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  1. How is the neck attached? It doesn’t seem to be bolt on as it’s missing the screws. It’s not neckthrough. Is it glued into the pocket?
  2. Great amp. Top seller. For what it’s worth, I recommend both highly! 😬 If I didn’t already have two Thunderfunks (Thunderfi ?) I’d be all over this!
  3. Resurrecting my thread with a bump!
  4. I’ve noticed a few things.... My icon has disappeared. I’m pretty sure I used to have a ‘sig’ on each post, which I assume have been removed for everyone? ...and I used to have a Feedback thread, which the search function isn’t finding now. are these problems which anyone else has been suffering? Andy.
  5. Just collected a Schroeder 1212L from Andy. It was nice of him to agree to bring the deal to a halfway point, to make it possible. Appreciated. Nice chap. my thanks Bud. GremlinAndy.
  6. Still willing to buy this cab if delivered. I looked into couriers but the only suggestion that anyone had was Hermes.
  7. I’d love this cab, but the delivery is a problem. I don’t have the option to collect being type 1 diabetic. (Under isolation rules for another month) These cabs are the mutts nuts guys, and at that price is a steal imo.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Wait... what was the original question again? 🤣
  10. Yep. I’ll take that, at £100 posted, if that’s ok.
  11. You should re-name the sale to "Punk Ready" bass.
  12. Have all, or perhaps many, of the sh*tty ones been parted out, or otherwise been weeded out, and the good ones are still players?
  13. sh*t. Yep. You're right! So he was using flanger on Dancin in the moonlight at that time then. Of course that makes sense!
  14. [quote name='Wayne Firefly' timestamp='1493805548' post='3290740'] I agree with everything you have said here. If I'd known it was going to take so long upfront, I'd have just gotten on with waiting. If I could find a good used price Legacy or another good Sonus, I'd probably go for it haha !! [/quote] Exactly. I'm not impatient. If they'd told me a more accurate estimate of when I could expect it, that would have been ok. The problem is that you get to a point where you're just waiting for the email saying its on its way. But it doesn't come. And the months tick by. And still, nothing. Then silence. All pretty nerve racking. It's a very poor way to develop a good reputation for customer service. I'd have difficulty recommending Zon based on that, but the basses are *pretty good*. 😜
  15. Hmmmm. A vintage CE-1. Interesting. I'll consider that, but I have a chorus somewhere. I'll try that first. I just can't put my hands on it right now dammit! 😂
  16. I just did a bit of history checking... The 'Fighting' album was released in 1975 Electric mistress was first issued in 1976 Its possible that the effect was generated in the studio by the tape slowing method, but somehow I don't think so... It feels to regular, more like a pedal type effect. So I reckon it was an *earlier* effect. I know Lynott used Flanger on the '79 Black Rose album for "waiting for an alibi" But Downtown Sundown sounds less pronounced than a flanger or phaser IMHO. So I'm tending to think you may be right Higgie... Chorus methinks.
  17. I thought the same, ...it's not quite as 'aggressive' and up-front as a phaser. Andy Summers had an awesome and very identifiable sound and technique. Love it!
  18. Hah hah... I do like the Schro's. 2 x 1515L 2 x 1212L 2 x 21012 It gives me "options". From Jam night, "easy carry" to "monster rig of double doom, with an extra portion of trouser flap"! Lol.
  19. Bought a voicelive rack unit from George. Lovely fella. Great comms and a speedy well packed delivery. I'm not going to get a chance to check it for a while, but it says a lot about his reputation, that I'm not even in a hurry, as I fully trust him! Great doing business with you buddy. Thanks again. Andy.
  20. Oh and feel free to suggest your thoughts on the best pedal(s), to get that sound if price was no object!
  21. Fat warm tone with a swirly effect. What is that effect? Is it phased, flanged, chorused? I feel like I should know this, by listening. But I must be getting old.
  22. Oh. Sorry. I only just noticed this thread. It was me who had difficulty getting my hyperbass... Mine is almost the exact same story as yours. Paid upfront. Ended up being about 8 months late as I recall. No mails or explanations. In the end Joe had said it was being packed for delivery. Still didn't arrive. I tried phoning, and more emails... eventually they said, it's being finalised (?) and that they didn't want it to go out until they were happy with it... All of which would have been perfectly fine, if they'd just told me a date with 8 extra months built into it. Like you, I was over four grand into them, and wasn't getting the customer service I felt I deserved. Just semi regular emails and all would have been fine. In the end it did turn up, and it's awesome. As is the 6 string fretless (non-hipshot) hyperbass I got later. And the Old Legacy I picked up later still, at a good used price... great basses. Are Zons worth the wait? Possibly, if you build a ridiculous amount of time contingency into your expectations of how long it's *REALLY* going to take!
  23. What's the reason for trying to put it between the amp and speaker? A DI like the one in your picture just sits between your guitar/bass and the amp, and the xlr output goes to the desk. It doesn't get much simpler... Or maybe I'm missing something?
  24. Well, I had the weekend to give it a bash. All in the house using PJ Bass "Bighead" and some Audi Technica headphones. I like it. It's capable of so many sounds. So many that it could do with programmable channels to store more than one. I actually like the sound of it when the gain is *almost* minimum. It adds an edge and harmonics without being too obvious. That's a sound not really covered at all in the demo mentioned above. I have been searching for the right sound for me for a long while... I currently own, Darklass B3K and Vintage, Black Cat OD-1, Aguilar Agro (rack), Aguilar Tone Hammer (ags), Suhr Riot, EHX Bass Soul Food. And probably others I can't think of right now... And the DSM has it for me. It's a single pedal that kind of does it all. It may not be right for you, because I think OD, Distortion, Fuzz is so very personal. Until the DSM I was favouring the cheapest pedal in the list above, the Bass Soul Food. I don't play metal or doom, so I don't want too much of anything really, and I found the SF the easiest to control. So in summary, I love the DSM, and it's probably more capable than I'll ever need, but right now it's the only one which will make my pedalboard.
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