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  1. The headstock on the 2014 Am,Std is also thicker than the 62 re-issue. I love my 2014 Am.Std
  2. Same here so glad I bought my 2014 Am.Std Precision even if it was unseen & untried 😁. The necks on these are fabulous with the rolled edges and reinforced graphite rods, and I really like the Custom Shop pickups in them as well, I prefer the Am.Std over the Pro which replaced it. 😎
  3. First time I knowingly felt a rolled edged neck was on the neck of my 2014 Am.Std Precision 😎.
  4. First bass was a Marlin Sidewinder with a matching, Marlin 15 watt combo back in 1987, My first bass rig though was a Peavey T-40 & a HH Valve sound 100 watt head with a matching 2 x 15 cab. And for some unknown reason a separate 1 x 15 cab. This was back in 1988.
  5. I missed one a couple of years back in sunburst with a gig bag, £100 from Music Express. I thought I'd find loads at that price only to find that they were, a well kept secret & then the prices started to creep up. I can't complain though my 86 Foundation with OHSC delivered, was less than a new Squier VM Jazz.
  6. This is the video that made me want to find an 80's Peavey Foundation, in the classic Black & Maple look 😎
  7. Yes ex member of the Marlin Sidewinder KB-24 owners club. Ply body bad electronics & that dodgy 12th fret inlay.
  8. Been there and the other daft thought is "I can always find another one" 😀
  9. Lovely sunburst. Hindsight can be a cruel thing when you, regret letting something go only to want it back.
  10. I loved the body & headstock shape more than anything, I always thought that it was Peaveys best design. Your right about the sound of the SF pickups in both basses not much really to separate them, bar for the 80's body being Maple & the 90's being Alder IIRC.
  11. I to owned a T-40 which was sadly stolen. I also had a few other Peavey basses including a 1992 Foundation like yours, but I preferred the 80's versions more, even though the 90's version was lighter.
  12. I have had a lot going on at work recently so playing bass has been hit & miss for a while. Anyhow I've been moving things around this morning and opened up, the case containing my 1986 Peavey Foundation bass. So I tuned it up and gave it a quick clean & put it through my Fender Rumble 200 combo I had forgotten how, good and easy this bass felt to play & how well made they were as well. Will be playing this a lot today
  13. Stunning looking bass, love the big 70's logo 😎
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