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  1. Hi all I played bass on the album for Virginia based US rapper/artist Empuls. A very talented mc and nice guy so please check out the album and let me know what you think. https://empuls.bandcamp.com/album/annihilation-enterprise I recorded the bass with my spector euro 4lx with a catalinbread sft straight into reaper. Cheers BZ
  2. Hi Ben Where in Cardiff are you? I'm up in Pontypridd. Interested in the octave pedal. Is it still for sale? Cheers Tim
  3. The tx is an awesome pedal. Stunning sound and tweakability. I set mine between 4-8:1 release at around 3pm and attack to taste depending on what you want. My input is around 10oclock and the output around 2oclock. With a pbass and rounds.
  4. Scars has been reviewed briefly as a track of the week over at musicreletedjunk.com http://www.musicrelatedjunk.com/2017/08/best-and-worst-new-tracks-of-week.html?m=1
  5. Couple of reviews for anyone that's reading http://werockwebzine.co.uk/welsh-rockers-this-release-debut-single-scars-taken-from-debut-album-hoc-est https://gwentmusiccollective.com/2017/07/31/review-this-hoc-est/ http://www.destroyexist.com/2017/07/this-scars.html?m=1 Our first single is track of the day on lovemusiclovelife : http://lovemusiclovelife.com/track-of-the-day-this-scars/ We have an upcoming feature in next month's Buzz magazine as well. Cheers Tim
  6. Hi guys My band's new album 'Hoc Est' is now available. The website is streaming the first release. It is available to purchase on 180gm vinyl and cd with digital downloads coming soon. www.hocest.uk Cheers Tim
  7. Basszilla

    Which Fuzz help?

    Zoom ultra fuzz is a good one. Built in gate should you need one as well. Loads of flavours in one box
  8. Thanks both much appreciated. I've placed an ad on gumtree.
  9. Hi all, Just after a bit of advice really. I bought the aforementioned guitar from this very forum during 2010. It was bought by a member here and totally unused, and I bought it from him for £600 with the case so it is still in as new condition. I'm a terrible guitar player and it has been sat in it's case since then. It's the dual coil tap humbucker version, in natural finish with brass nut and black scratch plate. Any comments or ideas are welcome as i would like to put it up for sale soon to help with costs of the recent newborn in my life (and to free up some much needed space). Cheers Tim
  10. Beastly things aren't they. I always smash an sft into the front end just for a bit more articulation and poke. I've got an album coming out soon which I used mine on. Just had the test presses back from the vinyl plant, sounds awesome. If I had the cash I'd have a full backup rig as well ✌️
  11. How you getting on with the amp? Is that the mark 2 gt200? I've got a mk1 they are just phenomenal. Such great amps ✌️
  12. Funnily enough, my right ear is playing up right now. I'm putting warm olive oil in to soften any wax buildup, and am hoping to book a gp appointment next week to get it removed. The key thing is not to panic, which is sometimes easier said than done. Def get a referral to ENT though 👍
  13. Nirvana made an incredible impact on me as a youngster. Without them I very much doubt I'd be playing music now. I still love their albums to this day. I don't think Novoselic gets enough love, his basslines are fantastic and are a massive part of the whole sound. His nimble melodies on 'lounge act'for example, really serve the song well. Incredible band for me anyway.
  14. Cali76tx for compression & catalinbread sft for a little push
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