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  1. Seems totally fair to me. Happy hunting...
  2. Ha ha... Great idea...(thanks). The trickiest situation was when I have bought new guitars, even though I give the courier instructions to deposit said item in the garage, there was the bigger problem of getting shot of all the cardboard packaging undetected. Especially as the axe in question has been a big hollow body!
  3. That's a shame, have you tried raising the pickup height? My pu is fairly low, maybe it's because it's an active circuit that it's punching out well.
  4. Yup, I'm really impressed with mine, especially now the new strings have bedded in. Has plenty of low end grunt now.
  5. Thanks, I even have a regular socially distance jam with a pal... probably a bit extreme, but we're both still alive and rocking!
  6. Hi Ricky, It's taken this long to respond to your post because the strings on this bass were absolutely shagged, not much of the nickel remaining. So I waited until my new strings arrived and give it a proper set up so to give it a fair hearing. TBH it sounded fine as it was despite the intonation being miles out and a massive curve in the neck, things could only get better. Stripped off the old strings and to my surprise the nut fell off! No evidence of glue in the recess. No matter as 80lbs of string tension will hold that baby firm. Plugged in and what a difference. Fingers zipping around the fretboard, sounds a bit over bright, but that's to be expected with new strings... they will soon mellow out. The bass itself is a nice weight, feels like a medium scale even though it's a long one. Gave it a good workout, and it proves to be a great all-rounder, the active circuit tone controls are simple and effective... Glad I bought it, a joy to play. Cheers... Col.
  7. Man, I wish I could retire! I get involved in so many projects that I simply run out of time. Can't place your bridge, but if you have a floating bridge amongst your stuff that I could incorporate into the cigar box guitar I'm building, then get back to me lol.
  8. Ha ha, No worries mate, and I DID get Wifey new shoes! (Guilt tripping in) Nowhere near the price of the bass, but as I really had a shyte couple of weeks at work, I needed cheering up big-time. ( How lame an excuse is that??? Especially after buying the Fender amp the week before, she was ok with that one though as I had sold my previous amp)...
  9. Hi folks, Had a Gumtree alert on my phone whilst practising last Sunday. Vintage brand Stingray active bass copy for £160. Looked good. ( You know how it is... I had bought a Fender Champion 100 twin amp the week before from a Gumtree ad, so once they have your number, they send you similar flavour ads). Fine by me, Contacted the guy, and he's only a few miles down the road...makes it easier for me to nip out, do the deal and sneak it past Wifey. It's a no brainer! Or so I thought. Wifey taps me on the shoulder, "Col, I need the car to take the grandkids out". Plan B. Need to wheel out my 100cc scooter once she drives off. Just hope I can carry the axe on two wheels. Challenge on. Coast clear and I whizz over to the sellers village. Pull over at the village pub and phone for closer directions. I ask him " I don't wish to offend, but d'you mind if I wear a mask?" " No probs bud". Next I am knocking on his door, he answers and hands me the bass, he is wearing rubber gloves. The bass looks great, still got the sellophane on the pickguard... but I need to play it. Then the guy says " d'you mind if you stay outside and I wheel an amp over to the porch?' " Course not mate, pays to be careful" Next thing he wheels over a Marshall stack as tall as me, and throws a cable over the top. So here I am standing in his front garden hooked up to this powerhouse of an amp. His neighbours are tending their lawns, washing their cars, kids riding bikes etc. Perfect urban summer scene about to be ripped apart by yours truly. (I have snuck the volume of this 300w Goliath up to five. Bit of Beatles "come together" riff followed by Sniff and the tears "driver's seat". Then distort on full treble for The Stranglers "Down in the sewer" for some real dirt. All the birds have fled the trees. Somewhere a baby is crying, and many dogs are barking... People are staring at me...think it's time to stop. " I'll take it mate" I hand it back and pay up, he returns it clad in bin liners. He says smiling " I recognised "come together, I'm a real Beatles fan". I would have liked to chatted to him for longer as I love all things Beatles too, but I need to stow this axe before Wifey gets home. Manage to balance it ok between my knees on the scooter, but to my horror the car is outside our house. Luckily the garage door is up, so I ride straight in and stow my booty. Just need to wait for her to shower later and I can retrieve my new bass and get it in the rack. Mission accomplished, but it was my wierdest buying experience ever. Good to know that other discerning folks are respecting the covid restrictions seriously though. Cheers Col.
  10. Cheers for that info mate, I really enjoyed their first album, better than Stoosh even! Great band.
  11. D'ddario chrome flats. 45-100s. Silky smooth and a nice thump!
  12. Cheers mate. Actually it was thanks to the the vid you posted " what's wrong with this truss rod". The fellow already had a tapered Allen key. Just had to fashion my own. Worked a treat! Many thanks. Col.
  13. Truss rod sorted. Thanks guys for all your tales and remedies. I was working in the garage today with my hand belt-sander when I remembered something else to do with it. I tapered the end of an Allen key/wrench down as squarely as possible. Unscrewed and lifted the neck of my old Encore E 83. Rod turned first time. 3/4 turn did the trick. Brilliant result. Thanks the poster who suggested this method.
  14. Thanks musicbassman for your opinion. Strangely enough, I slowly came around to the same thoughts about keeping original. Good excuse to get another bass too!!!
  15. Hi folks. I own an old 89/90 Encore P bass, and thought I would ask advice on modding...harnesses and pickups etc. She deserves brightening up. I've had her for years. All advice welcome. Please share your ideas. Cheers Col.
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