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  1. IIRC the Encore E83 was made of ash blocks glued together, like the Sunn Mustang basses were. The E84 was either a 2 or 3 piece body which not only looked good, but the hardware was gold instead of chrome.
  2. If the bass has a sentimental attachment then wanting to upgrade it, is down to the owner & their wallet. Encore did a E84 model bass which had a natural ash body, a few people bought these and upgraded the neck to a Fender version.
  3. MY 1964 Hofner Violin Bass bought in Nov 88, & has been with me ever since. This is my most cherished possession 😍.
  4. First one I'd go with Aria the second one maybe Greco or Univox.
  5. Loved the 80s & the basses from that era, enjoy your bass 😎.
  6. Really glad the bass was OK, it's a stunner. Hope you have many years playing it 😎
  7. That's in good condition for it's age.
  8. Here is my 1989 S9 MIK Squier Precision with a nice gloss neck and, licensed by Schaller machine heads & a heavy plywood body. It was bought by my Girlfriend twice for me in 1998, & again in 2008 when I was lucky enough to get it back from my friend who I sold it to. It now resides in a padded gig bag in the loft as it doesn't get played much &, I'm not a fan of the thinner Squier bodies.
  9. luckman67


    Beautiful looking bass 😎
  10. Beautiful bass you have there Paul The B-301 was the first bass guitar I ever held or had a go on back in late 1986, The guitar shop were I used to live had a secondhand one in & the owner, let me hold and pluck a few notes on it happy memories I loved the way that bass looked. A few months later I went back and bought a secondhand Marlin Sidewinder, & had a quick go on the Guild again I was so dissapointed in my purchase. Hope it serves you well 👍
  11. Another vote for finding an 80's Peavey USA made bass, I bought this 86 Foundation almost 3 years ago, for £350. An amazing bass for the price 😎.
  12. Mines still all in the case sealed and unused since I got, my Am.Std Precision back in Jan 2015.
  13. Fender was always one of the best for case candy.
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