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  1. converse320

    Lincolnshire.....is there anyone out there?

    I'm just outside Horncastle. There are local bands, but thin on the ground. I think you're going to have to travel. Open Mic nights Weds and bands on Saturday at Old Nicks in Horncastle. http://www.oldnickstavern.co.uk/ Other than that, there's the arts place in Lincoln - sort of music school/studio space/practice space. That's all I know of. Must be something going on in Hull though, surely? City of culture and all.
  2. converse320

    Cheap Sound Module?

    woodinblack, you are exactly right - the endless possibilities of a computer next to her means she spends 5 minutes playing and an hour messing about.
  3. converse320

    Cheap Sound Module?

    Thanks for replies. We don't have an ipad, but she does have an ipod touch which i think runs ios. I'll check out the Ivory 2 Piano to see if that would work. She's using my old macpro laptop at the moment, with the included Ableton live. Connects to pc with a single usb cable. I then run the computer into a bass amp for sound. The set up it is not working too well for her as there are too many distractions available on the computer - Dan Tedium in particular. Functionally (if you don't care about cables etc), its great. Great sounds, and she can record and play back with Ableton. .
  4. converse320

    Cheap Sound Module?

    I bought my daughter an M Audio Hammer 88 to continue with her keyboard grades. This is a good quality budget controller, with no inbuilt sounds. The plan was to use my old laptop with the free stuff that comes with the keyboard as a sound source. And indeed, it sounds great like this, particularly the DB-33 organs etc. However, not it is not conducive to domestic bliss. The complaint is: too many many wires, computer encroaches on space, takes too long to fire up, she'll just go onto Youtube etc etc. So, whats the absolute cheapest way of getting some sounds out of it without using the computer? There seem to be new modules on ebay for £60 or so, or alternatively I could buy an old module at the same sort of price. Any thoughts? I just want something small and discrete that will make it work simply like her old keyboard.
  5. converse320


    I've got one of these and use it for nearly every router based job now. Tough, reliable and capable piece of kit. My big 1/2" router is overkill for nearly everything except fitting locks. I think it would work a treat for cutting pickup cavities etc.
  6. I'm doing my grades on my own, no teacher as there really aren't near me, and I've started using Noteflight (a free basic notation package) as a way of tackling some of the music I'm struggling with. You can type in the relevant bit of the score and it plays it back to you. I think its helpful to do it like this - it forces you to think about it as you're typing it in, and you can at least hear a basic version of what its supposed to sound like.
  7. converse320

    Enclosure/ case for TE GP7 head

    Ok, now I understand the issue. Shame.
  8. converse320

    Enclosure/ case for TE GP7 head

    My head is from a combo and fits in perfectly - sorry if I'm misunderstanding
  9. converse320

    Enclosure/ case for TE GP7 head

    I don't know if this is what you are asking, but this one is the right size for my GP7 head, other than being much too long. http://cpc.farnell.com/pulse/rksl-2u/rack-sleeve-2u/dp/DP32669?CMP=TREML007-005 But its a perfect fit otherwise. I'm going to peel the felt stuff back a few inches and cut it down so its not quite as deep. But its easier than starting from scratch and its only £17 shipped.
  10. Yes, the Word doc on the village website has them down as playing on the Monday. This really has to be one of the strangest UK festivals. Backed by Lord Harlech and Stanley Baker (presumably the actor??), it was held in fields at a tiny little village which even now is in the middle of nowhere. In 1972, middle of nowhere doesn't even come close to describing what it would have been like. I'd love to understand how this event came about. The Byrds played the same venue the year before incidentally. Ive been there recently - fields and a plaque commemorating the event.
  11. How does TE manage to be so loud? I opened my old knackered TE GP7 15" combo last week to put the amp part into a sleeve to work better with the cabinet I'm using now. There really is almost nothing inside the head at all. The case is mostly full of air.
  12. Speaking of unlikely music festivals, how about the completely insane Bardney festival in Lincolnshire early 70s? Again lashed by rain and a sea of mud, but some big names. Heres a poster: https://community.lincolnshire.gov.uk/bardneyvillagehistory/section.asp?catId=23001
  13. converse320

    Replace or fix broken tuning machine

    Find a friendly local metalworker? I'd just be worried that if the araldite/jb weld etc fails, you're then stuck with parts covered in glue thats so hard to get off its basically scrap. TBH, it would probably be better to buy a single tuner if OP can find an exact match.
  14. converse320

    Replace or fix broken tuning machine

    Silver solder would be a much better bet than epoxy I think, unless its made of some weird alloy.
  15. converse320

    Advice on oak treatment for grave marker

    Best wishes at a difficult time.