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  1. That's hard to imagine. Lennon was killed December 1980, so guess your class was born in 1965/66, when The Beatles were world famous and still had maybe 4 or 5 years left as a band. I was 4 or 5 when The Beatles first became famous, and remember it all quite vividly. I guess by the end of the 60's and into the 70's the band maybe wasn't such a big deal as it had been for us?
  2. Just an ‘expensive PA ‘ I think Douglas. Had he owned the ‘super’ version he may have had that spare channel? 😆
  3. I’m in 3 ‘bands’ - my main theatre one (which takes priority), an acoustic duo and an occasional country band. I also fit in some deps and function gigs where possible just to try and keep my hand in and vary things a bit. From my experience it’s always a hassle with bands when people don’t share the same perspective and / or have day jobs which decide when the whole band can play / rehearse. Finding players whose lives allow them enough flexibility to fit in with everyone else really is key to a good working unit, and sometimes this can be almost more important than musical ability. I speak from experience.....🤣
  4. Wonder if he didn’t have enough vacant channels on his mixer to accommodate 2 DI’s but didn’t want to look incompetent? Can’t understand any other reason why he was being so awkward.
  5. Black single cut guitar, in a Zemaitis style. Featuring a 24 fret neck, 2 humbucking pickups, 2 vol / 2 tone controls. Plays / sounds well and is in immaculate condition. Please not this is NOT an original Zemaitis guitar (if it was it would be £5k plus!) but is a guitar with a nod to Zemaitis design build & features. Great if you're in a Stones / Faces type band! It comes with a rectangular ABS hard case which is as new (cost £60) so a great deal. At the moment I can't send this so would have to be collection or a possible meet up as I do get around a bit - try me!
  6. Agreed Mick. I loved her 70’s albums, and even the Nelson Riddle stuff too to a certain extent. Wonderful voice.
  7. If there are any Eric Clapton fans left (after his recent comments on vaccinations), Sky Arts are previewing a new biographical film called ‘Nothing but the blues’, airing at 9pm this Friday, 20th May. On the same night at 9.30pm on BBC4 there is a profile of Emmylou Harris called ‘From a deeper well’ . If you like this you may want to catch Linda Ronstadt in concert in 1976 at 11.30pm on the same channel too.
  8. Isn’t it maybe just the model number (production reference?) Seen Fender use a PR designation on their amps.
  9. Someone buy this! Great bit of kit, old school build yet less than 20lbs in weight. Wonderful sounding amps with all the features you need including a good DI. Rugged and will last for years, unlike some class D stuff! I’ve used these amps for 15 + years without any problems whatsoever, and at this price it’s a bargain.
  10. Oxford is dreadful for parking. When we play there we have to park our vehicles a long way from the theatre, and the car parking prices are ridiculous too.
  11. The Groundhogs didn’t release their first album until 1968, but in the early 60’s were well known for backing many US blues artists over here, including John Lee Hooker and Jimmy Reed. Sounds Incorporated also were another band doing the same thing, backing Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard ,Sam Cooke and many more on UK tours and TV shows. They went on to open for the Beatles at Shea Stadium but never achieved success with their recording career.
  12. I’ve never thought, it may well be? It always seems a bit desperate to me, as if you’re willing to trade for anything just to get rid! I get fed up with adverts that don’t offer any info - ‘ if you’re looking at this then you’ll know how good they are’ / ‘ plenty of info on the net’ etc etc. Also those people who can’t take a clear photograph or even be bothered with details on condition and even make and model. With selling cars, the old ‘one lady owner’ thing also used to bug me, but fortunately rarely seen these days.
  13. WHY is for trades - what have you? Bit daft I know.
  14. Billy Preston must have had the best CV of anyone! Bands / artists he’s been involved with include Little Richard, Ray Charles, The Beatles, The Stones, Joe Cocker, The Funk Brothers, Johnny Cash, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Sam Cooke and many many more. An amazing talent.
  15. The US band ‘Clover’ provided most of the backing band duties for Elvis Costello on his first album ‘My aim is true’, before EC formed his own band ‘The Attractions’. Clover soon after morphed into ‘ Huey Lewis and the News.’
  16. They also had a top ten UK single called ‘Neanderthal Man’, released under the group name of Hotlegs.
  17. Their guitarist Steve Cradock played on a Weller album in the mid 90’s, and has been his guitarist since then whilst remaining a member of OCS. Great player.
  18. Absolutely this. I’m also in the enviable position of being friends with everyone I work with now. Having had some tough times in the past with great players who were a*seholes , being able to get on with your colleagues is such a great feeling, and makes being on the road so much easier.
  19. Yup, me too. Didn’t find either of them funny, and the B side of funky Moped ‘Magic Roundabout’ was even more excruciating. ‘Of the time’ maybe, but best forgotten.
  20. Bev Bevan (already part of ELO) played drums on ‘Funky Moped’ as he was an old school friend of Jasper Carrot. I think he was the only ELO band member to play on it, although maybe Jeff Lynne produced it IIRC.
  21. Bruce’s band backed Chuck before the he found fame with the E Street Band I believe. Bruce told the story that his band were waiting backstage to meet Chuck before they performed but it didn’t happen. Bruce tentatively knocked on Chuck’s dressing room door with minutes to spare before they were due to go onstage, and asked Chuck what they were going to play. To which Chuck replied ‘ well son, tonight we’re going to play some Chuck Berry songs’. Lots of famous bands have backed Chuck over the years, both live and in the studio. On his London Sessions’ album from the early 70’s for example, the studio tracks featured Kenney Jones and Ian McLagan from The Faces, whilst the live tracks ( including the notorious ‘My ding a ling’) featured Onnie McIntyre and Robbie McIntosh from the Average White Band.
  22. You’re right of course, I did stop to do such bodily functions, although I’ve had bandmates who didn’t...
  23. I too love gigging. Been doing it pretty much continuously for over 45 years, nearly 30 of them in a full time capacity. Strangely I’ve even enjoyed many of those gigs that were purely taken on to put food on the table, and can only remember a small number which were true car crashes. Like others have mentioned, I see playing bass as a group activity, and wish I’d started playing it sooner - my first few years of gigging were as a guita*ist, which I was competent at but not as good as many other players around me. ( I’m no virtuoso on bass either, but am what people usually term ‘a solid player’.) Even on those days when I may be not so keen on driving up and down the country in our band bus, I never lose sight of the fact that those people who come to see us play actually pay my wages, and also how much it means to them too. That alone makes it all worthwhile for me. If there was no audience then I doubt whether I would continue to play bass, probably choosing to amuse myself playing guitar and piano very badly.
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