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  1. Mines going to be green lacquer with chrome corners. Badge looks great, nice job.
  2. I get all my weird and wonderful fixings requirements from Suffolk Fasteners in Ipswich. If you have an original they'll probably be able to match it reasonably closely. But I'd try Aria as first port of call - I spent ages trying to match some 80s Mesa Boogie D-180 screws and then found out MB had them in stock for a not ridiculous price.
  3. Seriously well done Stevie.
  4. My local Aldi was doing perfectly serviceable looking big clamps with deep jaws at £3.99 a go last week.
  5. Ha! Not quite sure why the pics came out like that, but I stretched the window and they resized and look OK on mine now. Bit weird.
  6. This is in better condition than most I've seen, and plays well. This was my first bass, but I don't play it now since getting my SB700. I really don't want to ship this bass as I don't have a case for it, but I travel between Lincolnshire and Essex, so could potentially deliver it on the way. Or collection from Ipswich or Colchester also possible.
  7. I've used Autoglym car polish with success.
  8. Just in case someone else is annoyed by chips and gouges in their old Mesa amp. At 4.99 for a tube with brush, Halfords satin black touch up paint is an exact match for the older amps. Well, a 1985 D-180 anyway. I know, the chips are mojo. But I hated them.
  9. I wasn't meaning to cut up a a real 250! Naim used a published circuit and decent clone mono were PCBs available at one time.
  10. Curious as to the choice of Class D for this project, given the difficulties of maintenance and repair if anything goes wrong. I've had a home made FRFR powered cab going for nearly 30 years, amp of which is basically half of a Naim 250 with a mic level, guitar level and line level inputs. Its been completely bomb proof and sounds fantastic.
  11. Did you try the distributor for this repair? Curious as to what they said if you have. I try not to buy anything that can't be repaired as I'm trying to reduce my footprint on the planet. So I have a lot of old stuff.....
  12. I'll take a kit with crossover as well please Stevie. Very nice work.
  13. I had an Ampeg Portaflex 20T for bass practice that I thought was OKish for bass, though didn't make it sing. When I finally managed to get my hands on the bass amp I'd been looking for since I started playing, I let my daughter have the ampeg for her guitar practice. It makes a MUCH better guitar amp than a bass amp, IMHO. Very varied tones, and finally the missing overdrive appears. I think it likes to see quite a high output pickup, other than that, I'd recommend trying one as bass or guitar amp. All valve, 4Ohm or 8 Ohm and you don't need a cab connected. There should be some cheap ones around as Kenny's were selling them at £275 until quite recently.
  14. Well we need to start using local timbers, and that neck looks great. Wincing at the sight of that bass facedown on the concrete though.
  15. I've got the big Makita 1/2" router, but the only time I use it is for solid wood worktops, and then only reluctantly. Its all very well having "tools that are man enough for the job", but a big 1/2" router can be pretty hairy unless used with extreme care. My big Makita is going in my new router table........ I think of the little Makita as simply a motor unit. It will do pretty much anything I need, and does it really well with the right accessory. Haven't used the DeWalt, but a lot of carpenters like their stuff so I'm sure it would be good too.
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