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  1. " In good condition these are worth nearly £1000!.... and in this condition if it was a Fender Custom Shop , it would be worth over £3500 ! " 😀
  2. I am so disappointed in the way this site has gone downhill regards fret access.... 21? …. 24? I remember when all everyone talked about were the first 5 frets, with ocaisional mention of the 7th.... proper bass playing. Now even aging "rock stars" who quite obviously dye their hair too, now want to move bridges , and extend necks even further to the left, trying to get in on this "cool" new "upper access" stuff.... .. I'm off to design my own signature bass which will be mostly body with a 5 fret neck. 😒
  3. Stuart bought a Yamaha bass from me. Very easy guy to deal with. Payment was swift and hassle free, with clear, polite communication throughout. Awarded the official Bleatly seal of approval © 👍
  4. Yamaha Bass for sale … 4 string with active bass and treble controls. From around 2001ish possibly ? It is near mint condition. No knocks scrapes or anything else... The gold hardware is untarnished. I have set it up with new recently fitted D'Addario 40-100 Pro Steel strings. Action is adjusted low, pretty much in the intonation ballpark, its been lemon oiled, polished and Silvo'd also. Just looking to free up money again, so moving this bass on. The low end sounds huge on this! Just the bass nowt else included, may need a day or 2 to sort out the packaging. One point to consider is that although I think it might be my one and only guitar lead playing up a bit, it *may* possibly need a replacement barrel jack socket or even just a bit of resoldering. I found the sound has cut off a couple of times when I knocked the lead. Generally it seems fine though. Payment can be bank transfer or Paypal gift payment, either is ok with me. Anyway I'm Looking for £180 which will include a signed for courier service to UK Mainland only.... therefore considering this and its age and condition, I won't entertain offers of part exchanges with girlfriends/ wives / pets/ milk bottle tops or groats...or goats I have feedback also somewhere for you to check out! 🤪
  5. Strange as I bought a set of Elixir strings where I had pretty much the same problem on the E string on my Les Paul bass... to do with the fact of having the extra length to travel due to the 2 piece Warwick bridge... In your case it's because stringing through the body has added the extra length therefore the taper ends up on the nut.
  6. This isn't exactly being mistaken for someone famous as such , but at a pub gig somewhere in Birmingham years ago a rather nice drunk person wobbled their way up to me between songs and shouted "god you're an ugly fu**er, but you're a sh*t hot bass player". To someone who is a) drunk and b) probably never even seen someone play a bass guitar before, anyone playing the damn thing is going to be "sh*t hot " 🤨 At the end of the same gig while loading cars etc... we were told "you lot should of been playing Wembley f*ckin stadium not a pub"... Due to look on their face , we didn't take that as a "you should be famous" compliment but rather something to do with everything being turned up to 11 on our amps for the past 2 hours. 🤪
  7. Bleat

    BreadBin Feedback

    Brendan bought an Adam Black Gemini bass from me. Payment was prompt, with good communication. An all round hassle free sale just as it should be! James.
  8. ........ I don't even get the "having a wife" part, nevermind sneaking basses into the house shoved down my underpants bit. 🤪
  9. Seriously makes anything else feel and sound like a toy instrument.
  10. Now £100 inc, UK delivery. 🤩
  11. £25.00 posted ….. want it gone ! 😀
  12. …. and back to the top. A lovely bass, would make a nice, reasonably priced gift for a young wanna be Rockstar maybe ?
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