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  1. Sample rate for recording

    Looking to do some recording this evening, any particular reason to choose 96 over 44k sample rate on my R24? (Assuming my memory card is large enough). Cheers MBA
  2. May Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    The only way I am going to get a shot this month is to jam something out with the lads at practice tomorrow night. Seems highly unlikely!
  3. Sample rate for recording

    Ha! Buried on page 90 of the R24 manual, it says you can record at either 44.1 or 48k, but if you chose 48, you can't use any effects, so I probably wont be using that until I get more used to importing and using the files in Reaper. Or just not bother at all. Oh well!
  4. Sample rate for recording

    Thanks Skol, that makes sense.
  5. Sample rate for recording

    Thanks again for the discussion. Is it the case that 24 bit vs 16 bit takes up 3/2 times as much file space?
  6. Spin off from the recent band names thread: Guess the genre or style from the name: Ours is: Charms Against the Evil Eye
  7. How important is the band name for you?

    Maybe we should spin this round, and give your band name, then see what others think your style or genre is. I'll kick off with ours: Charms Against the Evil Eye
  8. ZT Lunchbox

    Update: Having played 3 more gigs this month with the same setup, I now believe the amp used in the above clips is in fact the lunchbox junior. This is the 50W version, as opposed to the full-fat 200W one. Still quite loud though. I can post some more recent links to the last gig of this mini "tour" if anyone is interested.
  9. Sample rate for recording

    Thanks for the replies so far folks. I must say, I had forgotten about bit depth, I'll check the specs on my zoom.
  10. P/J bass buzzing woes.

    Great result, and a nice looking bass too!
  11. Semi Hollow Bass

    Looks lovely. Could we have a picture of the whole thing please?
  12. My band Charms Against the Evil Eye are acting as backing band for Californian Psychedelic poster Anton Barbeau again, as part of his mini tour to launch his new album, Natural Causes. Tonight, Thurs 10th May is the Beehive, Swindon, Fri 11th at the Black Swan Oxford, and Sunday 13th at the Oval Tavern, Croydon. As usual, it will be nerve wracking and fun in equal measures! (a whole new set to learn, no rehearsals) Oh, and he's calling us Thrust for these gigs
  13. Pickup for a small size acoustic

    I know what you mean about drilling the end pin! I was originally looking into the cheapest way to buy a notch filter for use with my mate's Hofner Verithin bass, and making this into a pedal. You could even build it into a low wooden box and use the internal Mic as one of those foot stompy things.
  14. Pickup for a small size acoustic

    Looks like it from the pictures, but the description says: Features: Classic Fishman Presys Blender Small footprint fits many guitars Volume Control Bass, Middle and Treble control knobs Built-in tuner with LED display Phase switch Unique pivot design for instant 9-Volt battery access Pre-wired Fishman Sonicore pickup for solder-free, plug and play installation Low profile control knobs Battery Life: 88 hours Onboard anti-feedback control Brilliance control for additional tone shaping Built-in microphone with mic blend level control Kit includes: Preamp with Sonicore Flexible Piezo Pickup, built-in Mic and endpin output jack, Mounting Screws, User Manual User Manual Langues: English Please notice there`s no retail package for the product. Specifications: 2.20" W x 3.3" L x 1.625" D (55.8mm x 84.2mm x 41.3mm) Package include: 1x Fishman Onboard Preamps 1x end pin jack 4x screws 1x manual 1x tags 2x mounting brackets
  15. Pickup for a small size acoustic

    saw this on eBay, piezo, Mic blend notch filter and tuner. Wonder if they are any good? Anyone tried one? Is it a knockoff at this price? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FISHMAN-presys-blend-301-Dual-Mode-Guitar-Preamp-EQ-Tuner-Piezo-Pickup-Mic-Beat/122915085720?epid=538968934&hash=item1c9e4f5d98:g:B1UAAOSwiflasLs9
  16. Dirty switch?

    I hear this advice in the voice of Scotty, from Star Trek. Am I the only one?
  17. Any techs can repair my KRK active monitor?

    look out for a set of Rokit monitors in the For Sale section soon folks!
  18. Aguilar cab prices....say what?!

    You could probably buy Vox cloth to stretch over the Mark Bass grille. Might look quite nice.
  19. TE Gurus regarding onboard compressor

    Don't they end in an x?
  20. Stu hamm urge 32” scale neck

    Either move the bridge neck-wards, or rout the neck pocket further towards the bridge. A combination of the two might be best aesthetically.
  21. Stu hamm urge 32” scale neck

    Get a bigger shirt?
  22. Unreasonably low action, cheap neck - doable?

    Or a gentle tap with a hammer and a wood block.
  23. Jeff Beck doc BBC4 2100 and 0125

    As said above, the respect from his peers is impressive, and JB is the sort of slightly left-field artist I'm often drawn to, but somehow he just doesn't do it for me. His control of the instrument is amazing though.
  24. Buzz on high volume

    Good point BRX, a lot of old Japanese guitars had humbucker sized housings containing single coil gubbins.
  25. high and low tension

    It's also worth bearing in mind that the lower you set your action, the more catastrophic the effect of seasonal changes to the neck; a slight straightening could render the thing unplayable. Also, and this is a matter of personal taste, I don't find the lowest achievable action yields the nicest sound, with normal playing, and restricts the available dynamics.