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    1spot supply

    A bit late now but I have a one spot supply, brand new, unused sat in a box you could have had ! Oh well, I'll keep it as I have been having fantasies about pedals again lately.
  2. I thought I might blend in a bit better on an OCD thread....obviously not!
  3. When you tune up your bass and that one machine head ends up sitting completely side on compared to all the others....boils my fosters that does. 🤨
  4. Bought some strings ages ago from Mr Murray, and this came with them, which was very nice of him.
  5. Thanks to the REAL knowledgeable pro's on this forum and their advice, I am now happily sat here with my bass smothered in Lurpak playing Painkiller by Judas Priest... I love the way that I can also hold that one note at the end lasts for a week.
  6. Only a true professional would say that. Also no mention of it being good for metal or not...To be fair I'm starting to feel a little suspicious of Dave's expertise now.
  7. Maybe this pic of my old one might push you to the brink.......Go on....you know you want to! 😁
  8. Personally no I wouldn't bother with it at that price with those "modifications". However I would be prepared to pay that if it was unmolested, mint and original . The Junior Jets are incredibly good basses though!
  9. They have stock here in the UK so delivery is free , though I guess might be a fortune to get one into Bulgaria!
  10. Here is my cheap Artist Guitars PB-2 Precision Bass copy ( with black hardware + DiMarzio upgrades). They are the Australian Harley Benton, except nicer name and nice script logo on headstock. £99 plus a free gig bag, free clip on tuner, free pack of strings, free delivery. They sell a 3/4 version also. These are so good for no money, and with a bit of set up play pretty damn well. They sell some very well priced quality guitar leads and cases also.
  11. No it isn't Ebony. I think they call it an "eco-rosewood", so not sure exactly what it is! It doesn't look a million miles away from my Les Paul which actually is Ebony though! 😎
  12. This is my Beautiful Black Beast Backup Bass or BBBBB for short. It's a £99 Artist Guitars P bass copy now fitted with some black hardware and a DiMarzio P pickup. Killer bass for the money too. 🤘
  13. DHL are the absolute worst. As above don't bother with them! They managed to deliver a bass to a completely wrong location in a different county... never got resolved even when the shop tried to sort it out for me and they had admitted the error.. No attempt to collect from location and get delivered, and I was refunded by the shop in the end. They also managed to damage a load of products beyond salvage for my business not long ago. I was left to chase them after no delivery , no communication. Luckily shop resent more products which finally arrived unscathed.
  14. Bleat


    If Steve Harris played jazz... this would be it.
  15. Bleat

    Gibson Porn

    It really is a lovely instrument, couldn't ask for more in terms of sound and overall quality. 👍
  16. Bleat

    Gibson Porn

    2003 Gibson Les Paul in Tobacco burst.. 2nd one and have bonded much more with this one. £99 P bass copy back in it's bag and sulking in the corner.
  17. I don't think there is such a thing as over or under rated.....just personal opinion and what floats our own boat and what doesn't... Maybe we should all strive to be the sort of bass player we want to see in the world?
  18. Not a fan of the Stingray bass but am massive fan of Cliff's no nonsense solid playing. In fact he did some pretty interesting lines on Back In Black and For Those About To Rock. He's the main reason I took up bass in the first place. He thoroughly deserves this recognition, none more deserving IMO. 🤘
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  20. Would love this, what a bargain! Literally down to my last few pence for bass things sadly at the moment.
  21. ....and don't try and fools us by putting that dodgy looking wig on and pretending to be someone called "Mark Smith", coincidentally a bass player giving lessons too !
  22. There's definitely some sort of bass related bald headed conspiracy going on.
  23. OP: "ok I've located a rehersal room with windows. When shall I book it for?"" Drummer: "Well maybe next month or possibly not...maybe next March, but I guess could be ready in a couple of weeks" OP: " I need a date to make the booking" Drummer "..... what shape are the windows?" OP: " er... sort of rectangle I think" Drummer: " ..agh...sorry mate I need a room with perfectly square windows or my OCD might kick in and trigger the virus" OP: " You don't really want to be in this band do you?" Drummer: " Yeah of course mate...just need to know what we can do about it"
  24. ...About 1974 😏
  25. Awesome early Tangerine Dream featuring "Happy" Dieter on bass.... obviously not a Basschat member then. 😄
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