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  1. I bought one of these on the Basschat forums a few weeks ago and I love it. Good luck with the sale!
  2. Yep, agreed. The LS2 does what most folk need really well, and they can be picked up used on here, or eBay pretty easily at a fraction of the cost. The exp pedal was the USP for me.
  3. There’s a SansAmp Paradriver just come available 2 hours ago, in the effects for sale section. £125.
  4. In and of itself, no, not really. The main thing I wanted was the ability to dial the amount of distortion in/out without all the bending down, somehow. The addition of an expression pedal allows for this. …However it’s an expensive folly, I’m the first to admit. But I have no regrets either. Just think the amount of effort I saved bending down and changing the blend knob manually. What is this, the Dark Ages? 😜🤣🤣
  5. It’s arrived, and I’ve integrated it into my pedal board. I does the job I wanted it to, really well actually. It replaced the noisy Mesquite blender (when switched), and the expression pedal functionality is good for blending the amount of distortion/clean sound on the fly. However it’s a really expensive option. Not sure it’s worth it. in fact, I’d go so far as to say, I’m pretty sure it’s NOT worth it… 🍺🍺🍺
  6. Anyone running a Gigrig wetter box? It’s basically a very well functioned blender/parallel loop pedal. I’ve done a search but there’s no results for it on Basschat. Its a bit late if there’s bad news, as I already ordered one with the Mission expression pedal bundle. I currently use a Mesquite blender, to add clean into my pedal mix but it has a couple of failings, it pops when switched on/off, and I need (no, not need… would like) a blender which is addressable with a rocker pedal. It seems like the wetter box suits the bill. Hopefully. But not a cheap folly, considering it’s not an effect in its own right. Anyone have any experience? I watched the YouTube vids but would love to hear the opinions of any Basschatters with one!
  7. Cool. Always keen to hear peoples thoughts on ‘new’ (news to me) gear!
  8. I never even heard of them. did you decide to try them?
  9. Ooooh! If I was nearer to you I’d snatch this off you in an instant! They did build things, erm, robust in the 80’s didn’t they! Lol
  10. I just received a Shure transmitter from Jack. All went swimmingly and he’s a genuinely nice fella with great comms. Great doing business with you mate!
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. I’m using a Tyler for exactly the same purposes as you. I have an MXR Bass compressor in the lows, and just today swapped out a Hamstead Subspace in the highs. I still have to master my overall sound. Still a bit unsure. I can see the potential but haven’t hit the perfect sound yet! I may go back to the Source Audio Aftershock for the distortion. The great thing the Aftershock has is stereo operation, so you can program it for one sound for the high end, and run a different one for the low end. However, it seems I’m more of a clean sound kinda guy. I’m still trying to find a way to like distortion better than clean. Hence me constantly searching for the right combination. The Tyler is a great bit of kit, but it’s expensive on the real estate, taking up the space of two other pedals… wish me luck with my experimentations! 🍺😬 EDIT: I’m now pretty familiar with what’s going on now, and have a very usable sound. It’s still relatively subtle but noticeable, and adds a lot of sonic weight to my sound. Liking it.
  14. I just bought a GR800 from Roy. It was a good deal and went *very* smoothly. The amp arrived in great time and was in mint condition. Very happy with things and can wholeheartedly recommend Roy in any Basschat dealings, based on my experience. AndyR
  15. Not entirely true. Silver is more malleable (and ductile) than copper. However pure copper is way less expensive, and due to its price pure silver is unlikely to be used. The metals used in a silver alloy to make it affordable will bring down its conductivity and its malleability. …Which as you suggest will probably make it less effective and more ‘brittle’ than pure copper. 😬
  16. I hear ya buddy! I’ve bought expensive cables to compliment an expensive bass. But my hearing is pretty shot now and I’m not sure I could tell the difference if it was a skipping rope. However, it makes me feel snuggly inside knowing I have a reassuringly expensive cable plugged in, so that everyone else can enjoy basking in the wonderfully clear tones. …*especially* on those infrequent occasions where I’m playing the right notes!
  17. Many complain that digital amps don’t ‘do it’. They never used a Powersoft.
  18. congrats on the new system! The low output (bod) shouldn’t be a problem with the power amp. With 600 watt you’ll be ok, The limiting factor will be how much you can push the speakers. A 2x10 isn’t moving *that* much air, and you might be pushing them hard to keep up, depending how loud the band is.
  19. Trivia I remember from my metallurgy days at the Assay Office. As I recall Silver is the best electrically conductive metal there is. (I’m not talking about more exotic materials, superconductors etc.) Its better than Gold (and Copper), …yet you see many high end HiFi plugs and sockets using Gold plating. Why? Well the reason is that Silver (like Copper) quite quickly becomes oxidised by comparison to Gold, (which doesn’t oxidise at all). Silver oxide isn’t a great conductor of electricity, so Gold is the better option. At last that’s as I understand it.
  20. Yeah, it counts as a rack mount rig, …but my original question was about rack mount preamps. Still, I’ll never object to seeing images of peoples rigs! It’s always a pleasure! I bet that sounds pretty amazeballs too! 🤘
  21. Agreed. It’s lightweight until 3u then starts getting unwieldy! My rule is always to get my rack gear down to 3u.
  22. I’ve noticed that it’s very seldom 19” rack pre’s come up for sale in the classifieds. Are they generally unliked by the community? I love the versatility of being able to get the Pre sound I want, then to amplify it with whatever I want. ok… currently I’m favouring my Thunderfunk TF750 but I have a decent selection of rack pre’s to choose from coupled with a Powersoft 3002. I’m always on the lookout, but they don’t seem to come up very often at all. it makes me wonder if there aren’t many out there, or if people hold on to them more… just musing over it.
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