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  1. I ran a small building/development company for many years. I started out happy to lend tools out, but found it never ended well. The last straw was a friend who borrowed a super-expensive fine-finish sanding machine. They said they wanted to use it to refinish a kitchen table. So it came back in its box, with about 100 dead sanding disks in the box, and a strong smell of burning electrics. It was completely destroyed. "Yes, started playing up when I got to the last corner of floor" she said. "I'll happily pay for it to be fixed." Stupid woman had sanded the whole of her downstairs floor with it, using 400 and finer grit!!! When the repair quote came back, she suddenly remembered it hadn't been working properly when I lent it to her. So to save embarrassment, I just stopped lending.
  2. Scrivener's great for planning - its like a big pin board full of labeled envelopes that you can stuff things into. Honestly, brilliant software.
  3. Scrivener is brilliant in my opinion. It's more a project management tool for writing than just a simple word processor, and I like the way it almost forces you to organise your thoughts rather than just writing stuff. But my wife hates its for the same reason. Definitely worth a look, it suits the way I think.
  4. This sounds remarkably like a job to me. The job ad reads like a contract of employment. There are hours listed. There's a form of job description describing what the role will be. How can they possibly get round minimum wage legislatiion?
  5. This. I've got one too. Really good protection, and cheap.
  6. No, thats not what I meant. One Plus refused to supply a VAT receipt, and claimed their supply was VAT exempt because of a deal they had done with HMRC. Most UK retailers will happily give you a VAT invoice showing VAT component if you ask for it. We're VAT registered, so can claim back the VAT on most business purchases through our VAT returns. A mobile phone bought from most suppliers will have a VAT component - but not oneplus.
  7. The whole VAT thing for some major companies is just weird. I bought a phone from OnePlus last year, and they refused to provide a VAT receipt, as the VAT was "Included" in the price, but not actually charged. Meaning their phones are actually 20% more expensive than they look if you can claim VAT back, which I can. They claimed they had negotiated a deal whereby they were VAT exempt in return for a payment to HMRC. Our finance person said EU rules oblige companies to provide a VAT receipt on request, but I only managed to get one from OnePlus by threatening legal action. These large companies have a very tilted playing field in their favour.
  8. Shame about the parts no show, but looks great. Nice colour too. Mine is dark sludge.
  9. Mines going to be green lacquer with chrome corners. Badge looks great, nice job.
  10. I get all my weird and wonderful fixings requirements from Suffolk Fasteners in Ipswich. If you have an original they'll probably be able to match it reasonably closely. But I'd try Aria as first port of call - I spent ages trying to match some 80s Mesa Boogie D-180 screws and then found out MB had them in stock for a not ridiculous price.
  11. Seriously well done Stevie.
  12. My local Aldi was doing perfectly serviceable looking big clamps with deep jaws at £3.99 a go last week.
  13. Ha! Not quite sure why the pics came out like that, but I stretched the window and they resized and look OK on mine now. Bit weird.
  14. This is in better condition than most I've seen, and plays well. This was my first bass, but I don't play it now since getting my SB700. I really don't want to ship this bass as I don't have a case for it, but I travel between Lincolnshire and Essex, so could potentially deliver it on the way. Or collection from Ipswich or Colchester also possible.
  15. I've used Autoglym car polish with success.
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