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  1. Norwood


    The ad is from 2016 😄
  2. Norwood

    Spector euro Price drop £900

    Price drop £900
  3. Norwood

    Spector euro Price drop £900

    Pics of the preamp
  4. Norwood

    Spector euro Price drop £900

    No it's an euro, you can check here, there's NB on headstock
  5. For sale Spector Euro from 90’s Nice condition 4kg Vol,vol, bass, treble Case included 1100€
  6. For sale Fender jb mex classic 70 sunburst Good condition, only a scratche on the back 4,3kg Fender gigbag included No trade
  7. Norwood

    Stingray Stealth white Reserved

    Maybe a more high end model, I can add money but no MM please
  8. Norwood

    Stingray Stealth white Reserved

    Based in France but no problem to ship.
  9. For sale Stingray Stealth white limited edition with ebony fretboard Really nice condition 4,2kg MM hardcase Price: 1600€
  10. Norwood

    WW thumb 4 NT

    For sale this amazing WW thumb 4 nt from 2004 Mint condition Ebony fingerboard 3 band equal. No trade
  11. Norwood

    Musicman Sterling 5 Sold

    For sale Musicman Sterling 5 black maple in mint condition 2014 4,1kg MM hard case included. No trade Price: 1300€
  12. For sale Warwick Corvette FNA Jazzman made in Germany in mint condition Very versatile bass This bass is really light 4,1kg No trade 
  13. Norwood

    Yamaha BB614 Sold

    For sale Yamaha BB614 in very good condition Construction: Bolt-on neck. Scale Length: 864mm (34"). Fingerboard: Rosewood. Frets: 21 Large. Radius: 250mm (10"). Body: Alder. Neck: Maple. Tuners: Open type. Bridge: Vintage Style. Pickups: 2 Split single coil, 1 Soapbar single coil. Pickup Switch: Pickup Balancer. Controls: Speed Knobs for Master Volume, Balancer, Trebl, Bass Mid Cut Frequency, Mid Cut On-Off Switch.
  14. Norwood

    Sterling 93 Sold

    Price drop £1000