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  1. I do prefer the new logo too.
  2. Up for sale is my Hartke Hydrive 115 cab. It is in very good condition with some minor marks on the tolex from transporting and gigging but is in full working order and sounds fantastic. Rated at 500 Watts at 8 Ohms, lightweight due to the neo speaker and is on castors to make moving it around a breeze. 2 speakon and 2 quarter inch inputs/outputs on the back plus 3 way horn selector switch. I am only selling this as I tend to use my 210 Hydrive cabs these days. Collection only from Stockport but could meet up at a reasonable distance if it makes life any easier! Any questions,just ask. Thanks for looking!
  3. A CTM100 in that colour please..just take my money...😎
  4. Yep..it's a great pedal ..get a cool slap/finger style/pick sound in an instant. Just select the frequency required then cut or boost with the inner knob and away you go !
  5. EWS Bass mid control pedal version 1. Made in Japan and built like a tank , made to last ! Pedal is in perfect condition with velcro underneath which can be removed if required. Includes box and instructions. This pedal will run on either 9 or 18 volts. Price includes UK delivery. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal please. Any questions , just ask !
  6. The ABM has quite a warm tone with lots of bottom end which I would roll off slightly and use a VT bass pedal to get the sound I want With the Orange I've had to boost the low end slightly but managed to get a very similar sound without the pedal. The orange does have a lot of authority to its sound which I really like and to be honest I don't think you can go wrong with either amp. The 4 Stroke is my go to amp now though , it's easy to get a great sound from no matter what your personal taste is.
  7. I got the SKB shallow Roto case and it's a perfect fit.
  8. The DI on mine is great , has a good strong signal.I like to use the amp clean but it can drive a bit too although it's not an overdrive kind of amp.
  9. I picked one up too..already used it on a gig and got another tonight. It's very easy to use and capable of pretty much any bass tone you might want. The eq is very flexible and produces a very powerful sound which works great with the band and seems to be built like a tank. I was interested in these when they came out but at this price it's an absolute bargain. Sonically it sits somewhere between my ABM and my old Ampeg but definitely has it's own thing going on.
  10. I had one for a few years. A great amp with tons of power, the eq is quite complex but once dialled in I just left it alone with just small adjustments if needed. It has a nice DI and the tube voltage knob can change the feel of the amp and how it responds. Mine is now with Ginger Wildheart after he used it for rehearsals and a tour etc..he liked it so much that he now owns it...so yes..they are good solid amps and if it's a decent price then go for it!!
  11. i 've just seen this thread and was about to offer my cabs for you to use as I'm just down the road (still using your old Ampeg !) then scrolled down to the good news ! Great bit of detective work , well done ! Dave.
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