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  1. Boss LMB3 if travelling light otherwise a dbx160a lives permanently in the rack case with the head - FOH guys always love it if you set it up fairly subtle it is quite transparent but stops any unwanted booming surprises making their way to the desk
  2. heatwaves on the runway as the wheels set down
  3. this is a thing and it is real - had an old squier affinity J and dropped a pair of wizard hammers in - similar result
  4. yeah fine ... just as long as they dont start on the 'single glove thing'
  5. i can hear all the fodera fanboys quietly crying in the corner 🤣🤣🤣
  6. the mudbucker sounds nice in the first video too
  7. beat me to it - was just about to say how the fod is the least interesting! whodathought that an eb3 mudbucker would sound better than the hallowed foderas 🤣
  8. what a shame .. another absolutely shite tune going pretty much all the way around harveys barn and ending up nowhere its only redeeming feature imho is bruford is a monster
  9. works the other way too - i recently contacted somebody selling a rather nice bass and was practically trying to throw my money at him but he couldnt even be arsed to answer messages
  10. Try a boss LMB-3 see what effect it has its a bit like having an outboard pre
  11. The only local stores of note seem to rely on the music school side of their business two that come to mind in medway and faversham are well stocked but also have a very extensive teaching program and probably as many (if not more) tutors than sales staff there are a small number of boutique high end places but by their nature they dont seem affected as they rarely operate under the same economic conditions as the average high street shop
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