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  1. I have a solid state amp , a hybrid amp and a valve amp. My valve Ampeg V4b is the best sounding amp I've owned..it just does that thing that non valve amps don't do. I've had a few valve amps and once you get that itch for one it has to be scratched!
  2. Really enjoyed this and the other related videos...good to see people being creative and having fun just for the hell of it!
  3. Jam Bass Rattler does the job for me.
  4. I have a Four Stroke 500 and it's fantastic. Yes it can be very rock n roll, but with the powerful eq it can do pretty much any tone you like. Shame they discontinued it really.
  5. Just turn the bass volume knob down and adjust the amp eq if needed...job done.
  6. I have a 300 watt ABM evo , which is nearly 20 years old , so not one of the newer models. I've driven it hard and it's always stayed pretty much clean , not what i would call crunchy. You may be better off with something like an Ampeg PF20T or PF50T if you want crunch at home level or maybe just get a decent drive pedal?
  7. My 212AV is the best cab I've had in years , well recommended.
  8. So...is there a new pedal out or something..??
  9. Orange 4 Stroke 500 , built like a tank and has a remarkable amount of power and tone.
  10. You could maybe damage it if you were under the influence...
  11. I'd like to go to the auction, but I'd probably get stuck in Heavy Traffic...
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