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  1. For sale Warwick Corvette FNA Jazzman made in Germany in mint condition Very versatile bass This bass is really light 4,1kg No trade 
  2. Norwood

    Yamaha BB614

    For sale Yamaha BB614 in very good condition Construction: Bolt-on neck. Scale Length: 864mm (34"). Fingerboard: Rosewood. Frets: 21 Large. Radius: 250mm (10"). Body: Alder. Neck: Maple. Tuners: Open type. Bridge: Vintage Style. Pickups: 2 Split single coil, 1 Soapbar single coil. Pickup Switch: Pickup Balancer. Controls: Speed Knobs for Master Volume, Balancer, Trebl, Bass Mid Cut Frequency, Mid Cut On-Off Switch.
  3. Norwood

    Sterling 93 Sold

    Price drop £1000
  4. Norwood

    Sterling 93 Sold

    Fot sale Musicman Sterling from 93. Some little scratches but nothing important. Weight 4kg Musicman gigbag included. Price: 1250€
  5. Norwood

    Tecamp Puma 500 Sold

    Price drop 400€ shipping excluded
  6. For sale Tecamp Puma 500 in good condition Tecamp gigbag included. price: 430€
  7. Norwood

    Sandberg california VM5 Sold

    I'm based in France For the pickguard I think it's the original but I had it like that. Yes it has dot markers on the side Frets are good
  8. Norwood

    Sandberg california VM5 Sold

  9. For sale Sandberg California VM5 in good condition Alder Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard 34" 22 frets Sandberg 2 band equal Active/passive switch Black grey finish gigbag No trade Price: 950€
  10. Norwood

    lakland PJ USA Sold

    Still available
  11. Norwood

    Feedback for mickb1773

    I’ve done a trade with Mick, perfect communication, very serious seller, all was perfect. Thanks Mick
  12. Norwood

    Celinder J Vintage 5 Traded

  13. Norwood

    lakland PJ USA Sold

  14. Norwood

    lakland PJ USA Sold

    For sale Lakland 4464 USA from 2014 Perfect condition, only a ding on the head. 1.75" @nut neck Alder Body Rosewood Fingerboard Blocks and Binding option Black sparkle finish Matching headstock Pearl Pickguard Hipshot D-Tuner 4.1 kgs Lakland hardcase No trade Price: 2100€
  15. Norwood

    Fender JB US deluxe sold

    No problem to ship