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  2. Having a clear-out of a few books, mostly unused (good intentions and all that): The Improviser's Bass Method - Chuck Sher (unused) £15 Exercises & Etudes fo the Jazz Instrumentalist (bass clef) - JJ Johnson (unused) £8 Expanding Walking Bass Lines - Ed Friedland (barely used, plastic on cover is rippled, CD included) £8 Bass Improvisation - Ed Friedland (unused) £8 The Slap Bass Bible (used but very good nick, CD included) £8 Postage included in all prices above. ALL SOLD - thanks for the interest everyone
  3. Nothing to add to all the comments here already about these basses except that they are incredible value for money. The only reason I am selling is that I mostly play my Moollon P-bass and have just bought a jazz guitar which needs to be funded. This is in excellent condition and has had a Gallery set-up so playing nice and smoothly. Apologies for the poor quality photos - challenging light and an iPhone don't make a great combo, but you can see plenty of better pics elsewhere - I was pleasantly surprised by how much this looks on a par with £1,000+ basses and personally think the black/RW combo is about the best looker of the bunch. I am based near Waterloo in central London. The bass comes with a decent gigbag but no hard case so would prefer not to ship. Price is firm for now.
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  5. edpirie


    One thing to watch out for with the Moollons is fretwork. I have had persistent buzz at one fret and one string only which I couldn't get rid of - took it to Martin at the Gallery and it seems to be a fret not seated properly. I'm getting a full fret dress to make sure, and for me it's well worth the £75 as it's otherwise the best P-bass I've played and a long-term keeper. Having said that I find it bizarre that the luthier goes to the lengths he does to get exactly the same metal compound for the tuners as an original pre-CBS Fender, but lets a bass leave his workshop with imperfect fretwork. I'd think I was just unlucky but have read a posting on Talkbass from a bass tech reporting similar issues the other side of the pond. This isn't to knock Moollon - as I say this is the best P-bass I've laid my hands on, and I'd jump on a second-hand J Classic if it turned up around here - but thought I'd share my experience.
  6. Good spot - the big Fender logo P-bass (62) that I had was one-piece Sen ash, and a lovely bass it was too
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  8. Hi, could you post the weight please? Thanks, Ed
  9. Called today and they won't be in until September.
  10. edpirie


    I don't but if you email they should be quick to get back to you. Price will be in USD which will hurt at the moment.
  11. Now relisted at £575 - that isn't going to help you!
  12. Rob is the very best kind of Basschatter. He invited me over to try his Moollon P-bass a year ago when it arrived from Korea, and A-B it against my JV. Then when he came to sell it just now he couldn't have been more obliging, putting it on hold until I could give it another whirl (with beer) and then bringing it into town to save me the journey out to his place again once I'd done the transfer. A top bloke and highly recommended for any gear dealings in future.
  13. I can testify to how good a bass this is having had a play a while back (thanks Rob). If I had the cash I'd snap it up.
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