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  1. Larry_M


    Bought a speaker cable from Nick. All quick and easy. Thanks indeed!
  2. Bought a Fishman preamp DI from Richard. Super speedy, packed perfectly and in immaculate condition with box and all. Thanks indeed!
  3. Hi TMF - sorry for being slow - I've only just seen your post. Won't ship to Madrid (or anywhere) sorry. If I come across a decent box for shipping then I'll change that.
  4. Bought a pedal from John. Super well packaged, as new, and all easy as pie.
  5. I bought a little behringer mic pre-amp from Jack. Arrived quickly and packaged perfectly. A pleasure indeed.
  6. Bought some leads from Frank and it was all easy and a pleasure. The leads were in tip-top condition, superbly packaged, and he dispatched them instantly (above and beyond the call!) Can't recommend him highly enough.
  7. If you know how to fix an amp then this is probably a bargain. If you don't then it would make a nice ornament. This is my MB200 that I bought new a long time back. It stopped working about two years ago. I bought another one from this parish and haven't gotten around to getting this fixed. So this has just sat around carefully stored. In spite of my best intentions I've finally had to accept that I'm probably too lazy or hopeless to get around to having it repaired. So here we are. £80 if you want to collect it. £90 incl postage to mainland UK. Pics below. A few scratches from use. The headphones / line out jack doesn't accept a lead any more, but I guess if you know what you're doing that's easy to fix. It won't come with a kettle lead. The big issue is that a little thingy has burned out. Pics show what it is - one is obviously the actual board, the other (PDF) is the board from the manual. Based on the pics I had a quote of "probably about £70" to fix it. MB200 board image.pdf
  8. This is a great little acoustic bass with inbuilt pre-amp & tuner. I love it. Mostly I've just played it at home and it's only done a couple of gigs. I wouldn't be selling it except that I need to buy a car and so a few things have to go. It's in great condition. Could probably do with a set up. Depending on how you play there is sometimes the tiniest bit of buzz on the frets but it's never bothered me. Taylor web info here: https://www.taylorguitars.com/guitars/acoustic/gs-mini-e-bass GAK info here: https://www.gak.co.uk/en/taylor-gs-mini-e-bass/904810 I don't have box for posting so collect from SE5/Brixton or central-ish London or anywhere in York. Happy to travel reasonable distance for a tenner. I can post more pics if anybody wants to see more detail.
  9. This is a bargain for a great amp. If I didn't already have one I'd buy it. GLWTS!
  10. Here’s a 15” speaker that’s free to a good home. Here’s everything I know about it. I bought it from a very nice bloke a couple of years ago. He thought it might be a celestion speaker in it, but who knows. I guess it’s 8 ohm (as someone has written 8 near the 1/4” jack). I’ve only used it at home and seems to work fine. The cab is not a cosmetic masterpiece but it’s fine. Handle on top is good. It’s only got the single 1/4” jack H 68 cm x W 56 cm x D 28 cm (all approx). Weight? If the carnival had a “guess the weight of this cab” competition I’d say 14kg. (But I’ve never won a guess the weight of anything competition.) You’ll need to collect from York.
  11. Dave just bought my Trace Elf. All easy and smooth sailing. Couldn't have been better.
  12. Time to sell. Dropped this to £180, incl post to UK mainland.
  13. Finally got around to putting up pics with amp in box.
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