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  1. Thanks for the endorsement Aiden . I didn't realise K&K made stuff for guitars too
  2. **NOW SOLD** K&K Bass Master Pro dual pickup and preamp £120 I no longer have the bass I used this with so am now selling. The new price is around £300 Ii believe. I don't have a stereo mini jack cable to go with it, but there are some documents with the original instructions in the box for how to install and tips on how to get the best from it. Here's a product description that I found online K&K Bass Master Pro system for Upright Bass - transducers and preamp The Bass Master Pro is a very sophisticated transducer system for the upright bass. It consists of three components: The Double Big Twin bridge surface mount transducer, one Bass Max wing mount transducer, and a very powerful dual-channel preamp with excellent features. The Double Big Twin pickup is designed to transmit a harmonized jazz bass sound with a lot of very low and high frequencies. The high frequency response ensures a clean amplification of the finger pick sound. The low frequency transmission produces the desired very low bassy sound picture. The Bass Max wing mount transducer transmits more midrange, which adds power and definition to the sound. When playing arco, we recommend using only the wing transducer. It is also compatible with small combo amps. The dual-channel preamp is a belt clip unit that features two volume controls, a stereo input, and a line level output on the outside of the box. Inside the box are adjustable controls for gain, bass, and treble for each channel. The tone controls offer an incredible +/- 20 dB. This is a wider range than some big boards on the market today! To keep the box as small as possible these controls are trim pots (small potentiometers for adjustment with a precision screw driver which is supplied). Once you install the pickups, you can adjust the two channels with these trim pots to your personal preference and needs. While performing, the two volume knobs on the outside allow for quick adjustments.
  3. Thank you for taking the time to help out RicksterPhil. I'll check that out ☺
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. [attachment=234041:SDC11146-1.jpg]I'm selling my old Spirit LX7 mixer as it hasn't been used in a while. Everything seems to be in working order, although it has been unused for several years and therefore my benefit from an internal clean. This is reflected in the price. I've seen these for £200 in Ebay without a case. I've priced it to shift it! It's bit of a large heavy beast and doesn't have any onboard effects, but it has nice sweet EQs which include two semi-parametric mid sweeps. It also has 6 aux sends which has proved to be useful with larger band lineups. I would say it's probably more suitable for using as an in house mixer in a venue/pub unless you are in a larger band and have outboard fx. There's a couple of knobs missing, but it's generally in reasonable condition. Based in Sheffield. Would prefer collection due to size, but will send at buyers expense if needed. [attachment=234040:20161015_172339-1.jpg][attachment=234042:SDC11148-1.jpg][attachment=234043:SDC11151-1.jpg]
  6. Hi, am I right in thinking this uses a 12volt supply? Just wondered if you use it on an fx board and if it takes up extra space because of the extra plug. Cheers ☺
  7. Have sent you a PM, cheers!
  8. Hi, is this bass still for sale?
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