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  1. Soooo ....this isn't about about dogging then?
  2. My pick would be the Epiphone Embassy out of that list. Nice looking, decent spec, good Thunderbird alternative. IIMO Epiphone out classes Squier for general quality.
  3. I have learned "Midnight Train To Memphis" by Chris Stapleton. Not my usual thing at all but actually a really good song. The bass part is fun to play also.
  4. Bleat

    Show us your rig!

    Hi Jack, The power amp is a 800 Watt Soundtech PS-802, with a Soundtech 15 band EQ underneath, an original Bass Pod Pro preamp underneath that, and a couple of Laney Blackface Richter 15" cabs underneath all those. The amp is able to run at 230 watts per channel as is. The pod has been a great way to find out what sort of tone works for me (currently its on a GK setting which I seem to be favouring). Anyway...I'll bore off now 😄.
  5. Bleat

    Show us your rig!

    My budget 2 x 15" bass set up for a potential 2021 rock covers band, and to cover all future eventualities with gigs at some unknown point....maybe... possibly... in theory. I'm more than happy with what I've achieved so far though considering my budget of pretty much fresh air and some brass buttons! It is still to be tested properly. I do expect it to allow me to go "boom boom boom" in the background and generally flap trousers around though. Undecided at the moment, but am considering moving the rack on and swapping for something a little lighter, more compact and straight forward in the amp department.
  6. Narrow and sleek version of the open book headstock... mini novel maybe? 🤘
  7. Digital Power Source.... amp. 👍
  8. The manual says it is a "digital switching mode power supply" that "makes high powered performance with extremely low weight possible" On the front it says "digital power source" . It's 1U and about 8kg.
  9. Thanks for the comment Lfalex , I may consider this if I can source the right cab (at the right price, and weight !) for my needs. The power amp doesn't have a hi pass filter just a switch for Stereo or Bridge Mode + in/out connections. It was the out sockets on the Pod and the crappy manual explanation that had me confused hence the original question! Now I have Left and Right outs running I can at least either use both amp channels or bridge it.
  10. Ok I think I have sorted my own stupidity here. The Pod manual is not very clear with all the different labelling of connections. (or maybe too complicated for my brain to understand properly) I found my spare leads out and have managed to connect up both pod outputs into channels 1+2 of graphic eq, then to left and right channel of my audio interface. Everything is working as I thought it should. It looks like using both channels / volumes of power amp for bass cabs. That should give me 460 Watts total to play with.
  11. Thanks for the comments! The amp (Soundtech PS-802) can only run in either Stereo or Bridge mode @ 800 Watts 8 ohms only..no dual mono function. I think that bridging would require something pretty big, powerful (and expensive) cab wise, and actually far more power than I would ever really realistically use anyway. There is of course practical transport and handling / loading into car to consider, so I am opting for a smaller, easier to handle solution where I could use either one or both more compact cabs. I *could* run a cab off each channel at 230watts per side 8ohm , but I would be messing with 2 volume controls and ideally looking for the same cab type anyway. I will clarify the current signal chain: Bass> Line 6 Pod Pro which doesn't *seem* to have left/right channels out but either a *modelled* out and DI out?. Maybe someone knows more than I do about that though? So taking just one output > graphic EQ channel 1> Power amp channel 1> to 1x8ohm cab linked to another cab of same type.
  12. So I have just got 2-channel 400 watt per side digital power amp, and the plan is to get 2x 8ohm cabs and daisy chain them for a 4ohm load at 400watts. The question being are power amps ok to run just the one side without speakers plugged into the other channel? I am guessing that this is something they are happy to do? I do have a manual for it, but it makes no mention of using just one side of the amp.
  13. 10 mins was nothing. I have the same problem plugging my LP bass in. Usually at least 20 mins and I don't wear pants either.
  14. Would this be any good? https://www.flightcasewarehouse.co.uk/industry/product.asp?item=spider-bass-hard-guitar-hard-case-11932-11665 I am sure I found SG bass cases somewhere, but can't remember where it was. If I can find it I will link to it.
  15. Bleat

    1spot supply

    A bit late now but I have a one spot supply, brand new, unused sat in a box you could have had ! Oh well, I'll keep it as I have been having fantasies about pedals again lately.
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