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  1. The builder sells them on eBay. I can’t see any at the moment but keep an eye on the seller music_vinny
  2. DopeFX Boba Fuzz This is a very high quality woolly mammoth clone with awesome graphics to boot. It sound absolutely huge, great for synthy gated fuzz tones. Owned from new a couple of months ago but selling as it’s been usurped by another mammoth clone! Excellent condition. No original box. Velcro on the base. Save a bit of money on a new one… £40 posted in the UK. Trade offers welcome
  3. Stone Deaf FX Fig Fumb https://www.stonedeaffx.com/shop/fig-fumb/ I absolute love muff based fuzzes and this is the most tweakable one I’ve ever played. There are a huge range of tones that sit really nicely in the mix. The noise gate is a handy feature for keeping the notorious muff hiss in check! This isn’t the best looking example as there are quite a few small chips in the paint. I’ve tried to photograph this as best as possible and have reflected this in the price. It is, however, in perfect working order. I don’t have the original box unfortunately but it well be packaged very securely. The pedal has Velcro on the bottom. £85 posted in the UK. Trade offers welcome
  4. I’ll give you a shout if it doesn’t work out for me
  5. Now £200 including uk postage. Grab yourself a bargain!
  6. EHX Frequency Analyzer These seem to be quite hard to come by now. A favourite amongst synth bass players. Very good condition with Velcro on the base. I don’t have the original box but the original power supply will be included. £80 including UK postage. Not sure of the price so offers welcome. Payment by PayPal or bank transfer please. Thanks
  7. Boss RC-3 Excellent condition with original box. I’ve flipped the base plate so the rubber is still intact but the other side has Velcro. £85 including UK postage. Payment by PayPal or bank transfer please. Thanks
  8. EHX 8 Step Program A really handy tool with some great features. Sequence any pedal that has expression/CV control. Clock it with MIDI or tap tempo if you please. I used this for sweeping the filter of my 3Leaf Wonderlove! Very good condition with original box. Velcro on the base. £75 including UK postage. Payment by PayPal or bank transfer. Thanks
  9. Price is now £210 for a quick sale
  10. Fuzz or filters would be especially interesting!
  11. Meris Polymoon in very good condition. Original box and manual included. Velcro on base. This a really unique delay pedal. Loads of modulation options and cascading repeats. It can also get you into cavernous reverb territory for endless ambient explorations! £210 including insured UK postage. Offers welcome.
  12. JHS Super Bolt clone on the left. JHS Morning Glory clone on the right. Order switch for stacking both together. This pedal sounds absolutely awesome. I’ll be sad to see it go but I’ve got my eye on something else. It’s hand built in the UK to the very highest standard with amazing graphics to boot! Excellent condition with Velcro on the base. No original box but will be very well packaged. Price includes UK postage. Payment by PayPal please. Offers welcome
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