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  1. http://jtamps.com/products/ I've been using the Alpha di for a little while now , not cheap but totally worth every penny.
  2. Broughton SV-Pre, Ampeg in a pedal. Didn't think I'd be selling this but needs must to fund a couple of recent purchases. As new condition, has 3M tape underneath for securing to your board. Bought directly from Broughton and only been lightly used. Price includes UK delivery, or can collect if local and I'll knock a few quid off. Also includes the original box .
  3. Dave bought my Cioks DC5 , fast payment and a very friendly chap! Thanks again , Dave.
  4. Hartke Hydrive 210 cabs are sealed. Very punchy and can handle a decent amount of power.
  5. Cioks DC5 power supply, perfect working order and superb condition. Including box , instructions and all leads it originally came with. 3M heavy duty dual lock tape on underside, which I can remove if you prefer. Including UK postage or can be collected from the Stockport area...I could even deliver it myself if you're local !
  6. I've used one for a while now and really like it. I had another as a spare too but sold it on here when I realised I didn't need it! The controls work just like an Ampeg preamp and is particularly strong in the mids. I don't use the switches but they work fine also. Broughton pedals always seem to be a well built quality product , it would be interesting to find out how many he makes at a time as they always sell out quickly.
  7. Diago powerstation 9V power supply. With a daisy chain for 6 pedals, but will power more with extension leads. Velcro underneath and a slight mark on top where a pat test sticker was removed. Works perfectly. no box. UK postage included.
  8. I have the Ampeg SVT212 av cab which is a perfect match. I tend to keep the ultra low and hi off, mid select at 800 and just a touch of bass and mid boost for fingerstyle. Ultra low on with some mid cut is great for pick playing. I usually have the master high and use the gain to set overall volume , I prefer that to having the gain high and master low.
  9. I'm glad you got one , hope you enjoy it !
  10. I play everything through the 0 db input, in fact I've never used the other one. What cab are you using it with?
  11. Mainly passive Jazz bass , sometimes P bass , and I have a Jazz that's active/passive but I usually use on active. Everything sounds great through it , the Fender/Ampeg combination is a classic sound!
  12. It's one of the new reissues. I used it with my Hartke Hydrive cabs for a while and was great, but when I got the SVT 212 cab it really shone. Ampeg do match their amps and cabs to work together well.
  13. I've not used the B-15 but I've had the V4B for a couple of years now and it's fantastic. It has a sound and feel that just works so well. Every Ampeg I've used has given great results and performance...go on and buy one...you know it makes sense!!
  14. Just keep it ,unless you really need the cash , you won't get anything class D that sounds as good! I use my V4b at home all the time and it sounds fantastic at low volume , plus it doesn't have any annoying fan noise. It's my best sounding amp by far and wouldn't be happy selling unless I really really had to!
  15. I have 2 pre amp sounds set on my pedalboard , one with added mids for finger style and another with cut mids for pick playing. Works well for me.
  16. This is a total bargain , wish mine was this cheap when I bought it !
  17. Broughton Audio SV-Pre Jfet Preamplifier pedal. Hand made in Canada. As new condition, no velcro, bought as a spare but never needed as the one on my board has never gone wrong! Great pedal for the SVT sound, has sweepable mids plus high and low switches just like the Ampeg preamp. Price includes UK postage and will be shipped in the original packaging.
  18. Broughton Audio Synth Voice Deluxe pedal for sale. Hand made in Canada. I recently bought this directly from Broughton to try out but have decided it won't really get much use with the stuff I play , so I might as well sell it on to someone who has more use for it than I do. It is in brand new condition, no velcro as it hasn't been on my board and works perfectly. It is capable of some truly massive sounds , using synth and octave either together or independently. These pedals aren't easy to get this side of the pond and sell out in minutes when they are released . Price includes UK postage and will be sent in the original packaging .
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