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  1. I'm still in awe of the Thundergun. That such a quality bass can remain relatively unknown, especially in today's world of internet communication, is somewhat hard to believe. As for the Squier, not exactly a beater bass, just a bit of a joke calling it that.
  2. Some bassists have more, some have less, of course. Other than that, there's no way just one or two or even three would work for me. The last two are expendable...very nice basses, but.. (Just sold my Epiphone Thunderbird Vintage Pro last Sunday to someone who'll play it every day. Better than sitting in a gig bag, right?)
  3. I bought this one some years ago when I first started playing. Still one of my favorite Fenders...don't buy into that "Fender PJs don't sound like a real P bass and the J pickup is weak!" nonsense. This is still one of the few Fenders I could see myself owning and I regret selling it.
  4. I wrote Fender a few years ago telling them to change the name from Sonic Blue to Barely Blue and they told me it was a ridiculous suggestion!
  5. Ridiculous name, but more and more eight-year-old kids are playing bass these days, so... Obviously aimed at spoiled rich kids who tell their parents they want it, and they want it now! Doesn't matter if it's forgotten two or three weeks after it arrives...it's meant to collect dust. Other than that, what do we have...an Ibanez Jet King copy with the Atlansia ARC pickup. Let's not forget, whoever made it suffers from LAMS. Not to mention that's not clown vomit, this is...
  6. I wish they'd bring back the LPB '50s P bass. Seriously, Blonde or Two-color Sunburst? I mean, I don't expect this, but...
  7. More metal-flake basses! (By the way, I set it and forget it!)
  8. What about the Kiloton? Passive but potent.
  9. I can't imagine Squier making anything quite as good as the Crafted In China CVs from 2015 or so, but these are a step in the right direction.
  10. Have you tried black tapewounds? There's a reason I have them on six basses.
  11. Yet I've found the best bargains of all time on Reverb this past year and a half. $1,350 $450 $500
  12. I tried them when they first came out. Completely uninspiring, but I can easily imagine someone grabbing a red or green one simply because of the finish, and letting that weigh heavily in their evaluation of feel and tone. Sorry, I think it's a $399 bass with a $699 price tag...but isn't that what it's all about? One more thing, it doesn't look like a Ric!
  13. Here's my Italia Imola. I'd choose having an Imola over a signature G&L, Fender, Music Man or any other bass because it's not a Big-Name brand. It is an excellent jazz bass, though, and I think it deserves more recognition. I wouldn't mind having either the red or blue one...belive me, no other mods necessary.
  14. The Player Series basses are okay...I've played quite a few, but they just don't move me. I thought you might want something better than okay. The Vintera basses are definitely a step up.
  15. Not a color you see all the time, and you 𝘤𝘢𝘯 order it custom, but they do pop up from time to time on Reverb. If you do go custom, I'd suggest getting in contact with Jason. Just helped someone I know on Facebook order this. https://www.facebook.com/jasonfretnation
  16. Vintera in that color. Sorry, but the Player series basses are off the radar.
  17. Doesn't get any better than this.
  18. Only signature bass I've ever considered was the LPB Squier James Johnston Jazz, and only because it was a Classic Vibe with a matching headstock. Would've preferred it without the signature, though. Looked for quite a few years without luck. When they do pop up, they're selling for $200 more than they did when they were new...even the less than perfect ones. Fortunately, I found this instead, so I won't have to worry about an unnecessary signature on the headstock. (Same bass, different color.)
  19. Nash is a big favorite, but their prices aren't for the faint of heart. There's a company called Vintage that makes some reasonably priced relics...I see several for $599 right now. Jazzmanbass on Ebay will relic a bass for $299 and sells the ones he makes for under $1,000...good-looking stuff I've considered in the past. For me, however, I'd go with EastGlove for $1,000 or so. I almost bought one last year but I went with a very nice Bacchus Woodline, instead...rare to see them for sale in the US. Some people might say EastGlove relics are a bit extreme, but I think they're works of art.
  20. Are you a left-handed bassist? Did you just find your dream bass but it's a right-handed bass? Due to the scarcity of "special" left-handed basses, are you considering settling for one regardless of logistics?
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