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  1. This is the result of some one who one day decided these sound great with guitars playing through them. Why can't they stick with their bloody guitar amps so I can buy one at a sensible price!
  2. My signature Washburn complete with signature quirks and flaws, signature replacement parts, signature sweat and general grub, signature gig bag, signature brown strap plus my signature Basschat straplocks.... includes my special signature furry cat guitar polishing accessory.
  3. My vote would be to find a used Boss ME-8B. Obviously old tech, but has a great bass synth section. In addition you can add in chorus, fuzz, octave, delay, reverb etc to create some huge synth tones. It tracks really well, bigger than a single pedal but still fairly compact. I sold the one I had and now regret it as I programmed some great speaker blowing Moog like synth patches on it.
  4. I'll say what many are probably thinking... "What a stunning pair of keyboard playing hands".
  5. Is that like "I'm not saying it was aliens...but it was aliens" In answer to the question - what would I pay for that? About as much as a typical knackered, butchered, hack job defret of a bass that can be found on ebay, so maybe £50-£75 at most. Why would I pay ££££'s for something when my very own shitty, knackered bass has way more personal value and playability to me (and also a true part of its journey through life).
  6. I located and bought some new 100k pots for my Washburn B 200 pre-amp board a few months ago. De-soldered the old pots no problem and put the new ones on. The only issue with the replacements is that the threaded parts are a bit shorter than the originals so not enough length to poke through the body to secure with nuts. Basically I just plonked the knobs back on which holds them in place though they are a little "wobbly". I guess I could shave away some of wood in the cavity so that I can get them to poke through enough to get nuts back on. For now I'm just happy that I have good pots and the preamp still works.
  7. Without meaning to slightly contradict my earlier post about just buying new strings (which I still think is the best and easiest thing to do), many years ago a guitar builder told me to try a smidge of WD-40 on a rag to wipe down strings. Yes it works, and it works very well, much more effective than the boiling nonsense at least. I will also add that the last time I mentioned this, a couple of people on here got their derrières in their hands at this suggestion. Obviously remove your strings first, wipe down, leave for a while then re-attach strings. Don't do it if you don't like the smell of WD-40!
  8. Black Sabbath's "Never Say Die" is a great album. AC/DC's "Fly On The Wall" is a great album. Jaco Pastrami or whatever his name is sounds like overrated self indulgent fart-like noise made worse by playing a Jazz bass made even worse by it being fretless.
  9. Total waste of time in my opinion. I tried it once a long time ago. I could barely hear any difference after boiling and wondering why I had wasted a good 1/2 hr of my life staring at a saucepan. What with the convenience of buying from the internet, wide availability of long life and cheap strings it just makes better sense to buy new ones. Personally I just go to Amazon, buy my favourite Rotosound strings at a reasonable price , and delivered next day. I change strings as often as I need to, usually every 4-8 weeks. ( and I am definitely *not* made of money!)
  10. Personally I wouldn't put too much energy into worrying about it, just focus on your own band and sort required band member asap. He sounds like a complete bell end who most likely won't retain new band members for long anyway if he is going to be in charge of his new set up! The FB page is in your bands control anyway, and maybe just put "the original *Band X* looking for...." when advertising?
  11. I love my Digitech Bass Squeeze. Got it cheap, I like the split low/high bands and the way it compresses and enhances the tone at the same time. Do I care that Ovnilabs slated it? .... nah couldn't care less. It does what I want it to. ☺️
  12. No one touches my #1 bass let alone gets to play it. It also helps to have no friends. 😄
  13. Schaller M4. It's a shame they stopped making these. I have a set plus Xtender on my *non-custom shop* dream bass though. I like Grover machine heads too.
  14. Amps: " Recently serviced" By that you mean you sprayed a bit of pot cleaner about then.
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