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  1. Good; looks like I’ll be the first to ask the annoying weight question.
  2. Is it just me who can’t see any pictures? On mobile,
  3. Sticking the Velcro to the side is a brilliant idea, thanks for the tip
  4. Also a talented guitarist. I understand he co-wrote most of the band's early music. But as a drummer, huge power under total control. Makes it look easy.
  5. Bought some used strings from me. Smooth as silk(s).
  6. Selling my Olympic standard weights (which have the 2" diameter holes, not the usual 1" ) Weight plates are tri-grip and easy to handle, with 'hammarite' finish. 15Kg x 4 10Kg x 2 5Kg x 4 2.5Kg x 4 1.25Kg x 4 Commercial grade weight rack, as you would find in a 'serious' gym. Will hold a ridiculous amount of weight and weighs quite a bit in itself. Slightly shorter Olympic Bar; 6 foot instead of the standard 7 foot. It weighs 15Kg on its own. Collection only but will deliver locally for fuel cost. £250 is a steal for this. Edit: would trade for bass gear. Maybe short/medium scale bass but must be lightweight(!)
  7. Sharkfinger


    Bought an excellent Aggie Tonhammer pedal. Great piece of kit and Dave is great to deal with. Thanks mate, all the best.
  8. Bought a Steinberger bridge from me. Very smooth transaction, highly recommended.
  9. Bought some used strings from me. Very smooth transaction, highly recommended.
  10. Bought a set of used strings from me. Very smooth transaction, highly recommended.
  11. Bought my amp stand. Very smooth transaction, highly recommended.
  12. Bought this for my combo but only used it a handful of times. Has picked a few scratches and a bit of broken plastic. Chose this because although you can't change the angle of the tilt, it's actually quite high and holds a LOT of weight. Perfect for heavy bass and guitar combos. Specs: Application: Stage/studio amplifiers and monitors Weight Capacity: 150 lbs. Height Adj.: 17"-24" Upper and Lower Arm Length: 12" Width: 12" Arm Spread: 13" Base Spread: 15.5" Construction: Steel Color: Black More details here: On-Stage - Tilt-Back Amp Stand - RS7000 £25 delivered
  13. Lightly used 51 P back pickup, made by Retrovibe. Installed for a few hours then removed. Nice tone but I'm not into the single coil thing, put in a humbucker instead. Wires not cut or soldered, as I have a Kiogon wiring loom. I bought this because I could see that it's a drop-in replacement for the strat pickup that's in the Squier Bronco bass. I used the screws that were in the bronco, which self-tapped into the base-board for a nice snug fit. I will include the screws that came with it, so it will still go into a 'traditional' P Bass: the screws holes are still small enough for the original screws to be effective. Note: the provide screws are to mount to the bass body, not the pickguard like they do for the Bronco. £20 delivered in the UK
  14. Bought these to try out on my short scale. Liked them but needed slightly heavier gauge to have more tension on my shorty. These are medium scale but previous owner had cut the E and A string for a long scale before realising he’d bought the wrong scale string. I did not cut the ends of the others as was just trying them out on a short scale as I said, so the E string shiny bit went round the post slightly. This would probably be after the nut anyway. Only a couple hours use. £12.50 to your door.
  15. FYI, this is the bass they were on Fernandes FRB-60 Revolver Bass - Sound Demo - YouTube
  16. Therese came on a bass I bought beginning of last year. I took them off pretty much straight away, but as I recall they were pretty fresh sounding so probably put on new. know nothing about them but look to be (and sounded like) nickel plated steel, 045-105. cut for long scale 2 over 2 under headstock bass, a-la Ibanez kinda thing £5.50 posted sounds fair to me
  17. M7200 044-106 Really nice sounding strings, have about 20 hours of play time on them, so nicely broken in. Wiped down after each gig. Sit halfway between rounds and flats, both in feel and tone. Silks scrappy from having been “moved” a couple of times, so £12.50 delivered
  18. RS77LD 045-105 Very light usage but have been “moved” a couple of times so silks a little scrappy. Edit: OK, make that a lot scrappy Cut for a long-scale, 4 in line tuners. £12.50 posted
  19. Bought my Schaller tuners. Smooth as you like, thanks mate.
  20. Came across this picture and was reminded about @Jabba_the_gut 's for sale post for the above pickup. This is how I wired it up to the blend pot of a @KiOgon wiring loom (after much trial and error) thought it might help someone else, especially the person who bought this particular one.
  21. This came in the Bronco bass I recently bought off here. Sounds good and dirty but not what I want at this point in my life FYI, when the tone was turned right down, to my ears it reduced the volume a bit too. YMMV. It looks to be like this one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/372839780825 £10 posted.
  22. Bought this lovely bridge off of @koval123 nearly a year ago for the fateful "project that never happened". Has sat in a drawer since. "Bridge is equipped with a Drop-pitch lever, allowing for on-the-fly pitch change to the low E string. The fine tuner knob for the low E sets the range of the pitch drop when the lever is engaged. The other knobs on the A, D, G just allow fine tuning of those strings from the bridge end. The D-tuner lever also has a friction adjustment screw to set the "feel" of the lever. The drop lever fine-tuner can be set to any pitch lower than E standard down to a low B. " Paid £55 delivered for it, so I'd like that for it. Haven't weighed it but it is not a lightweight bridge, must be a couple hundred grams and those screws don't look 'fender standard'. Haven't tried installing it myself, so can't offer too much practical advice.
  23. "All sealed tuners are lubricated with Schaller special grease for lifetime maintenance-free service." I would say not. However, they do 2 left 2 right version, so look out for that. M4 90 (Light) | Machine Heads | Schaller Webshop
  24. Incredibly light bass tuners, even lighter that Hipshot USA Ultralites. These are 52g each and made in Germany. They are for a 14mm route. They are in a used but good condition, just a couple of marks to the nuts. Come in the original box and includes the screws. More info here: https://schaller.info/en/machine-heads/292/m4-90-light?number=10540401.22.70 £35 posted.
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