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  1. No.... I don’t think I could part with mine.....!
  2. I never knew that. Thank you. Lovely looking bass.
  3. Can I ask, what’s the other routered area for? Apologies in advance if I’m being gormless.... I had a big night last night!
  4. That looks bloody lovely......
  5. These are lovely to play. GLWTS
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Ooooh...... interesting bass..... Really nice. GLWTS
  8. Good morning all..... I just thought I’d conclude the ‘72 P’s journey to the French Alps. In the end, Stephane put the money directly into my bank account. I packaged the bass in a bicycle box, which took some packaging but I’ve now lost that old King size quilt that was in the loft. I had to organise the pickup time with UPS. They arrived. The bass left and it’s now with Stephane and he is chuffed to bits. Happy days.
  9. He’s serious......!!!!!
  10. Totally with you there...... I just tried to buy the red one from the BG but the last one went in the week. They're gonna call me. Pretty excited.
  11. Thanks hubrad. I’m very excited. I’ve got some old Labellas here too. Yipee.....!!!
  12. Thank you for this, lownote12. That is top advice. I love the look of the unlined neck. 10mm is a lot.....!
  13. Good morning guys and gals. I played a Revelation fretless before the lockdown & it was lovely to play. I always wondered that I’d sound rhubarb at first but it was so much fun to play, sliding around on this lovely piece of wood. This is the bass I’m thinking of buying.... https://thebassgallery.com/products/revelation-rpb-65-fretless Could any of you cats recommend any other, nice starter fretless basses out there? I was going to have a fretless neck made for my P bass, by Limelight but somebody has just gone and bought the bass. I’d love something that I stood half a chance of creating a double bass tone on, in the end. Big love to all, Chewie
  14. I played one of these in a local music shop and man, it was so nice to play..... it was fun too. I’m thinking about starting my fretless journey with the red version of this...... https://thebassgallery.com/products/revelation-rpb-65-fretless
  15. Wow! What a stunning instrument. I’m surprised this is still here. GLWTS Lawrie.
  16. No worries Riva, Our European brothers and sisters need us.
  17. That’s the crux of it, I think. The seller has to be willing and capable. You’re praying that they’re excellent. The onus is on them completely. They have to source the box, package it, wait for the courier et cetera.... Insure it correctly...... it’s time, expense and effort..... exchange rates, language barriers (to a certain extent)..... Im the seller/vendor in this instance & there is an element of trepidation to it.
  18. Thank you for this buddy. What's the best way for me to get paid, in your opinion? Kr
  19. A video call/FaceTime is a great idea. Thank you
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