 including UK postage. Offers welcome From the builder: The Hiero Effects B.E.A.D. is a fuzz pedal inspired by the Malekko B:asmaster and Iron Ether Oxide. It provides legendary octave fuzz tones in compact pedalboardfriendly footprint with extra features. Controls: Drive - controls amount of fuzz, Voice - mid freq regulator, Blend - mixes the clean and distorted signals, Level - overall output volume, Tone - cuts high frequencies of distorted signal, Gate - changes the character of fuzz from hard gated, synth-like and compressed to smooth dynamic fuzz tones, Boost switch - adds more mids and lows, Mode switch - changes the harmonic balance, True bypass footswitch. The trimpot to the right of the footswitch controls the brightness of the bypass LED, the color of which (red, green or blue) can be selected by switching the jumper inside the pedal. MXR/ZVex-size box 60*115*48 mm with top mounted jacks. The pedal is powered by a 9v DC adapter (negative tip). Current consumption - 12 mA.
  2. SOLD PENDING 3leaf Wonderlove Deluxe Envelope Filter This is one of the best filters out there. I love this thing but sadly need the cash. Really tweakable with loads of great tones, expression control and an effects loop. It’s in perfect working order and great cosmetic condition. Good quality Velcro on the base. No original box but will be very well packed and shipped fully insured. £220 posted in the UK
  3. Having a bit of a clear out. All prices include UK postage. Payment by PayPal please. Happy to listen to offers on multiple items but I’m not interested in trades at the moment thanks. All pedals have Velcro. Line 6 M5 - SOLD Boss DS-1 - SOLD ACP True Bypass Looper - SOLD TC Hall of Fame Mini - £37 Version 1. Perfect working order but not much of a looker! Boo Instruments Tremolo - SOLD EHX Switchblade Plus - SOLD Solidgold FX JFET Booster - £50 Boutique boost pedal. Great for hitting the front end of a tube amp or your overdrive/distortion pedals. Excellent condition with original box. Red Witch Violet Delay - £30 Nice little pedal but is very prone to a bit of whiney/hissy noise in certain situations hence the low price. It’s rechargeable and has a very small footprint. Good cosmetic condition. Seymour Duncan Studio Bass - SOLD
  4. Picked this up in a trade a few months ago. It’s an absolute beast of a pedal with a huge range of sounds from dark overdrive to aggressive, clanky distortion. I’ll be sad to see it go, but needs must. There are some great demos on YouTube and loads of useful info/discussion over on Talkbass. Condition is pretty near mint. Only used at home. £95 posted in the UK. No trades, thanks. Cheers!
  5. It’s an analogue octave up, a green ringer kind of circuit so it won’t get you super close to the digitally pitch shifted Royal Blood sound. It does sound absolutely wicked though and the upper octave harmonics really fill out the mix.
  6. Source Audio Gemini Chorus The best chorus pedal I’ve ever played. A huge range of highly adjustable chorus tones and with the Neuro app can be programmed in enormous detail. You can also load it with flanger, phaser, vibrato and tremolo sounds using the app. I love this pedal but sadly selling to pay the bills. Excellent condition with original box and gubbins. Neatly applied, good quality Velcro on the base. £85 posted in the UK. Offers welcome.
  7. Dut Beardy Smokedoper This is a DAM Meathead (with dark switch) on one and side and an EQD Arrows on the other. Amazing craftsmanship from a small pedal builder in Russia. Huge, doomy fuzz sounds that tear through the mix. I love this thing but selling to pay the bills. Excellent condition with original box. Neatly applied, good quality Velcro on the base. £55 posted in the UK. Offers welcome.
  8. Cog Custom “Snake” - A/B or A+B Parallel Loop Switcher Parallel loop switcher. Switch from Loop A to Loop B or combine the loops in parallel. Both loops have phase switches. Great for adding clean blend to dirt pedals or for mixing 2 dirty sounds together. There is loads of potential in this great bit of kit but surplus to my requirements at the moment. Here’s what Cog has to say: “Top two knobs are the individual levels for A or B mode, bottom two knobs are the levels for A and B mode. Right footswitch for A and B mode, left footswitch to swap between A and B. Input jack bottom right, sends above them, corresponding returns directly opposite, out bottom left.” Very good condition. No original box. Neatly applied, good quality Velcro on the base. £80 posted in the UK. Offers welcome.
  9. Cog Custom Dirt Box “CADe00” Hugely versatile overdrive/distortion with low passed clean blend and analogue octave up circuit. I’m going to miss this one! Here’s what Cog has to say: “Knightfall (black) and Darklighter (cream) on an A/B footswitch, with a footswitchable octave up (yellow) in series before them, with clean blend (blue) in parallel with the octave and dirt. Sounds absolutely brutal, and is super versatile. Make your bass guitar a weapon. Make your guitarist whimper and politely ask you to turn the gain down because you're making them look bad. Ignore them. Play louder.” Excellent condition with original box. Neatly applied, good quality Velcro on the base. £125 posted in the UK. Offers welcome.
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