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  1. For sale: Precision Bass Black 3-ply scratch plate Made In Japan. New and unused. It should fit most p-basses I guess. Someone else might as well make use of it as the bass I bought it for has disappeared into a black hole somewhere! It is pre-fitted with some shielding, and still has the protective plastic wrap in place. It will be sent in its packet and secured between strong cardboard for safe posting. Price : 14.00 squddly diddleys including postage to UK mainland addresses only. Payment by bank transfer or Paypal gift payment. Either is fine. James. 😎
  2. For God's sake don't tell him that it's fitted out with Sung Il hardware... !
  3. Apparently word has it that this is what you are forced to watch repeatedly for 24 hrs prior to being shot by firing squad or blown up with a missile for looking at the great leader in the wrong way.
  4. All those slap bass players on YouTube are in Kajagoogoo tribute bands... Not true. They are all lonely, have no friends, too much time on their hands, and no one wants to be in a band with them.
  5. Couldn't he just use Fast Fret like the rest of us?
  6. My newish Dean EVO-XM Short Scale Bass. After giving it a bit of setup, it plays great with a dead low action, looks killer, and the Dean pickups sound surprisingly good to my ears. Also note it has 24 frets, though I'm personally scared to go above the 7th, maybe the 12th if I'm feeling particularly adventurous, and the wind is blowing my fingers in the right direction. I prefer this even to the Gibson Les Paul I had, it's much lighter for a start, and cost significantly less. It's definitely vying for 1st position with the Gretsch Junior Jet as my all time favourite bass. I think it will have a couple of upgrades when money allows, but it's perfectly usable as it is in all honesty.
  7. "plays like butter" … no, no it doesn't, it plays like someone playing a bass guitar.
  8. Newly arrived Dean EVO-XM Short Scale.
  9. I was looking at these a while ago. It seems at some point they changed the bridge to a Fender style which looks crap in my opinion. I like the much criticised 3-point bridge but then I'm rebellious like that. The bridge pickup is a guitar sized humbucker, and wasn't overly keen on the price also for what it is. For that sort of money you could get a used Epiphone limited edition short scale EB3, though not many around, so you would need a bit of patience to get hold of one.
  10. I had this short scale Revelation EB-3 for a while. Really nice bass and it sounded huge! I added the bridge cover. I know it's not a Jazz bass but It shows the quality of the instruments nicely!
  11. I find cheap strings are pretty much consistently cack in most ways, but are good for when I'm doing a setup /changing gauge of string. I can spend as much time as I like faffing / playing the strings without worrying that a good set of Ernie Balls will have lost their mojo by the time I have done all said faffing and testing and faffing again. I have just bought a set of these for that very purpose. These seem to be the least crap ones I have tried. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ELECTRIC-BASS-GUITAR-STRINGS-40-95s-Light-Gauge-040-to-095/200980644509?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 😊
  12. Pretty good deal for someone possibly? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Epiphone-bass-guitar-3-4-size-and-Harley-Benton-Amplifier-with-case-and-leads/353064462327?hash=item52344827f7:g:V24AAOSwiI1eqXHY
  13. He would utterly ruin Mustang Sally with his flamboyant display of technical prowess. 😆
  14. VR-B3, 11.2kohm Alnico V. I have had a Kent Armstrong before which I thought was a really nice sound, nothing like the Tesla, I suspect changing to 500k pots plays its part in producing the brightness though.
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