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  1. Marc Bolan turned crimes against rhymes into an art form, the list is endless "I've got a Rolls Royce because it's good for my voice" for some reason they seemed to work though or maybe we just got used to them
  2. alternatively, have you ever been to a great gig with rubbish sound? but yes a rubbish band can make the sound bad
  3. WD 40 is a safe option, our guitarist used nail varnish remover on his nearly new Gibson, it didn't end well 😂
  4. was it this one? shame the vocals are slightly out of sync almost all the live shows I've been disappointed in have been caused by a crap sound, I just stand there fuming, the evening ruined by a sound guy that hasn't got a clue about the type of sound the band needs, or is deafer than I am
  5. off topic I know, but you never hear Brother Louie on the radio these days, anything that touches on racism is automatically banned even if it's an anti racism message, same with Melting Pot by Blue Mink
  6. one that sets my teeth on edge is Macca's She's A Woman My love don't give me presents I know that she's no peasant Not keen on Mr Rotten's effort either I am the antichrist I am an anarchist ( mispronounced to make it rhyme) TBF it must have annoyed the hell out of him to have thought up the great couplet only to find it doesn't quite rhyme 😃
  7. Steve White out of the Bootleg Beatles, originally played right handed but learnt to play left handed to be more like Macca, https://www.chichester.co.uk/arts-and-culture/bootleg-beatles-head-portsmouth-and-guildford-834558
  8. just a thought, can you buy one from Thomann's and get it delivered to Africa?
  9. I've just bought a pair of Audio Technica WS1100is, because I've got big ears with behind the behind the ear hearing aids and they completely cover them, not cheap at ÂŖ190 but the best bass I've heard from headphones
  10. must admit I've never heard of him being gittish, not saying he isn't, any examples? my partners ex husband used to work at a TV studio and he said the same of Des O'Conner lovely bloke when the cameras were on, and an ar5ehole when they weren't
  11. so what you mean is, you wouldn't miss a single one of his songs, which is fair enough, not sure you're qualified to speak for the whole world
  12. yes it's a long haul, I'm halfway through episode 2, not so good ,they've just reached the cheesy cowboy films ☚ī¸, I've watched the later episodes and some of them are really good
  13. just starting a rerun on PBS America, freeview channel 84, Ken Burn's marathon history of Country Music, I'm not a massive fan of country but I've found it really interesting
  14. on BBC 2 in about an hour a Dave Grohl doc and a Foo Fighters gig
  15. I think most people think their era of music is the best, that is when they were teenagers and in their early 20's, usually, The Beatles are the exception to this rule more than most, but it does point to the general age on this forum that there are so many Beatle threads, and that some seem to think that Drake recorded my boomarang won't come back đŸ¤Ŗ
  16. indeed, the sound track from the Backbeat Band, from the film Backbeat is very punk rock
  17. pop music can be good, always has been, trouble is, when you get to a certain age it always sounds like something else you've heard before
  18. I bet he learnt it later, like a lot of things, if you can't see the point of it, it's difficult to stay focused
  19. absolutely, the whole being greater than the sum of the parts
  20. a lot my favourite Beatle songs are written by Lennon, Macca did do some good ones but was responsible for most of the average stuff, by Beatle standards anyway, have to agree with one of @neilp's comments, some of his lyrics were/are drivel, he's a lazy lyricist who tends to writes rubbish just to get a rhyme and too often strays into twee territory
  21. and she plays with a pick 😃
  22. I heard that as well, but I've never seen a photo of him playing a right handed Hofner upside down (the controls on top), is it not more likely that they were one of the few manufacturers that produced an affordable left handed model?
  23. lol, yes, silly me, doesn't help that the drummer was Pete Best 😂
  24. something like that, when Pete Sutcliffe left they needed a bass player and Paul was the one who was least against giving it a go
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