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  1. ok I get that, but shouldn't the input gain be set as high as possible before clipping occurs (some amps like Ashdown have a VU meter for this), then control the volume with the master, it just seems a bit odd to me to do it the other way round, I would have thought it's best to give the preamp the best possible signal, maybe I'm missing something
  2. what is the difference between having the input gain on full (which I do using a passive P bass) and using the master volume to control loudness , or the other way round?
  3. I get this An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: 9vBEmKc67fJWnAMy) Learn More I use chrome, youtube plays ok when I go directly to the site, I've tried clearing the cache and rebooting my computer, i's the same on Fretboard
  4. well your right about that, as has been said before some of the old Trace amps are ridiculously loud and rated at 200 watts! but you would expect the same manufacturer to rate their amps the same way
  5. very confusing. As I've said before I had an ABM 500 EVO iii, was not impressed, soon move it on it seemed underpowered to me, maybe I got a duff one
  6. Ah! insider knowledge, that's right, but I always put that one on the bottom, I'm not bothered if someone else had owned or touched something, for instance I've never understood why some people want a new car, talk about paying through the nose, I'm quite happy with a 3 year old one, but I guess there wouldn't be any second hand ones if everyone was like me. Like @LeftyJ (I'm cack handed as well so the chances of trying before buying is pretty much zero) I always buy basses and other stuff like amps and speakers second hand, that way if you don't get on with them you can move them on without too much of a hit to the pocket, but thankfully some by new stuff
  7. what's the difference between the MAG and ABM ranges?
  8. it was worse for the top shelf mags 😂
  9. when I had a Newsagents, the number of people that came in and wouldn't buy the top paper in the pile, they always took one from lower down, always found it a bit odd
  10. that looks interesting, must admit I've never understood the logic of having a mix of rotary and slider EQ controls, getting close to relaunching the old Trace Elliots aren't they?
  11. seems the seller agrees (Cash Convertors) it's just gone up to £200
  12. Ashdown do seem a bit all over the place on power ratings, I had an ABM 500 EVO III that wasn't very loud, when compared to a TE 200 watt, but I've been assured that the ABM 600 EVO IV is very loud, just read a review (on here) about the retroglide 800 (there's one on ebay for £160) that said it was underpowered, yet the RM 800 seems to be considered very loud
  13. surprised the haven't evoked the "Musical instruments not covered" clause
  14. if somebody had the time to take out all slanderous and frankly unnecessary posts (a big job) it could be a worthwhile thread, I lost interest about half way through, it just turned into what a (insert any word you want) Mick Martin is fest, yeah we sort of know that, it doesn't need repeating a couple of hundred times
  15. it's bound to happen sooner or later that maybe because they got away with stuff years ago because there wasn't the same media scrutiny, today every mistake is analysed intensely because of 24 hour rolling news, they've got to talk about something
  16. there's a long list of political pink torpedo ups just from my memory, Wilson, devaluation, Heath, miners strike, Callahan had to go to the EMF to stop us going bankrupt, Thatcher, the Poll Tax, Blair, Iraq, the list goes on
  17. Politian's appear very capable when they haven't actually got much power, it can all unravel when they have
  18. Rosie coloured spectacles there, when we look into the past we tend only remember the good stuff
  19. nobody said there wouldn't be any short term disruption while everybody got used to new rules, some think it is worthwhile for the, hopefully, long term benefits, others use any problems as proof that we shouldn't have left the EU
  20. obviously this post didn't appear in everybody's thread
  21. Well I agree, I wouldn't buy vinyl now but I'm not a materialistic person, but a lot of people would and do, and if it puts more money into the pockets of artists I'm all for it, because streaming certainly doesn't
  22. I had a feeling this would turn into a discussion about sound quality, I've said it before, most people aren't that bothered about the nuances of the sound, took me a while but I realised your mood and the atmosphere are more important when listening to music, I bet most of us have really enjoyed a track more, played on a crappy pub jukebox because we've had a couple of beers and out with mates. If putting a record on a turntable and listening to the stylus hitting the vinyl increases your listening pleasure then so be it.
  23. all my bass playing heroes use a pick J J Burnel Bruce Foxton, Macca and playing in a punk band I've never even considered using fingers, I did try when we had to learn Stand By Me for a wedding but volume issues got in the way for just for one song, although I could have done it, and I can finger pick on acoustic guitar, when I see other bass players using fingers it never looks as cool to me (personal preference I know) and usually, but not always, the bass sounds a bit woolly to my ears. I use a luminous .94mm nylon Dunlops, used to use black 1mm but if I could never find them at dark pub gigs 😊
  24. I too thought the lyrics were good, a heartfelt blast at a ridiculously high tax rate, not sure what the conflict was, apart from an awful version of the song I think SRV just took out the "Taxman Mr Heath Taxman Mr Wilson" bit, politically neutral, though very dated which is probably why he left them out
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