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  1. Next time you rename it , I suggest Plankchat
  2. £95.00 …. yes that's right … £95 inc delivery to UK only. I just need this out the way, so practically giving the bass away at this price! 🤘
  3. £180.00 inc post to UK only ? I need gone asap. I don't think you will find one of these cheaper ! 🤘
  4. This song is so bad it's great! Words included so you can even sing along for 2.54 minutes!
  5. Still here and available ! £200 inc 24hr courier to UK 👍
  6. I'm located in a small shanty town on the Mid Wales border in the 3rd world county of Herefordshire , though I may already have an impending sale at the moment.
  7. Thanks for reminding me about the bridge hooky ! I hate the brass saddle thing, I remember selling off the Wilkinson bridge ages ago and replaced with another one. I will amend the ad , might even knock a bit off the price.
  8. The Gretsch for sure.. superb basses for the money, and will certainly perform well for those styles of music. Also one to consider especially for Reggae is an Epiphone EB-0 …. if you want lots of bass, that will do it !
  9. Last of my current crop of basses to sell in my "Need-to-fund-another-Gretsch-Junior Jet- Bass-before-I-get-made-redundant-next-week" mega sale. This is a Vintage V90 Reissued series bass in beautiful Candy Apple Red Finish... it is in pretty much perfect condition. 42mm nut, 34" scale . Everything is good functionality wise. It is a passive plug and play bass and comes fitted with Wilkinson tuners and cool pickups. I don't think Vintage make this model now as far as I can tell. The controls are volume, tone, pickup blend and a unique roll control which allows you to go from humbucker to single coil sounds due to the design of the pickups... Just for honesty and accuracy ,It's a fairly lightweight basswood body with maple neck, so very easy to handle, and though it has a bit of neck dive when on the lap , it's fine on a decent strap thanks to the long top horn. It has a medium low action, and it may benefit from a bit of further setting up and better quality strings fitted. At this price and condition it would be maybe a great gift for a youngster, or perhaps someone is involved in a local music project looking for a nice but well priced bass.... or maybe you just fancy it yourself! As these were sold for around 250- 300 new, I would like the asking price which is pretty fair … and includes 48hr courier to UK MAINLAND. Cheers James. ** EDIT to advert: The original Wilkinson bridge was replaced , I will accept £110.00 inc postage to UK ** can't say fairer than that. Note : As usual the cheap crappy brown carpet is NOT included in this sale, I will not accept offers on it however desperate you are to have it.
  10. Hi Mr 'ting, Around the 10lbs mark as a rough estimate. Sorry I don't have scales to weigh it accurately. Cheers James.
  11. Due to impending redundancy next week and wanting to be able to fund another Gretsch Junior Jet bass Im selling my LTD Les Paul "yes its good for metal" bass . 34" scale Les Paul Style bass with nice modern tone, possibly a nice little upgrade project for someone. 40mm nut, truss rod works, everything good and in excellent used condition. Not a lot else to say about it, very slick and definitely a good modern tone to this one. Setup with a nice low action but could do with some new strings. Takes a 9V battery as it has active preamp... controls are : volume, pickup balancer, bass + treble cut n boost. Not asking a lot for what it is and will include a 48hr courier to UK MAINLAND persons. Note its currently on ebay with a few watchers so if you want it pm me ! Note: Cheap brown carpet not included. Cheers James.
  12. Due to impending job redundancy next week, I would like to be able to fund another Gretsch Junior Jet , so... Here is my Tokai Love Rock 32" scale Les Paul Bass in Cherry Burst finish. 40mm nut , truss rod ok, built to rock, new D'addario 32" scale strings fitted, nice low action.I have also added a new bone nut which is not currently glued in but sits well as is at the moment. It is in excellent used condition , though there are a couple of smallish black marks in the finish though are not too noticeable and on the top side of bass. It is a heavy beast so not for the faint hearted, near to a typical Les Paul weight. I would like £200 for it, and that is inclusive of a 48hr courier to UK MAINLAND. Its currently on ebay for a bit more than this. I will consider close offers!
  13. So many to choose from, but here's a small eclectic list of what I consider to be wonderful, moving, powerful and generally awesome tunes: "The Great Escape" and "Go" - Marillion "Ice" and all of "The Snow Goose" album- Camel "Mojave Plan" and "White Eagle"- Tangerine Dream "Never Say Die" and "Hard Road" - Black Sabbath All of "Hergest Ridge" and "Ommadawn Part 2" - Mike Oldfield "Drive" - Cars All of "Parallelograms" album- Linda Perhacs Anything from "Black Cherry" or "7th Tree" albums - Goldfrapp
  14. D'Addario Pro Steels IMO are the brightest, and also nicest feeling round wound strings. Come in various gauges and under £25.00 👍
  15. I joined 2007 so been around a good while 😮 .I don't feel I have a lot to add to most discussions, though I have tried to put more effort in the last 12 months or so! ... I will either give input on stuff if I think it is genuinely helpful to someone, or I will make stupid useless comments in an attempt to be amusing depending on my mood. 🤪
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