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  1. For sale my Stingray black rosewood from 1989 Good condition for his age Only 3,9kg Sounds like a dream really Comes with a gigbag Price: 1400€
  2. For sale WW Streamer LX jazzman Made in Germany in 2004 Perfect condition Pickups and Electronic MEC Volume, Balance, 3 band EQ, Series-Parallel-Single Switch Price: 1000€
  3. Partial trade with a 4st bass guitar
  4. For sale this Fbass Bn4 from 2010 Perfect condition Rosewood fingerboard Fbass gigbag All works perfectly excepted the bridge pickup. No sound. I don’t know if the problem comes from the pickup or electronic. I know that G Furlanetto can replace the pickup if it’s that the problem. Price: 1900€
  5. For sale Dingwall 2016 candy black cherry in mint condition, only a small stripe on the back. Dingwall gigbag included No trade Price: 2800€
  6. You can propose but not really
  7. For sale Status S2 classic headless with carbon neck from 2014 Mint condition 2 humbuckers with 18V Status electronic 34" Status Hiscox 4,3kg
  8. 900€ shipped in a little gigbag
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