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  1. so they went for the gibson aspirational lifestyle choice pricing strategy cow poop?
  2. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiR0UNmHE1BAWNIgHGk42lQ
  3. stretching the definition of a gig (because frankly they were stretching the definition of wholesome entertainment)... Cats at some west end theatre i cant even remember what a crock of shite walked out before half time
  4. very close to walking out of rainbow at the rainbow - only so much of mr blackmore's onanistic noodling that can be humanly tolerated in fact id 'almost' rather go watch yngwie ... but then maybe not that was the tour he did with JLT on vox - saw him also with GB on vox and was much better imho ymmv mcton...
  5. in the 'mainstream' yes ... theres been some cool stuff out leftfield and in the fringes tho
  6. for anyone based north kent area i have used several times for electronics repairs and thoroughly recommend Dave Tutt www.tutt-technology.co.uk
  7. dont forget the electra series too they are very good - i had a tobacco burst electra J they are way better quality than mex's
  8. guess which is the better of these two? 😉
  9. love this performance - just wish the bassist would have used a cranked up SVT
  10. gates of delirium for me please whilst the close to the edge and fragile era is my overall favourite im going to throw the cat amongst the pigeons and suggest a few tracks from drama too (maybe my bias as that was the only time i saw them live) - the much later stuff has some nice moments but none of it has the raw energy of the 70s material
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