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  1. Hmmm... Psycho Killer - Talking Heads Another One Bites The Dust - Queen Under Pressure - Queen + Bowie Killer - Seal/Adamski Cars - Gary Numan
  2. I would be really interested to hear anyones experiences with this or any of the Kustom gear also. I had been considering getting myself one of these Kustom rigs together for quite a while. Although it hasn't happened yet, the prices are good, it's a bit different to what everyone else uses and looks pretty cool to be fair. It could be done for around £600ish. Problem is there is just so little info available on the Deep End gear , though I am sure I read or possibly saw on YouTube that an ex Ampeg guy had some involvement somewhere along the line, on the DE 300 head at least ? 😎
  3. A fantastic opportunity has arisen for someone to benefit from my stupidity. Brand New and unopened set of D'Addario Pro Steel 45-65-80-100 bass strings. These are the Best bass strings in the world and that is a FACT not my personal opinion , it's just a shame that for some reason I put the wrong gauge set in shopping basket. Imagine my disappointment when they arrived and I realised I actually wanted 45 65 85 105. The good news is I will sell these for £16.00 which will include 1st class postage to UK Mainland only. There … that will save you a few quid off a new set. Payment can be bank transfer or Paypal friends family gift payment, either is fine with me. Cheers, James 🎸
  4. Thanks I can't unhear that now ! ….and shouldn't it be a #blatantselfbuttplug 🤪
  5. Wouldn't usually comment on this sort of thing but...…. That D string …. pick a machine head any machine head 😂
  6. … £18.00 ? including 1st class post to UK addresses. Pretty much brand new and unused.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. As much as I have tried, no matter what I do with the controls and settings ,I can never hear any difference when I use my VST Turd Polisher plug in...
  9. Defined is the right word Lozz… It's not a night and day difference but it isn't just imagination . Though I dabbled with the pickups, I upgraded the wiring merely for the reliability and just having quality parts fitted and was quite surprised when I heard the overall tonal difference. I wouldn't say it would make a massive difference in terms of a band mix but certainly for the instrument itself. 😎
  10. I had a Gretsch, they are brilliant basses and sound fantastic … I upgraded most the bits that could be upgraded with quality parts. I tried the Artec mini humbuckers but the pole pieces don't align and also don't sound half as good as the stock ones.... if I remember rightly the E string also sounded quieter. TV Jones pickups are not a direct drop in replacement and also expensive... What I would advise is actually change the wiring, get a Switchcraft 3 way switch and input jack, upgrade to CTS pots and a decent cap ... that will give an audible improvement to an already great sounding instrument... That is what I did, though you will have to slightly widen the holes for the switch and pots etc.. Hope that helps a bit! Cheers James. 😎
  11. This is Fender's version of "weight relief" 🤪 (…. runs)
  12. No it doesn't do phantom power, while that would be a nice and useful thing to have, I guess we can't expect it all at the price point. 🎸
  13. *******SOLD***** pending ….stuff.
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