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  1. MoonBassAlpha

    Dingwall DBird 5

    That's the best body shape for fanned frets that I've come across. It's almost like they were designed for each other.
  2. MoonBassAlpha

    field recording

    You might wanna take some hearing protection too!
  3. MoonBassAlpha

    Reiver Kompakt 6 Guitar

    That's a very pretty guitar. A touch of a Strandberg about it? Lovely!
  4. MoonBassAlpha

    The Mighty Hammond Organ.

    Wow! ^ what a brutal drum sound! (The playing ain't too shabby either!) thanks for that
  5. MoonBassAlpha

    best value DAW

    I was just going to start a thread asking if Audacity was worth using for mixing and producing my recorded tracks? I have Audacity indoors, and Reaper out in my studio space that is too small/badly laid out to be comfortable for sitting spending hours on the learning curve. I would be using my Zoom R24 as the interface, but don't have monitors indoors. I've only spent long enough on Reaper to get the interface set up, and by he time i'd done that, was too exhausted (mentally) to get into it again. Not done any mixing in Audacity, but it seems simple enough even for a novice like me.
  6. MoonBassAlpha

    Godin Acoustibass Cabronita

    I didn't know that - can you say who they build for?
  7. MoonBassAlpha

    What is it with BC and hostility??!

    So there isn't really a problem? So glad I ploughed through 8 pages of this.
  8. MoonBassAlpha

    SGC Nanyo re-build

    There's a touch of the Tokai Talbo shape about the " modified" body. Good luck with the repair, it looks quite severe!
  9. The veneer and finishing looks amazing in these photos, but i think the scratchplate design could still do with a tweak. For a harmonious flow it would be nice to follow the body shape somewhat equidistant from the edges and flowing up slightly into the upper and lower horns. I hope I've explained my meaning, I know a picture is worth a thousand words etc., but I'm no artist
  10. MoonBassAlpha

    Another Swift Lite Bass

    Luminlay do some nice numbered controls now too! Just sayin'.
  11. MoonBassAlpha

    95% Tru oil finished guitar - A How to Guide

    Good point!
  12. MoonBassAlpha

    95% Tru oil finished guitar - A How to Guide

    I assume the line "wiping off the excess" implies oil is still used at this stage.
  13. MoonBassAlpha

    Trace Elliot GP12 SMX pot problems!

    Servisol switch cleaner works well. This is probably all it needs. You'll need to get the case open to get at the pot properly. Working the pot back and forth multiple times often works just as well, or at least find more usable positions.
  14. Ohh, i forgot the Sandbergs, weren't many though.
  15. PMT in Oxford has Fender, Ibanez and a few Ricks, not much else i noticed. The little one in Thame had a fair few Reverend last time i was in, and a proper old Fender SIX, but that was a couple of years ago.
  16. MoonBassAlpha

    Later with Joolz last night

    Jerry Barnes sounded ok on my surround sound setup, but a bit too low in the mix, and too much compression for my taste. Odd he was playing but their regular drummer wasn't.
  17. MoonBassAlpha

    Headphone heads up

    Studiospares have knocked £20 off their M2000 open backed monitoring/mastering headphones, now £49, I've just picked up a set. I already had the 1000 (closed back). I could see the open backed ones being handy for my drummer so he won't feel so isolated when recording. Also, surprisingly, there's very little spill from the open backs too, you could easily use them for tracking vocals. https://www.studiospares.com/Headphones-and-Speakers/Headphones-Studio/Studiospares-M2000-Studio-Headphones_448780.htm
  18. MoonBassAlpha

    Headphone heads up

    The Christmas present pair I ordered for my drummer arrived today (along with a bunch of Velcro and Velcro cable tidies). I think we just about cleaned them out between us! I see the mark 2 versions are now out. I wonder how they compare? (**must resist**!)
  19. MoonBassAlpha

    ACG Harlot R Type 5 string PRICE DROP

    That's my all-time favourite single-cut shape by any maker. I would love one of those in a short scale. Glwts
  20. MoonBassAlpha

    Does anyone play the drums.

    I have owned a kit for years and just lately been trying to play a bit more. My friend has asked me to play on some of his tunes so it is forcing me to use some discipline (and a click! ). Over the holidays I've seen a noticeable improvement in my takes . During this process, it has become obvious that I can hear myself anticipating upcoming fills and listening to the click, which ruins the timing and feel. The more comfortable i get with the tempo and patterns, the less I think about what I'm doing, the better it flows. So, practice works! Who knew! To answer the o.p.'s question, it isn't making me a better bassist, but the understanding of how the two work together can only be a good thing.
  21. MoonBassAlpha

    Equipment used for learning by ear?

    Amplug and phones for me too. Lots of repetition and you're done. Listening closely to the tunes without the bass in your hands helps me to focus initially too.
  22. MoonBassAlpha

    December Cover Song Challenge - VOTING!

    Is Neuro linguistic programming allowed in this thread? I think these psycho logical techniques should be banned when voting for the month's most killer tune.
  23. MoonBassAlpha

    Joe Dart Question

    By the time we get to hear their tunes, they've had a massive dose of the Vulf Compressor applied. Probably.
  24. MoonBassAlpha

    Preamp to increase output of combo?

    I use a small valve amp in my practice room, and find putting a compressor (TC Spectracomp, in my case), does give an appreciable increase in loudness, probably that the average power being heard is higher.
  25. MoonBassAlpha

    Basses You've Owned and Hated

    Guild B301F. Had a terrible dead zone around 5th "fret", especially bad on the g string. I also felt the pickup was in the wrong place, the 302 was better suited for fretless, imho. It was well enough made, but that dead zone spoiled the fun of playing. The shape didn't do much for me either. Chopped it in for a Hohner Jack Custom which was my main bass for years, and eventually I defretted that one.