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  1. I'd say get it done. Original frets don't add much value to a bass IMO, not in the same way an original finish or pickups etc does. I think of them as a necessary replacement at some point in the life of a bass, similar to strings.
  2. I guess you could say Joe Dart. Prior to his signature model EB he used all sorts of budget/intermediate level basses to record with, including a Mexican Fender Jazz, Squier P and PJ basses, Carlo Robelli Stingray clone, Fender P Bass Junior and a few others.
  3. Really awesome, modern music is so bass heavy, some really cool grooves on the radio nowadays
  4. I'm in the market for something similar and some of the options I have been looking at (in addition to the ones you mentioned) include: - Fender Rumble 40 - Peavey Max 100 - Ashdown Studio 10 To my mind, a 10" speaker is the perfect size for home playing - you could maybe even get away with 8". I'll buy something that I can just fit nicely in the corner without it taking up too much space
  5. I don't like Class D heads, but the best one I've used (i.e. the one I have been the least disappointed with) was the Bugera Veyron Tube. Rated at something silly like 2000w, but realistically sounded about the same volume as a (very disappointing) Aguilar TH500 which I also later sold.
  6. Goodness me, there are so many other players more deserving of a signature instrument IMO. And I bet you the pickup pole piece alignment is awful
  7. Wasn't 'You Make Loving Fun' actually about an affair Christine had with the lighting guy or something?
  8. Cort do some really nice 5 strings with great pickups and preamps!
  9. Wow, really interesting. I think a 200hz bass frequency (while a bit on the high side) would be infinitely more useful and musical than one set at 40hz. Also a fan of the mid and treble ranges. Will be looking into this pre for def!
  10. Yeah I could never get my head around the EQ section on Aguilar heads, where the bass control is centred at 40hz. IMO this is much too low to be usable, and anything past around 10 o'clock on the Bass dial causes some seriously weird sounds out of 10" drivers.
  11. A wonderful track, heard it on the radio last week. Love those mixolydian vibes
  12. Very lucky that you lived at the same address!
  13. Working fine for me too, first time visitor.
  14. Not if it involves a sustained note on the 4th or 6th frets
  15. Nice to see they have corrected the offset G string, thereby eliminating the ubiquitous weak G!
  16. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. I know I've done a few pit gigs where you see huge extended notes spanning many bars. Probably the only circumstance I can imagine it being useful tho.
  17. Sadly I feel too many of these nights cost Squire his health
  18. +1. I think this is the biggest improvement from an engineering/physics perspective that has been made since the initial design. Beyond that, I'm not sure whether adding mass to the bridge makes much difference at all.
  19. Used to rinse the 'Fragile' album as a teenage aspiring bass player, Squire was very impressive. Tried listening to them again last year, didn't like them at all! And I thought prog was something you appreciate more as you get older. Still enjoy the ARW videos however, nice to see such intricate music played live so expertly.
  20. Agreed. I have watched a lot of interviews with rock dinosaurs where they often say 'I hate chart music but there's this singer called Lady Gaga who is actually quite good' as if no one else has heard of her.
  21. Hi all Got this recently through the Spotify promo and have no need for it! RRP £49 Great for connecting your phone to via Bluetooth and blasting Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music etc. Unopened, brand new in box. Asking £25 inc. P&P Danny
  22. Micky!!!! Should have known by the username! Hope you're well buddy
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