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  1. What is it with headstock design?

    you mean like sadowsky and fodera ?
  2. Sandberg Cali Blueburst TM4 Status Matrix 4 with JEast pre Squier vm J fretless with wizard hammers and JEast pre Hartke Hydrive 112 times two Hartke LH500 dbx160a comp korg pitchblack and for rig free gigs a sansamp di and all of it apart from the last two items was bought from ... basschat!
  3. Where do you store your bass gear?

    top of the stairs
  4. Walk in gigs equipment

    for those sort i usually just take a sansamp di and a compressor pedal
  5. Collection in person

    possibly because even on here and other online establishments things do not always go as planned - i once purchased a bass online that was sold with a hard case - it turned up at the designated delivery address with just ONE of the FOUR catches on the hard case holding it closed - no other fastenings around it to prevent the case from being opened and nothing around the case needless to say this was categorically the very last time i would buy such an item without going to collect in person, hence i will only sell to collectors now or at least local enough to drive and meet them and hand it over in person - ive just recently put 2 basses a geetar and a cab up for sale but removed the ads and took them instead to a local reputable music shop to sell on commission
  6. mojo there was a thread recently on faceache cant remember where , the jist of which some young(er than me) whippersnapper was commenting whether he could justify calling something 'relic'd' to which i responded that you possibly could but beware of miserable old cynics such as myself who have been around the block a few times and know what roadworn look like as compared to careless and neglectful handling
  7. Squier Affinity or VM for starter?

    if the affinity is an earlier one then id go for that - i have a 2009 affinity and its perfectly acceptable instrument have gigged it plenty - i have a VM and its a slight bit better but nothing to fret over - that said the newer affinitys definitely dont look as nice as the earlier ones - the better option squier wise would be a nice classic vibe but that would definitely not fall within your budget personally i do not even look on evilbay at all these days for anything - have you tried preloved gumtree etc and there are plenty facebook groups as well that are sale forums - be wary of cash converters they do tend to err on overpricing slightly (our local one seems to anyway whenever ive cheked whats in there) apols just noticed your update - as for amp for home purposes would recommend a small trace elliot combo - there are usually some boxer 65's floating around or even the BLX series too occasionally - hartke small combos crop up on sale boards too and would be suitable imho
  8. Lyrics that changed your world

    having a very visual brain i'd have to say this... Heatwaves on the runway, as the wheels set down...
  9. pleasantly stumbled upon

    tiny desk are great fun arent they - try jam in the van and paste and .... loads of them which gives me an excuse to throw this up - one of the best female voices out there at the moment - the way she drifts from rap to singing is sublime
  10. Dave Peacock

    does chas not play the bass any more? or is it dave? im confused now. saw them many moons ago on the support at knebworth 79 and very consumate entertainers they were too
  11. pleasantly stumbled upon

    self explanatory ... i'll kick off with this little gem i stumbled on the other day .. soemtimes youtube gets its suggestion absolutley spot on! nice catchy tunes ... check outrageous hot pants ... check plus a crazy dude painting a live portrait on stage what's not to like
  12. Midnight chimes

  13. How old is too old to play bass?

    im 56 but feel about 96
  14. How was your gig last night?

    i'd tell you more but it was such a damp squib i didnt want to put a downer on the holiday oh and i twas a free bar all evening but thats not really much of a help when you have to drive - on the plus side it was a private christmas office do for some people who have booked us many times before and support us very well, so thats all good too
  15. How was your gig last night?

    meh... paid ok though so all cool - could do with a few more like that