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  1. Bought recently off of Intoutof of this parish, with the intention of selling all my other cabs. However, none of my other cabs are selling, including the combo I spent a lot of time and money upgrading. Had some big bills come in and now my pedalboard power supply has gone t*ts-up and need to replace it with something decent. No other reason I'd sell this incredible cab, it's truly a one-cab solution that can handle any gig I've done with it as it not only handles a lot of power at 4Ohms, it's very sensitive at 103 dB. Lightweight at just over 21Kg. Here is the original ad, so I hope Intoutof doesn't mind me re-using his pics. It's in exactly the same condition. This owes me about £430, so I'd like that for it. Would prefer pickup from East Herts but could meet anywhere from West Herts (around M25 J22) on Weekdays to East Essex, at weekends. Would only trade for a very high current (1Amp + ), 8+ output pedalboard power supply. Strymon Zuma, Voodoo labs, CIOKS, etc. Here's a curtesy image, more in link above
  2. I also have a set of Westone UM Pro 30 (as well as a custom set of 64Audio) but I find these to be excellent. I found that with universal fit, getting a really good seal to be absolutely crucial. Try different ear inserts maybe?
  3. Oh balls, me and my big (keyboard) mouth.
  4. There is something to be said for IEMs that allow in ambient noise and just as importantly, let out air pressure. https://www.64audio.com/apex https://www.64audio.com/iem-type/Custom/user-type/Stage
  5. Tobacco burst, as already stated. Or put another way: It's f*****g brown.
  6. Bought my KiOgon wiring loom. Easy and smooth transaction, thanks. 👍
  7. Bought some pickups from me. Great transaction, thanks 👍
  8. Having a clear out. Found this set of 4 gold metal domed control knobs. They have an allen key grub screw. weight is 130 grammes. £4 posted
  9. I had the 2x10 combo for years and it was great. You could probably run this from a preamp on your effects board.
  10. Gotoh 201 bridge (allen key but no screws). £22.50 delivered (firm). Or collect / meet from East / West Herts (weekdays) or somewhere in Essex at weekends. See my sig for other JB parts.
  11. You know the quality of these. CTS mini pots with Volume, Blend, Tone and output jack. Pre-installed onto a Jazz bell plate for your added convenience. Will save you drilling yours to accomodate the 9.5mm holes these pot shafts need. 250K Audio Log pots and .047uF PolyDrop cap. £30 delivered 2nd class recorded (firm). No Trades. See my sig for other JB parts. Or collect / meet from East / West Herts (weekdays) or somewhere in Essex at weekends.
  12. In used condition. One wire needed to be resoldered back onto pickup when installed but works perfectly. Original box, scews and foam. Bought from here a few months ago and used with KiOgon wiring loom (also for sale) so wires not cut and and AFAIK, still at original length. £47.50 (firm) delivered. 1st class signed for or collect / meet from East / West Herts (weekdays) or somewhere in Essex at weekends. No trades. See my sig for other JB parts.
  13. Body with original black 3-ply pickguard and thumbrest (not pictured). Road worn condition with big chips in paintwork but nothing too shocking. Biggest one is on top and goes through to the body and I filed down the edge so wouldn't catch my arm. Pretty light at 2.05Kg. £50 delivered or collect / meet from East / West Herts (weekdays) or somewhere in Essex at weekends. No trades. See my sig for other JB parts.
  14. Bought a pedal from me and transaction was silky smooth. Many thanks. 👍
  15. You have the option with BO's to automatically decline ones below a certain price. I always use this and state it in my ad, as well has the fact I'll ignore lowball offers. If someone does it anyway, they deserve to be ignored because they either didn't read the ad fully or thought they were too important to be ignored. I would rather not deal with either of those, could get 'complicated' down the line.
  16. Food for thought. I don't drop to C# enough to be really that precious about it, just the occasional tune and I drop it mid-song here and there. My concern is that if I go to 110, I will have to file my nut and if I don't get on with it and go back to a lower guage, it will not be held securely.
  17. And they're quite reasonable. £31 including delivery for their 'platinum' nickels, including delivery. Only downside is the lead time. Will order a set somewhere between what would be a Medium to Heavy. The beauty of it is, if the E string still misbehaves when dropped to C#, I can just order that 1 string to be Heavy ( .110 )
  18. Doesn't someone do a 'mixed' set of guages, with the E sting being a 107?
  19. Used one of these exclusively in the 90's for nearly 10 years. Only got if of it because I fancied a change. A real workhorse.
  20. Not sure I'd get on with SS strings, might be a bit too bright/harsh.
  21. My band have been playing dropped down a semi-tone for a few year now. For the avoidance of doubt, my 4-string bass is tuned D#, G#, C# and F# I have a bass X-Tender and this takes my bottom string down to low C#. I used to use Rotosound Swing bass 45-105 and that is my preferred tone. I've been unhappy with how floppy it makes my strings and how 'clanky' it sounds when the action is fairly low. I fixed the latter by taking the action up a bit. No biggie but I prefer it a bit lower. Strings are still a bit loose though. I tried DR Nickel Lo-Riders 45-105 and I didn't feel any difference. I then put on some Rotosound 'Monel' flats and they were good. Not floppy and has allowed be to bring the action back down a bit. I understand flats 'clank' a bit less anyway. I really like the mid-focused tone but the downside is that after a few gigs, the tone has 'mellowed' a bit too much for my tastes and as my band play a wide variety of styles, it's not appropriate for everything. I would rather just roll off the tone when I need to. Is there string that has higher tension like the Roto flats but with (at least some of) the brightness of rounds? Should I just switch to a higher guage of string, like 107-110 on bottom string? What about these? https://www.drstrings.com/bass-ddt
  22. Kindly let me buy his superb EBS NeoLine 212 and even met me half way. Great communication and all-round nice chap. It's a 👍 from me.
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