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  1. i take it you didnt get the "aspirational lifestyle choice" memo ? 🤔
  2. Squier classic vibe. You're welcome. 😀 https://www.andertons.co.uk/bass-dept/bass-guitars/jazz-bass/squier-classic-vibe-70s-jazz-bass-maple-fingerboard-black
  3. have you tried tracing and scanning? ive used vinyl carrier paper tape or any lightweight paper will do, to do what is effectively a brass rubbing of a pattern - then scan the paper - drop the image into illustrator or autocad and it should be 'exact' size then zoom in and trace over accurately
  4. I dont know your drummer , but please feel free to forward this on ...
  5. 14 day written notice to bank then get thee hence directly to the ombudsman
  6. but then aren't old dead lifeless strings a form of physical/mechanical compression?
  7. @discreet i know you unfollowed but i just thought id tag you to see how your warts are doing
  8. I dont know your guitarist but please forward this on with my regards
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