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  1. New song up SUNBED D***HEAD www.soundcloud.com/timjwilliams
  2. Hey man I dug this! It's great listening in to BCers SoundClouds and hearing their creations. I thought it has a nice balance to it idea wise. I've got a few ideas brewing in a similar vein. Just need the time to sit down and record them! You should keep writing tracks and see where it takes you. This whole Corona coaster has been a damning but productive time in some ways! I've been on a punk/hardcore trip this last month, whacking songs together quickly while they're still hot! Keep going with it!! Be nice to hear some more. Tim
  3. New song up ITV about TV addicts
  4. New song up County Lines
  5. Really enjoyed that! Nice UKHC sort of vibe to it. Chunky as f**k You certainly did your mate proud! I know what that's like, one of my best mates left this earth last August. It sucks. Cracking tune!
  6. Hi Sean! Hope you are well mate and good to see you're still knocking about BC. Ah man, my 400+ now you're taking me back 🙂 I think kiwi bought that off me. Yeah, this is a beautiful beautiful rig. The best I've ever owned without a doubt. It absolutely slays with a nice Pbass driving it. These days, I am doing a lot of recording, in my little home studio and can't see me gigging out for a while, I am getting more joy from producing and song writing, but do have a couple of rock/metal projects on the horizon (which may just stay as a studio thing) I would love a little amp for the house but it's not essential really with what I'm doing. That and a beautiful little 4 year old monster running around plus busy day job are eating up 90% of my time so any other spare time and I'm writing and tracking music speedily in the house and that keeps me happy these days. 🙂🙂
  7. Hi all I've started a one man band lockdown project called Instant Dismissal. All performed recorded and mixed by myself in the house. I will be releasing songs from my forthcoming EP 'Thrash Lives Matter' over the next month This is the first song 'Social Remedials' www.soundcloud.com/timjwilliams/social-remedials I hope any punks or hardcore fans enjoy 🙂 Tim
  8. Thanks man, yes I've got some nice monitors and panels and traps installed inside the house now, so it will be nice to free up space inside and take my studio outside to a different space. You've given me the get up and go to get things done now 👍🙂 Would love to gain some info regarding total cost (once you've finished) to get an idea of the dent in the wallet. I'll drop you a PM as your thread nears completion if you're ok with that. Tim
  9. This is amazing, I am sort of on the same path. At the moment I record and mix everything inside my house. I realised the other day that I could possibly do up and use the concrete garage we have here with a bit of TLC or even knock it down completely and start again with a completely new build. Can I ask what the dimensions of the building are going to be roughly please? My garage is currently 6m long x 3m wide internally, if I knock it down and start again I could rebuild to 10m x 3.5m. Ive spoke to a few studio design companies and they all said it's too small for purpose in terms of mixing and tracking. Wondering whether to stiff upper lip it and press on anyway, given the room I mix in indoors isn't an ideal size either and I'm getting good results. Definitely interested in the budget aspect of this and the sizes you've got. PS I've got a pug as well haha, she's 6 now and completely bonkers Cheers man Tim
  10. No probs mate just drop me your address in a PM and I'll get them out to you as soon as possible, likely post by Saturday at latest. I know the feeling dude, you're not alone 🙂 ATB Tim
  11. Morning all I have a brand new unopened pack of boomers that I would like to gift to someone who is short of cash. I would like these to go to someone who is struggling financially or is a young bassist unable to afford a pack of heavy gauge strings. I am not flush cash wise myself so all too well know how hard things are sometimes. Hit me up and I'll stick them in the post asap. Tim
  12. Thank you all! Food for thought there. I've ordered some GHS boomers to see how they translate. Of course my bass will need to be set up to accommodate. I have a Euro LX spector and two pbasses. The band is flat out metal and though I've always used my Spector in metal bands in the past, I may give my fender a look in this time round. Thanks again
  13. Morning all, It's been a while since I delved this low tuning wise on a 4 string bass. In fact it's been a while since I played bass regularly due to life etc. I'm now working on a remote project with old friends whereby the music requires this set up. I've never been a 5 string bass guy so my question is this: 'Recommend a set of strings for a 4 string bass to achieve a good tight sounding drop C set up' Instrument wise I have two US PB and a Euro LX Spector. I used to use this set up 16 or 17 years ago and now I find myself coming full circle, such is the way. However I've been so entrenched in standard tuning since then i can't remember how I set up exactly gauge wise etc. TIA Tim
  14. Reluctant sale : Owned from new since 2010 my green tolex mark 1 GT200 and black tolex 610. Serviced regularly, reliable and runs like a dream. New valves and serviced by Jeff a couple of years back and used sparingly since. This amp does it all. I last recorded an album with alternative band 'this' called 'hoc est' if anyone wants to hear it. Comes with dust covers and a custom made wheel trolley to manoeuvre rig with ease. Collection only and not prepared to split. If it doesn't sell i will be kinda glad. It's a monster. PM for further details.
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