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  1. its that frissson of excitement that comes with wondering how many you have to view before you find one that has nailed the correct notes in the correct order with the proper groove
  2. i go this! it's probably more useful 🤣
  3. but it will probably still have a novelty random detachable headstock
  4. keep a clear perspex cover FIXED over the top and keep it locked until they have parted with the money - you know what guitarists are like they will be losing them all over the shop before they even got their wallet out
  5. you forgot that they pay virtually flip all corporation tax
  6. just scanning through the entire stages list https://www.somersetlive.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/glastonbury-festival-line-up-schedule-2938328 - cant believe tank and the bangas were only on one of the very minor stages - possibly one of the tightest bands there and with the exception possibly of the legendary mavis staples tarriona tank the best voice at glasto this year nice little stint to for some local medway delta talent in the shape of funke and the two tone baby on the bimble inn stage - if you never heard of him check this its great fun
  7. v nice - similar ish sort of stylewise to emily's devolution
  8. you can get the pre-loved - i managed to purchase two sets from this very website but they dont pop up very often mr wizard retired and just closed everything down but the designs and tools and jigs and everything were bought up on proviso that new company started out with a new name i believe - hot rods - so basically the hot rods guys are making the same product with the same designs to the same spec with the same manufacturing tools ps my search for the elusive powerful active jazz setup was rudely upset when i purchased a vm Precision and dropped a wizard thumper in it - never imagined that a passive setup would sound fatter and bigger than all the different actives i have tried over the years https://www.hot-rodpickups.com/jb-hammer-jazz-bass-pickup-569-p.asp
  9. rock you say ... wizard hammers you need thank me later
  10. even gary barlow had to start somewhere
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