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  1. Came across this picture and was reminded about @Jabba_the_gut 's for sale post for the above pickup. This is how I wired it up to the blend pot of a @KiOgon wiring loom (after much trial and error) thought it might help someone else, especially the person who bought this particular one.
  2. This came in the Bronco bass I recently bought off here. Sounds good and dirty but not what I want at this point in my life FYI, when the tone was turned right down, to my ears it reduced the volume a bit too. YMMV. It looks to be like this one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/372839780825 £10 posted.
  3. Bought this lovely bridge off of @koval123 nearly a year ago for the fateful "project that never happened". Has sat in a drawer since. "Bridge is equipped with a Drop-pitch lever, allowing for on-the-fly pitch change to the low E string. The fine tuner knob for the low E sets the range of the pitch drop when the lever is engaged. The other knobs on the A, D, G just allow fine tuning of those strings from the bridge end. The D-tuner lever also has a friction adjustment screw to set the "feel" of the lever. The drop lever fine-tuner can be set to any pitch lower than E standard down to a low B. " Paid £55 delivered for it, so I'd like that for it. Haven't weighed it but it is not a lightweight bridge, must be a couple hundred grams and those screws don't look 'fender standard'. Haven't tried installing it myself, so can't offer too much practical advice.
  4. "All sealed tuners are lubricated with Schaller special grease for lifetime maintenance-free service." I would say not. However, they do 2 left 2 right version, so look out for that. M4 90 (Light) | Machine Heads | Schaller Webshop
  5. Incredibly light bass tuners, even lighter that Hipshot USA Ultralites. These are 52g each and made in Germany. They are for a 14mm route. They are in a used but good condition, just a couple of marks to the nuts. Come in the original box and includes the screws. More info here: https://schaller.info/en/machine-heads/292/m4-90-light?number=10540401.22.70 £35 posted.
  6. They are the medium scale strings but the E and A string have been cut for a "4 in a row" long scale bass before the original owner realised his mistake. I put them on my short scale to try and liked them but they felt a little too light for me so have just traded up to the medium gauge. As you can see from the pics, I did not cut any of the strings any further, so they would be suitable for a medium or short scale bass, either "4 in a row" or "2 per side". They have only had a couple hours use. £25 posted.
  7. Bought lightly used D'Addario Chromes. Excellent strings and exactly as described. Highly recommended.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Well, If the SVT 8x10 is free I'll have that too! Never mind, they probably cost more to post than they're worth these days anyway. PM on it's way and thanks
  10. That’s because it’s a super compressor, and a decent price for a pre-built one.
  11. Bought my P/J body. Absolute pleasure to do business with, totally recommended. 👍
  12. Squier Affinity PJ body made of alder I think. A few minor dinks and weak but nothing obvious. Original pickguard and bridge Copper shielding in pickup routes Seymour Duncan SPB-1 Pickup at neck Dimarzio UltraJazz (Split coil) at bridge. Currently wired in series for high output, but you could put a toggle on the scratchplate for parallel. Kiogon wiring loom, with selector, vol, vol, tone. Strap locks BBoT bridge Weight TBA Price is a firm £165 delivered. If you're local (to East Herts), you are welcome to collect in a socially distanced way.
  13. Damn, that is a fine looking instrument and very lightweight!
  14. Bought his Squier Bronco. Start to finish, a great experience. He's a credit to BC.
  15. Took a bit of figuring out to get it into a blend circuit but I could have a look for the photo if anyone needs it. Had a look for the review video for the V80 bass with this pickup in it but looks like it's gone. Blended 60/40 in favour of the delano stlyle was my favourite setting. Has a unique and very special tone.
  16. Superb pickup, I used to have one. The Vintage V80 bass has one and our very own Dan Veal reviewed it. Check it out on YouTube, sounds great.
  17. How on earth is this still here? It's a fair price without the upgrades and with them it's a steal. If I hadn't bought a new one the day before, I'd have snapped this up.
  18. I vaguely remember gigging too... and when I did, this is the bass I used. Combination of great tone, versatility and reasonable weight meant that the others got left at home. Including my fabulous Squier JV Precision.
  19. Up for sale is my superb gigging PJ bass. I painstakingly built this up over a few years, trying out different combinations of bodies and pickups, centred around that superb Warmoth neck. Times they are a changin' and I’d like something shorter to practice with in my very small home office. This was superbly set up by Chris Ward of Bass Centre fame. I even had him dress the fret ends. It plays like an absolute dream and currently has an old set of GHS Pressurewounds that kinda sound like flats now. Will be sad to see it go. Here are the Specs: Neck: Warmoth USA Style: Tele® Bass Construction: Super Bass Construction Scale: 34" Orientation: Right Handed Neck Wood: Roasted Maple Fingerboard Wood: Indian Rosewood Nut Width: 1-11/16" Back Shape: Slim Taper (about 21mm front-to-back at nut) Stiffening Rods: Graphite Rods Fret Size: 6105 Tuner Ream: Hipshot Ultra Lite (14mm) Radius: Straight 10" Fret #: 21 Mounting Holes: Standard 4 Bolt Inlays: Cream Face Dots Side Dots: White Side Dots String Nut: GraphTech Black TUSQ XL - Standard Nut Finish: Tru-Oil (Gunstock Oil) finish (did this myself) Hipshot USA Ultralite Tuners Hipshot USA Ultralite Bass Xtender Hipshot String Retainer Body: Squier Affinity Original pickguard and bridge Copper shielding in pickup routes Seymour Duncan SPB-1 Pickup at neck Dimarzio UltraJazz (Split coil) at bridge. Currently wired in series for high output, but you could put a toggle on the scratchplate for parallel. Kiogon wiring loom, with selector, vol, vol, tone. Weight of this bass is a very reasonable 3.75Kg. There are a few minor scratches and a couple of dings here and there but nothing that jumps out. Hit me up if you want close up pics of anything. Trade wise, I'm looking for a medium or short scale that's very light weight. 3.5Kg absolute maximum and preferably lighter. Price is a firm £525 £450 plus delivery. EDIT: That is the one and only price drop before being parted out. I estimate that insured, that will come out £40-50. If you're local, you are welcome to look and try in a safe, socially distanced way, which probably means outside or in the garage. If this doesn't sell, I'd look to part it out but let's face it, no one wants that hassle and I've got at least 1 box I can use. It would be such a shame to break this up, as it feels like these were meant to be together. Optionally, I can include the superb Mono M80 Case. We'd have to work out a price for that.
  20. Agree with the 'silly amounts of power'. You should also mention the amazing tone!
  21. I used to have the twin of this and was also forced to sell it. Without doubt the best sounding and Playing bass I’ve ever owned.
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