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  1. These are lovely sounding amps, I sold mine as I didn't have room , such a sad loss 😞
  2. Did you try the Renown snares? I'd really like one to match
  3. Although it's a bluey-grey ripple wrap, in natural daylight it looks quite green! I think there is some lacquer (nitro?) that has just yellowed over the last 55 years! I won't miss the worn out hexagonal Tom arm though!
  4. I had a sad day over the Christmas break- took my 60s UK Rogers kit back to the friend who sold it to me 20 odd years ago. I replaced it with a small Gretsch Renown, but have kept hold of the snare until I can afford to replace it, the Renown drums do sound great, but the snares don't seem to crop up 2nd hand... 😞
  5. And even that looks better than a Rick! I find their white plastic scratchplate ghastly.
  6. I think the Bean was on Live Aid iirc
  7. I'd be disappointed if a brand new bass needed a fret dress, are you sure it just doesn't need a truss rod tweak? Having said that, my almost new new Mustang had a couple of frets that needed slight attention too.
  8. Just listened to a track off that- fierce playing from Holdsworth, I feel the bass can get overlooked on a lot of his stuff
  9. Unorthodox Behaviour by Brand X, especially the first track Thermonuclear Burn. I must have heard it shortly after it came out, and I'd never heard anything like it before. I still enjoy it. Percy Jones had his own style, both notes and sounds.
  10. This should get copied into the small-bodied basses thread. I actually don't mind this one!
  11. I might try some Status tapewounds for my Mustang- anyone tried them?
  12. Parallel compression with fairly aggressive distortion and compression mixed with your original drum mix can add fatness and excitement . I'm sure I read something on here ages ago by @Dad3353 about something that subtly adjusts drum hit levels to make it sound more human.
  13. Super early. I think mine's 67 from memory
  14. I like the contours on the Fallout, kinda wish the pj Mustang had that too...
  15. Lovely! That's a nice wood selection. Does your one have a serial number?
  16. I like small bodied basses. The Hohner Jack bass had a very comfy small body, like a sleeker strat. My main 2 basses for the last 12 years were U.S. Masters ep42s, very small body, 24 frets with full access right to the top. Sei Flamboyant is small too
  17. Is that the Zippo one? I've heard it's a little lighter 😉
  18. I don't think it's the type of wood, just the amount of it in this instance
  19. Sounds like a dry joint around the processing (dsp?) chip. Something is going open circuit as it warms up. Freezer spray is handy for diagnosis of this sort of thing. A microscope I handy too, but you need to know what to look out for regarding solder joint quality on surface mounted components.
  20. Just out of curiosity, why didn't you make the fingerboard continuous past the nut, in one piece? Were you limited by the board blank length?
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