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  1. Thanks. I haven't played this one enough to say whether strings get sticky or not. Whatever strings I've got on my old one get sticky. I solve it by rubbing talc on strings and fingers, which also sits well with me as I'm too cheap to bother with a new set. But then when beer is consumed there is talc all over the shop .... that might be a reason my old uke is a bit battered.
  2. A Purple Chili 1 x 12 cab. It has a tweeter but I'm pretty sure the guy I bought it from said he got the tweeter disconnected. 53cm high x 50cm wide x 35cm deep. Weighs about 13kg. I bought it for a project that what with lockdown just never happened so it's time to sell it. It sounds great. It looks great. Couple of scuffs but that's all. It comes with a cover that is of a quality so good I'd put it down as a luxury item. My roqsolid covers on other cabs look at this cover in the same way (us) bald men look at a thick head of hair: we're good with the way we are but still occasionally amazed at how lush other heads can be. £210 includes post to UK mainland. I won't send outside the UK. Not interested in trades. If you can collect from York I'll knock off £20.
  3. Here's a very nice Kala u-bass in great condition. The model is FS and I think it's from about 2010-2012. It matches what it is says in this review: "Note that the pickup system is completely passive: There’s no preamp, no volume control, no EQ knobs, not even a passive tone—just plug a cord into the endpin jack, fire up the amp, and you’re off." I've had it a couple of years. I bought it with the intention of replacing my battered old countryman uke. it's great but I've barely played it. I have a sentimental attachment to the battered old one so I may as well move this on. Comes with spare strings and a strap. Price includes postage to UK mainland. I won't send it outside the UK. Not interested in trades.
  4. Luna travel sized acoustic guitar. Steel strings. Bought during lockdown and not so much needed now. Specs are on the Gear For Music site (where I bought it from): https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Luna-Safari-Bamboo-Travel-Acoustic-Satin-Natural/2AUH I don't have a case or a box. You'll need to collect from York. Can meet at the station if that helps.
  5. Sold a Barefaced One-10 to Brian. Great comms, all super easy, a pleasure to deal with - thanks!
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Jamie just bought a short scale bass from me. Meeting up was easy and comms great. Highly recommended!!
  8. Ta. It is indeed a nice little bass.
  9. I bought a Sadowsky SBP-2 from Marc. All super quick and easy, pedal in immaculate condition! Thanks indeed.
  10. Paul bought an MXR preamp DI from me. All super quick, easy and smooth sailing. Highly recommended - thanks indeed.
  11. Thanks for that Frank - I’m hoping so! They are great little cabs.
  12. If anyone is looking for a cheap short scale I’ve just put an SX up for sale. Link is here
  13. This is a really nice cheapy short scale. It just hasn’t had the use I thought I’d give it so time to move it on. I bought it new in 2019 from Scayles in Edinburgh. It is in pretty much mint condition. I’ve only played it a little but at home. I don’t have a gig bag for it. I’ve got a hard case you can have for £40. It’s a full size case and in good nick, though a few strips of gaffer on it (so easily identified) that have gotten a bit dusty. It also holds a standard fender precision and I guess all sorts else. It’s a good fit for this short scale though. I looked for a smaller hard case or a good gig bag that would fit it but could never find one. Eventually I decided that the only option was a full size case. But if you’re wanting to look then below the pics I’ve pasted in my tape measured specs that I did when hunting for a case. Collection from London SE5 or happy to meet at a tube somewhere in zones 1-3. And the case: And here’s how it measured for me. Lengths: Total length: L 42.1” (1070mm) excl strap button. Body length top side: 17.5” (450mm) (excl strap button) Body length bottom side: 14.5” (370mm) Nut to top of headstock: 9” (230mm) (same as full size). Widths: Upper bout: 10.5” (270mm max) Lower bout: 12” (304mm)
  14. Here’s a silver cloth one-10. Comes with a roqsolid cover. Has feet on bottom and on the sides so it can sit horizontally or vertically. I bought it new in 2019 but just haven’t really used it much other than a couple of gigs and then just at home. As you’d expect, it’s in great condition except for the tolex peeling a little bit. (I’m sure it will be explained on a thread somewhere but it remains a mystery to me how you can make such great cabs but with that persistent peeling problem. But it seems it’s inevitable.) I’ve also got a padded Tiger cajon bag for it which is yours for another £15. Pics show it - a good fit with room for a small-medium class D amp and a few leads. Not a perfect fit but it was the best I could find after quite a bit of research. Happy for you to have a look before deciding either way. Collection from London SE5 or happy to meet somewhere near a tube within about zones 1-3. Or I’ve now found a box and for £10 will send couriered to mainland UK only. And here’s the fit in the cajon bag
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