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  1. Washburn B-200 in Dark Metallic Blue. Looks great, and plays beautifully. Sounds fantastic.
  2. My sound is so big and heavy I need a HGV licence to play.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. I bought a pair of these. Not only have they vastly improved my playing speed and technique, they could also come in useful for hitting annoying punters and/or fellow band members.
  5. Can't polish a turd...but you can make it look like one.
  6. Not sure about the tonal advantages of strap buttons, though am wondering about the sonic advantage of actual guitar straps. For example would a 3.5 " studded real leather strap make me sound more appropriate for Metal, rather than say a 2.5 " nylon strap with holes in it?
  7. If you have been in isolation for the last 12 months with no company whatsoever, then that may be the reason you are hearing differences in tone and sustain from a scratch plate. If not then have you considered getting a family member to make notes while you use a stop watch to measure and compare sustain times? Edit: If you have access to several family members, let each take it in turn to place an ear against body of bass while you pluck a note. Ask if they hear a difference in tone. Compare number of "yes" to "no" answers to conclude tonal or non tonal differences.
  8. A million slapped and popped notes from start to finish can end up saying so very little, whereas a couple of very well placed and chosen notes can end up changing someone's life.
  9. It is the actual bass line that is iconic and as the op already stated, he's not even looking to replicate particularly "that" sound. I agree that certainly in this case, any number of vst synths could provide what the op is looking to achieve. The original song is *not* massively bass heavy, and as I already stated above, if this is to form part of a band project, you most definitely don't want to be wrecking a mix with speaker blowing levels of low end anyway.
  10. It doesn't look like a Jupiter 8 though. 🤨
  11. We aren't back in the day though dreaming about owning a Jupiter 8 or to achieve the exact sound of the original song? The guy asked about any free vst's available that he could approximate a "synth bass-like" sound. I made a suggestion for one that is quick and free to download, with an easy to use interface, also providing a quick demo of it. There you go , a suggestion as asked for? And there are always solutions, for example: 1) Play the bassline on a real bass and mix in a synth sound underneath. 2) Open up another instance of VST, create another bass sound, play octave lower, detune and layer up the sound. 3) Spend a bit of money and get a Boss SYB pedal to get a true "bass synth" sound, then re sell it after project is finished. 4) Sell house, wait around for a "Jupiter 8" to become available (good luck) , and use proceeds to purchase. If the project involves other musicians and therefore will be a mix of instruments, what point is there in creating a speaker-blowing bass sound that may seem great in isolation, but devastating to a band mix?
  12. Here you go I downloaded, created this sound and recorded bassline with TAL U-NO 62 in about 10mins. Don't You Want Me - Bass - TAL U-NO 62 by User 549051091 (soundcloud.com)
  13. How about this Juno -60 VST? TAL Software (tal-software.com) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyxrhdWeiE8
  14. I have some Audio Technica ATH M50X. Had them a good few years now. I have worn them so much there is no leather stuff left on the pads! I must get around to replacing them. They have been thrown around, dropped, had loads of volume put through them, and still work beautifully. Very much worth the initial extra outlay of money in my opinion. I am more attached to these headphones than any bass I have owned! The sound quality is top notch, not only great for music production, but due to a slight bias towards the low end, basses sound wonderful through them.
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