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  1. we found this, our last album was produced on vinyl and CD, we've sold far more CD's, while not regretting doing it on vinyl (it looks great on my lounge wall and I made a clock out of another copy 😀 ), sales were disappointing in that format and we'd think long and hard about repeating it
  2. I think most of ours will be perfectly happy with a CD, just trying to cover all the bases
  3. Cheers, so when I upload the CD to Bandcamp (we already have an account)we get 200 free codes that we could give a way with every CD purchased at a gig?
  4. We've got a few Festival gigs lined up this year as well as the usual pub gigs, so CD's are the best bet, just that the last CD we released I did have people saying to me "I haven't got a CD player". I hadn't thought about a download code with the CD, I'll have to investigate how this is done, through our website maybe?
  5. We're about to re release our long sold out first CD, remixed, bonus tracks etc. These days quite a lot of people don't have a CD player, so what's the alternative apart from downloads and streaming? which don't produce much revenue, and like a lot of small bands we sell most of our music at gigs Anybody tried selling them at gigs from a memory stick or something similar?
  6. just goes to show, one mans meat etc, I rate my Hondo, same model, see bottom of the previous page, I certainly wouldn't say it isn't a proper bass, I'm reasonable sure it was made at the Matsumoku factory and fitted with DiMarzio pick ups
  7. mine was a made in Japan Hondo professional, bought it off a mate for £40, flipped it as I'm a lefty, recorded our first album with it which has just been remixed and it sounds as dirty as hell, in a good way, for a punk band, I've still got it, it's worth so little why would I sell it? I can sound more like JJ Burnel with it than with my precision
  8. the problem with these offensive bands is that mostly they are joke bands, the joke does wear a bit thin after a while, I've seen the Macc Lads a couple of times and found them entertaining, but wouldn't bother going to see them again
  9. well I suppose anybody who buys one of his insruments doesn't have any knowledge of guitars, otherwise they wouldn't buy them, so they don't know whether they're good 'modifications' or not
  10. I would say £250 is overpriced, check out the completed listings on ebay
  11. you could always buy a 5 set then sell the other 4 to someone like me who only uses neon greens in 4's
  12. not at all, I added the word apparently to emphasise the opposite (very badly apparently) many people get in a lather about jokes about people of colour but jokes about white races seem to be ok in some people's minds, personally I think maybe the whole things it's gone too far, it is possible to poke fun at a certain group of people without upsetting them (or at least they can see the funny side), it seems that some get offended for others when the others aren't offended, if that makes sense. In my original 'west Indians' post I was playing Devils Advocate to a certain degree
  13. no, I use the bass muff, gain and tone 100, mode normal, bal 100, and then some separate EQ, it does depend on what other gear you're using as well, I use a P bass. I'll try the Marshall Superbass next time I'm experimenting with the different settings
  14. AC Bs Pre gain 50, Depth 9, level 50, Bass -6, L-Mid 10, LM_F 1.2K, Mid 0, H-Mid -10, Treble -10. BassDrive, Bass-10, Trebl -5, Prese -5, Gain 100, Blend 100, Level 40, Mid 5. You may not agree with me of course and it depends on what the Leeds pedal setting are
  15. I've used a Zoom B1on for years, it's not easy to adjust the parameters but in a way that's a good thing, stops you messing about with it during a gig, when you've really no idea how it's sounds out in the audience, but I only use the AC Bs pre and Bassdrive for my core sound and the Bass Muff for my Lemmy impersonation. I commented on another thread I recently got hold of a Tech 21 Leeds pedal (paid way too much, but GAS has to be scratched) I've got my Zoom to sound the same, near enough, so I'll be moving it on soon
  16. absolutely, just not the whole nation (or race), apparently it's very bad form to tell Irish jokes these days, or at least the ones that infer all the Irish are a bit dim
  17. I guess you are, funny old world
  18. I suppose being offensive is funny if you're not offended by it, if no one was offended by it it wouldn't be funny
  19. the other side of the coin, this modern music is rubbish, starting to sound like my Dad
  20. now I'm really offended, thought is was Ed doing a cover of this, what a disappointment
  21. I think stuff is only offensive if you don't really agree with it, which is a personal thing, for instance some wouldn't find Boris Johnson is a f**cking C***t offensive and think it's funny because they don't like Boris Johnson or his politics, but if the lyric were Jeremy Corbyn is a Jew Hating C***t, they might find it offensive, or least not funny. Some (most) find Right Wing bands offensive but some wouldn't. We do a Sid Vicious inspired My Way but the singer won't sing Sid's "I'm not a Queer" lyric, which, these days is probably a lot more controversial than the lyrics in Bodies, how times change Sorry if anybody has been offended by some of the things in this post
  22. I don't think so, but it has made me more aware of other people being bullies, I notice verbal bullying on here sometimes
  23. yes, another name for me was moon face, thankfully since those days I've got slimmer and my hair, never being that ginger, unlike other hair on my body 😆, has turned dark brown
  24. I had something similar, was the output transistors, cost me about £130, you could try bypassing the preamp by plugging into the effects return while using a FX pedal to boost the volume, if it still sounds distorted it means it's the power amp or speaker, try a different speaker if you've got one to see if that's the problem
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