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    Looks just like my Doug Wimbish Signature Spector and if it sounds anything like that then it's definitely good for metal. These are great basses and for that price, this is a steal. GLWTS
  2. It used to be in my missus' salon and I'm now going to use it to intimidate vocalists when they're listening to their mixes. I can't take someone seriously who's sitting in a red chair like that.
  3. Managed to find a decent desk on eBay and picked it up quite cheaply. Also started on the acoustic treatment today too. I still need to install the computer and hook it up to everything. I also ordered a 16 rack unit which turned up damaged (thanks UPS) so I have an abundance of rack gear waiting for a home. I also got one of them portable vocal booths and managed to get some Producer's Choice sound blankets to cover it. The results are quite good actually and as it can be taken down it also saves on space.
  4. Just seen that it's £475 on their website. They have two which are £475 but the other one and a much cheaper model cheaper electronics. Not sure how they worked out that price but it's bizarre to say the least .
  5. I can't believe they're selling a 4 string version for this much! I have a 5-string model which was bought new over 10 years ago now and never thought it was worth more than £300 https://reverb.com/uk/item/40291496-traben-chaos?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=1726164661&utm_content=campaignid=1726164661_adgroupid=70264195649_productpartitionid=1259319190223=merchantid=218269047_productid=40291496_keyword=_device=c_adposition=_matchtype=_creative=391637461803&gclid=CjwKCAjw-sqKBhBjEiwAVaQ9a6LVPx4GzeD-8PByap5yEVDHOidW9Vj3XkBmFxV0eI2APNgvUUO1ZhoClWcQAvD_BwE
  6. We used to have a keep called Allen McKnight. His nickname was "McKnightmare" for obvious reason. He was dire.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. That's kind of my point. I do wonder if anybody would notice the difference between the two in a blindfold test. The same goes for different woods used on a bass
  9. From my experience high mass bridge allow for better (or more scope) for intonation due to the lengths of the saddle screws as opposed to the stock Fender bridge. As for the sustain argument, I don't think there's a measurable audible difference. I'd also question why a bass player had an absolute need for more sustain - a guitarist yes, but a bass player?
  10. I managed to get a set of Wilkinsons on mine. It ain't pretty looking at the back but it works.
  11. You'd be surprised what some strategically placed duvets can do for sound absorbtion. Obviously won't kill the sound dead, but it'll be a lot quieter to the point where the neighbours won't be banging on the walls.
  12. Definitely. I wouldn't have accepted them as a lighting option because of their reputation for hum and unwanted noise when recording.
  13. They're LEDs so they're supposed to be pretty quiet. I can always record during the day if they do LOL!
  14. OK, they're quite high frequency / pitch instruments so I'd recommend firstly sitting / standing facing the back garden with some sort of sound absorption or diffuser on the back wall. If he's in anyway handy then some kind of isolation booth with heavy blankets or duvets draped over the top. You'd be surprised how effective they are. We've recorded loud guitars (and I mean loud - think a 120 watt 5150 amp cranked reasonably high). The bottom line is bare brick wall is not going to be good at absorbing sound, especially the frequencies that recorders and violins pump out.
  15. If sound is an issue then the roof and neighbour's wall will need attention. What kind of roof is on this room? The wall next to the neighbours will need some kind of soundproofing if noise is an issue. If the walls are bare brick wall then sound reflection will be an issue. Can you elaborate a bit more on the concerns and requirements ?
  16. Of course mate. There are plenty of things that I'd do differently and would hate to see someone make the same mistake!
  17. Power has now been hooked up. Blimey ... IT'S BRIGHT !!
  18. Floor is now down. Went down reasonably easy and had two planks left over when everything was done. Skirting board going on at the weekend.
  19. Latest update: The plastering got done in a day and took over a week to dry fully, even with the window open! The walls are really out of kilter to in parts, there was quite bit of plaster that needed to go on. Finally got round to painting when it dried. Bought some Leyland trade emulsion. BIG MISTAKE! I was hoping to use my Wagner spray gun but the paint was full of small lumps which continually blocked the spray gun. Eventually decided to use a roller instead. One mist coat and one normal coat did the trick. Toyed with the idea of giving it another coat but it didn't really need it. Bought the flooring second hand from Gumtree and bought the 7mm Royale Sonic Gold underlay which is the top of the range underlay for both soundproofing and temperature insulation. Flooring going down tomorrow.
  20. I bought a pair of AX7s second hand (not cheap!!) with the intention of using them in the home studio. I've read great reviews about them but sadly, they're stuck in a box until the studio is finished. I do realise this post is about as useful as the pope's knackers but hey ho.
  21. At least it'd drown out the din coming from within the studio! 😂
  22. Indeed mate, that was the number one consideration when it came to power. They're all double sockets too which also have USB power to them as well. If I had my way, I would have had more but we've only got one 32amp fuse spare in our house so the recomended number of sockets was around 20. I'm also limited to what I can run so no fan heaters, tumble dryers or kettles. The sparks reckons it should be perfectly adequate for what I'm using it for and said there's no problem using adaptors as long as I'm aware of the ampage of the equipment I'm using.
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