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  1. Kacey Musgraves bassist sounds great! Putting in a solid shift!
  2. Plus the fact it says "Marathon" on the scratchplate...
  3. I used to have the fretless version of this, they are pretty rare. Try and find a New Order covers band to flog it to!
  4. Nifty! Good work that man!
  5. Oh yeah, just spotted it. I feel your pain, man!
  6. "All the girls crazy 'bout a smart Mustang"
  7. There's Mustang basses everywhere! Mum!
  8. St. Vincent. That's more like it. Is that a B.C. Rich bass? Looks and sounds cool!
  9. Just tuned in. Sam Fender. Crowd love a good singalong. Quite dull musically. Anyone spotted anything good yet?
  10. As a small person, I found the 35" scale quite a stretch in the lower positions, but the tone was Fantastic . The neck was quite chunky, but I'm convinced it contributed to the great tone. And this was only the Legend model.
  11. Matches your Workmate nicely!
  12. Pretty sure Tina Weymouth had a significant mod to her bass.
  13. If you wished to do a surface mount version, I'd be happy to solder the components for them in my lunchtimes
  14. A very handsome bass! Good work by your pal!
  15. I just had a memory pop into my head. I'm pretty sure an old Laney valve head I owned had Spring Offensive painted on it...
  16. I think all bases fitted with leds let you turn them off. Not so much with display monitors
  17. Yay, we all love a happy ending!
  18. Sounds interesting, in what capacity?
  19. Agreed, one of my pet peeves too. Having said that, my Sei has blue side leds, specified by the previous owner. My monitors at work have yellow tape over the blue leds.
  20. Great read, thanks for posting. Can hear Roger's voice when reading it.
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