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  1. MoonBassAlpha

    New TC Electronic heads

    My band is acting as backing group for a singer-songwriter, and he has called us Thrust. Wouldn't have been my first choice, tbh!. Did wonder about sponsorship when I saw these amps though. I would have preferred National Thrust, but that got pooh-poohed
  2. May just be worth taking all the valves out and putting them in again. Worked well for my friend's brand new Ac30
  3. MoonBassAlpha

    Warwick Thumb body cleaning.

    Would Warwick wax mixed with elbow grease clean that up?
  4. MoonBassAlpha

    Ibanez GSR205 New Body Shape FINISHED!!

    Here's an idea for the pick guard. Make up a clear one, then slip a cut out of coloured paper under it. Then you can try as many colour variations, or prints, or designs as you like.
  5. MoonBassAlpha

    Zoom R16 help.

    I use the R24 (same thing) standalone. You can do it all in the unit, you just need to get used to doing it. They have changed the way the drum programming works, and it's less easy to use than the older MRS series Zooms. Same applies to track editing on board. They removed a lot of functions. One upside is it now records in wav form so you don't need to use a propriety converter for anything else to read the files to convert to mp3 for easy sharing. The concept of the Rxx series really is to be integrated with a DAW, but there is enough functionality to mix on the unit. All my composition challenge entries have been done inside the unit, and band demos too. It can be battery powered too, so that fulfils the portable criterion.
  6. MoonBassAlpha

    August Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    You're fine, instrumental is good!
  7. MoonBassAlpha

    How was your gig last night?

    Looks more like a marquee.
  8. MoonBassAlpha

    How was your gig last night?

    Was that the famous Widdlefest?
  9. MoonBassAlpha

    So, just how many basses do you own ????

    3, U.S. Masters fretted (flats), U.S. Masters fretless (rounds), Sei Flamboyant (rounds). Covers all my bases atm, but got a hankering for a shorty. I found it quite hard to give up the Hofner 185 I did up for my best mate. 6 guitars though.
  10. MoonBassAlpha

    How was your gig last night?

    Shame the light show outdid my shirt!
  11. MoonBassAlpha

    How was your gig last night?

    That's it. As I said, Redox are popular, and always bring a crowd. I didn't think I'd played there before until I realised it used to be called the Folly Bridge Inn. Probably played it 4 or 5 times!
  12. MoonBassAlpha

    How was your gig last night?

    Played the White House in Oxford last night. Good crowd in, mainly due to the popular Mighty Redox topping the bill. Got rave reviews for my new paisley shirt, and some nice comments about the bass playing. Played through a TC amp and small Aguilar cab. Sounded solid close up, but folks said the bass was quiet in the room, same for Redox. May have been the room shape. Oh, and the monitors were facing towards the audience, not the band. Couldn't hear a thing, even after I turned mine round. WTF?
  13. MoonBassAlpha

    Paul Young touring 35 years of 'No Parlez'

    He sounded pretty good fronting the Q-Tips and Streetband. He had charisma, which takes you a long way when you're fronting a band.
  14. MoonBassAlpha

    Help Identifying grub screw

    I'm pretty sure I've got some of these in stainless steel. I could pop a couple in an envelope for you if you'd like. I think I've got 2 lengths, something like 10 and 6mm, very handy for non American Fender style guitar bridges where you don't want the screws tearing your hand up when palm muting. PM me and I'll check when I get home tonight.
  15. MoonBassAlpha

    4 to 5 string conversion Precision Bass

    Do you need to protect the vinyl after the hair dryer treatment? (Where's Sir Alex when you need him?) Also, how do you finish off the edges of the wrap at the back of the bass? I've had a sudden urge to do a bass in pink or purple paisley. The bass has very curvy sides.
  16. MoonBassAlpha

    Sudden weird top-end overtones on E string

    First try dropping the pickup down a bit on the e side. Sounds like it could be powerful magnets pulling on the string, and the string will be closer to the pickup the higher you venture up the neck.
  17. MoonBassAlpha

    Not sure what to do with this refin

    Quite right, acetone really eats a lot of plastics.
  18. MoonBassAlpha

    Neck radius

    Well, this is repairs and technical!
  19. MoonBassAlpha

    Neck radius

    It's actually a radius at infinity (distance) that is flat, not zero degrees if you consider it for a moment. Radius is a distance from the centre point, not an angle.
  20. Good suggestions above, could also be a dry joint somewhere internally which banging it restores temporarily. May need a good going over with the soldering iron (or get someone to do it for you, preferably with experience with this kind of thing). First suspects would be larger components that are more likely to vibrate (resonate) at the lower (bass) frequencies, like psu caps, and large resistors which have been stood off the pcb etc.
  21. MoonBassAlpha

    Neck radius

    fwiw ACG basses have flat boards as standard, I believe.
  22. MoonBassAlpha

    Gloss to matt

    Even a foam dish scourer will knock the gloss off. Can be used wet too, unsurprisingly.
  23. MoonBassAlpha

    Spare parts for headless Hohner

    I would also add that the Hohner Jack Custom headless is one of the most comfortable basses to play, curvy in all the right places for me, light, and even the preamp sounded fine, though I mostly played it passive, as it sounded good like that. It worked really well as a fretless too (defretted myself)
  24. MoonBassAlpha

    Spare parts for headless Hohner

    Adjunct to this thread, I would advise anyone with this Hohner licensed Steinberger headless bridge to make sure the threads are really well lubricated with grease. I've had several old ones where the threads strip in the string pullers. Easily fixed using stainless Helicoil type inserts, then will be good for life. If I had kept mine, I would have done it with all of them. HTH
  25. MoonBassAlpha

    Spare parts for headless Hohner

    Can't you turn the surround round so the damaged bit is by the high string where you don't rest your finger?