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  1. MoonBassAlpha

    Humble instruments that 'make the song'

    The cowbell in Beefheart's Sun Zoom Spark really makes it for me. More frantic than most cowbell cotributions. Less frantic, but nicely placed is the cowbell on The Mooney Suzuki's Alive and Amplified. The vibra-slap is great too, just can't think of any examples off hand.
  2. MoonBassAlpha

    Later with Joolz last night

    I agree it would be nice to have more current music of all genres on the telly. I'm trying to imagine what the retro channels on tv will be showing from the last 2 decades in 20 or 30 years time. Just Glasto highlights? no thanks.
  3. MoonBassAlpha

    Frippertronics #4

    Very calming. Nice!
  4. MoonBassAlpha

    String Volume Disparity

    Don't Bartolini pickups have blade magnets? Not sure how this information will help though
  5. MoonBassAlpha

    Musical inventions

  6. MoonBassAlpha

    Headphone Heaven

    Quite a '70s look to them. Would look great alongside a Bang and Olufsen music centre.
  7. MoonBassAlpha

    Mister Super Juice's debut E.P: Produce The Juice

    Not digging the funk? Your Bootsy shades suggest otherwise...
  8. MoonBassAlpha

    1960s Hofner pickup rewind - advice needed

    That's a relief! I find it hard telling dreams from reality these days
  9. MoonBassAlpha

    1960s Hofner pickup rewind - advice needed

    I think it might be the case with these pickups that it is the hook up wires are soldered to the coils with an aggressive flux that corrodes after many years. This could make it a simpler repair (hence cheaper), but I may have just dreamt all this up, I really can't remember where I got that nugget of info from.
  10. MoonBassAlpha

    September Composition Challenge - VOTING!

    Well done Lurkio. Mid-table mediocrity for me once again!
  11. MoonBassAlpha

    Later with Joolz last night

    Probably Idles.
  12. MoonBassAlpha

    Later with Joolz last night

    Yeah, more of a character voice than an in tune one. Never thought much of them anyway.
  13. MoonBassAlpha

    Fun bands you've just discovered.

    Touch of Zappa about that- nice.
  14. MoonBassAlpha

    Which Richard Dawkins is best for Metal?

    I think the tune you're thinking of was "I don't believe in a thing called God"
  15. MoonBassAlpha

    Here's one I prepared earlier!

    Great solution to weighty problem!
  16. MoonBassAlpha

    Auditions in Hell

    That would make a cracking advert for Fixadent, or somesuch.
  17. MoonBassAlpha


    You're most welcome. Everyone in this area uses Tim, but he's clearly a go-to man for many labels getting their back catalogue remastered, and for folks making their material sound the best for i-Tunes releases and YouTube.
  18. MoonBassAlpha

    September Composition Challenge - VOTING!

    Voted! Bit thin on the ground this month, maybe I should have entered both my tunes after all
  19. MoonBassAlpha

    Current Earworm...

    You should check out Ally Craig's rather wonderful version of Smelly Cat on soundcloud. (can't link to it at work )
  20. MoonBassAlpha

    Vulfpeck Brixton 4th October

    What about things for Mrs RLP though
  21. MoonBassAlpha

    September Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    I'm minded to pull my first entry, 'Nothing', out of the voting, for possible rule violation, and it does seem a bit greedy having 2 entries in one month. So, just Gardening on MoonBassAlpha from me, unless re-entry is demanded by popular consent. No, I thought not!
  22. MoonBassAlpha


    Tim Turan https://www.turanaudio.co.uk has a very good reputation as an independent mastering house. I've not used him, but the pro client list speaks for itself.
  23. MoonBassAlpha

    Short Scale 'Thing' (23" scale Headless 4 string)

    Never mind the pictures, how does it sound?
  24. MoonBassAlpha

    snapped headstock

    Very impressive work @Twincam. Nice one!
  25. MoonBassAlpha

    Can someone explain this tone circuit?

    Oh yeah, the other Hofner oddity is that the tone controls operate in the opposite sense to everyone else's, 10 is treble rolled off, 0 is wide open. Those crazy Germans!