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  1. Hi Guys, I’ve decided to sell this beautiful 57 Reissue Fender USA Stratocaster.. This is a lovely guitar finished in shoreline gold which has a kind of champagne tinge to it… It’s in great condition with a few light hardly visible marks.. The guitar plays and sounds amazing and comes with it’s original Fender Tweed case.. The price exclusively to Bass Chat is £899 plus £20 Postage UK only.. Cheers Wan….. [attachment=256618:Strat 1.JPG] [attachment=256621:Strat2.JPG] [attachment=256622:Strat3.JPG]
  2. Funk/Jazz lessons required

    Hi Freddie, I might be able to help you via Skype Lessons.. Here's my website www.waynemorgan.net Cheers Wayne
  3. Hi I'm looking for a Fender FMT Jazz Bass.. It must be in great condition and light weight please.. Cheers, Wan
  4. Hi, Here's a must for all Bass Players and musicians.. The book is in good used condition with original CD £10.99 Posted UK Only please. Cheers.. A fitting tribute to the troubled genius who revolutionized electric bass playing and bridged the gaps between jazz, R&B, rock, and funk. From his early days in R&B club bands through his international stardom with fusion group Weather Report and on to his solo career and tragic death at age 35, this book portrays the life and music of Jaco Pastorius, the self-proclaimed "world's greatest bass player." This special anniversary edition features new interviews with Jaco's childhood friends, prominent bass players of Jaco's era and afterward, and girlfriend Teresa Nagell, who was with Jaco in the last few years of his life. Some incidents from the first edition have been further researched and expanded to become full chapters. [attachment=253600:JACO1.JPG]
  5. Hi, This tuner has hardly been used and is in very good condition with it's original box.. £12.50 Posted UK Only Please... Cheers.... [attachment=253598:Tun1.JPG]
  6. Cort 5 String Bass " AMAZING "

  7. What more can I say other than a great book with a CD in good condition. £10 posted UK only Please... Cheers..... [attachment=252940:jaco1.JPG] [attachment=252941:jaco2.JPG]
  8. Cort 5 String Bass " AMAZING "

    Well i've just done a mini tour with this Bass and played to over 20,000 people. Lot's of nice comments from various sound men about the look and sound of this Bass.. When I think of the money i've waisted over the years on expensive instruments it's nuts...
  10. Hi, This is a great book all about the Fender Bass. It contains set up tips and many more cool features. £10 Posted UK Only Please.. Cheers.... [attachment=252849:Fender man.JPG]
  11. Hi, This is a great book all about the history of the Fender Bass.. £10 Including postage UK only.. Cheers.... [attachment=252848:FBASS.JPG]
  12. Hi, Here's a great book where you can play along to big band recordings of Jazz standards.. The book is as new £10 including postage UK only.... [attachment=252825:JS1.JPG] [attachment=252826:JS2.JPG]