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  1. I've got a spare ticket for Black Deer festival (17-19 June). It's weekend ticket with camping. Selling for £190. It cost me £196 and they are now into the final run of sales so tix are £213. The tickets are print-at-home so I can email it to you. However, they haven't yet emailed the tickets to me so if you buy it you'll have to pay and then trust me to send it on. But see my feedback - I promise I'm trustworthy! They don't say when they will email tix out but I guess a couple of weeks before the event.
  2. Silly price drop now to £150 collected. I've gotta get "sell the uke bass" off my to-do list but I'm not yet crazy so £150 is absolute lowest price. Goes to ebay if it doesn't sell here.
  3. Tiger cajon case in pretty much perfect condition. 53cm x 33cm x 33cm (internal dimensions based on web site spec) I used it for a Barefaced One10 cab and it was very handy. I've no longer got the cab so this is surplus. Pic shows how the cab fits - enough room to also throw in a few leads or a little head like a Trace Elf or GK MB200. £15 includes post to UK mainland.
  4. I have let my selling efforts slide on this. Still £210 posted but £180 if you can meet / collect Brixton-ish or central London.
  5. Bought some strings from Lawrie - brand spanking new as promised and all super quick and easy! Thanks!
  6. Will mark ad as sold when I’m back at a computer. Can’t work it out on the phone …
  7. “Have no need”. I’m impressed at your willpower. If I based my purchases on that approach I’d be much wiser …
  8. And sold. Yep. I feel like I should have a big Crazy Bargains sign at the front door.
  9. Thanks. I haven't played this one enough to say whether strings get sticky or not. Whatever strings I've got on my old one get sticky. I solve it by rubbing talc on strings and fingers, which also sits well with me as I'm too cheap to bother with a new set. But then when beer is consumed there is talc all over the shop .... that might be a reason my old uke is a bit battered.
  10. A Purple Chili 1 x 12 cab. It has a tweeter but I'm pretty sure the guy I bought it from said he got the tweeter disconnected. 53cm high x 50cm wide x 35cm deep. Weighs about 13kg. I bought it for a project that what with lockdown just never happened so it's time to sell it. It sounds great. It looks great. Couple of scuffs but that's all. It comes with a cover that is of a quality so good I'd put it down as a luxury item. My roqsolid covers on other cabs look at this cover in the same way (us) bald men look at a thick head of hair: we're good with the way we are but still occasionally amazed at how lush other heads can be. £210 includes post to UK mainland. I won't send outside the UK. Not interested in trades. If you can collect from York I'll knock off £20. THE SILLY PRICE DROP: I'm moving house and this has really gotta go. If you can collect it from York (preferably on 14, 15 or 16 Jan, but a bit later maybe) then you can have it for £80. If you want it posted £150.
  11. Here's a very nice Kala u-bass in great condition. The model is FS and I think it's from about 2010-2012. It matches what it is says in this review: "Note that the pickup system is completely passive: There’s no preamp, no volume control, no EQ knobs, not even a passive tone—just plug a cord into the endpin jack, fire up the amp, and you’re off." I've had it a couple of years. I bought it with the intention of replacing my battered old countryman uke. it's great but I've barely played it. I have a sentimental attachment to the battered old one so I may as well move this on. Comes with spare strings and a strap. Price includes postage to UK mainland. I won't send it outside the UK. Not interested in trades. If you want to collect I'm in south London (Brixton-ish) or can meet Brixton or central London. 11 May: Still £210 posted but £180 if you can meet / collect. 21 May: Well, silly price drop. Won't post it at all now - had to use the box for something else. But it's £150 if you can collect it from Brixton-ish or central London. If it doesn't sell here then it goes on to ebay.
  12. Luna travel sized acoustic guitar. Steel strings. Bought during lockdown and not so much needed now. Specs are on the Gear For Music site (where I bought it from): https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Luna-Safari-Bamboo-Travel-Acoustic-Satin-Natural/2AUH I don't have a case or a box. You'll need to collect from York. Can meet at the station if that helps.
  13. Sold a Barefaced One-10 to Brian. Great comms, all super easy, a pleasure to deal with - thanks!
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