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  1. Forgot about this one - Larry Grenadier is a great player:
  2. I'm contemplating an ultra-light setup of an Ear Box plus a small amp like a BAM 200. I'm always surprised at how loud the DB is acoustically when someone else is playing it so I figure that if the Ear Box works for monitoring then I can ditch the combo at some gigs.
  3. @Bilbo Sounds like you're happy with the Ear Box - do you find it helps with intonation? Reason I'm asking is that I struggle to hear myself at gigs and end up playing down the low end of the neck just to be safe. I have a Realist pickup so I was thinking of taking getting an Ear Box and taking it out of my GK combo for small gigs.
  4. Nice! The live album Alone Together is just the two of them and is a lovely example of duo playing
  5. Good choice. I really like his playing on all those Coltrane Impulse albums - Crescent also has some really nice stuff, as does the recently 'rediscovered' Coltrane album, Both Directions At Once
  6. Anything with Christian McBride is well worth hearing. There are s couple of recent recordings with him playing with Chick Corea that are excellent, but his own bands are also really good. The Bad Plus are also great, lots of stuff on YouTube...
  7. That looks nice. I haven't got any money, bah.... I simultaneously hope that you do and don't sell it Joking aside, if anyone is looking for a setup for the quieter end of the gig-spectrum this looks like a great setup at a really good price.
  8. Some of the best recordings I can think of are the Miles Davis ones from the late 50s, Cookin', Relaxin', Steamin' and Workin' (you can get them all on one compilation called "The Prestige Sessions" I think). They were all recorded at the same couple of sessions and they're mostly standards with the incomparable Paul Chambers on bass. For learning walking bass I'd say they're better than Kind Of Blue because the tunes are more typical of what you'll play at a jazz jam. Somethin' Else by Cannonball Adderly is also a lovely album with the definitive version of Autumn Leaves. There are hundreds more but these are great to start with.
  9. It's worth checking out to see if it works for you. Scott has a lesson where he talks about it:
  10. It could be worth trying Simandl (1-2-4) fingering where the little finger is always supported by the third. It'll require some adjustment in your playing but it's a well tested technique and it'll work on any bass guitar since it's designed for double bass.
  11. I think the 'cultural appropriation" argument is a bit of a strawman - most examples of this are usually drummed up by certain papers trying to get everyone angry about "PC gone mad" etc, whereas in reality I can't see anyone objecting on these grounds. I think what's more relevant is whether you feel that your band call pull off a song like this, given its very dark subject matter. Maybe have a listen to some of the other versions and see what kind of arrangements they've done, and see if one of them feels more comfortable to play?
  12. As an aside, you can make a BG sound more like an organist's left hand by using an octave pedal
  13. The upper chord extensions also give you a guide as to what scales will work over the chords. So for example, a #11 means that it'll be one of the Lydian scales, whereas a 7b9 chord means that a half/whole diminished scale will work. I'm not saying that you should just run up and down the scales for your bass line, but I find that it helps me to have the scale 'under my fingers' when I'm playing a walking line.
  14. I think it's worth listening to what he wants from the bassline, but then explaining that the detail is down to you, plus you reserve the right to try things that are completely different.
  15. The Vox Amplug is not a high-end piece of bass gear, but if you just want to noodle around on your bass when you can't be arsed to plug in a proper amp it's fine.
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