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  1. forgot to add - as nice as this review is, it does sound like this is strung with roundwounds - maybe i should try and upload an audio clip to demonstrate the lushness of the la bella's
  2. IK Multimedia now do a phone mic attachment https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/irigmiccast2/?pkey=irigmiccast2
  3. I’ll take some special close up shots later 😜
  4. oops forgot to add - this is the 34" scale not the short scale version
  5. only spotted them last week because some nicey smashy deejay on radiocaroline.co.uk has played this recently a few times
  6. loads on the yewtewbs - heres on for starters
  7. thumbs up for JE have bought a one new from him and two preloved and he has done repairs to them and been very polite and friendly dealing over phone and carrying out repairs (ps if you buy a new unit from him please buy with confidence - the only reason i needed a repair was because it was a preloved item from this here very basschat forum which wasnt in the greatest of condition regards the ribbon connector cables and John did the repair at a very reasonable fee too)
  8. +1 for the srm450s - kaeep an eye out in the usual places and a pair will pop up for sale soon enough they are fairly popular the thumps are usable as PA but the 450 have more power and much more clarity - we used 450s with mackie ipad mixer depends how many inputs you need you might get away with 8 - we started with an 8 but being 5/6 piece we needed to swap it out to the 16channel model- plus if anybody in the band decides they want to use in-ears with the mackie ipad mixer they will be able to control their own monitor feed from an iphone/ipad app
  9. Shouldnt be a problem - i changed it also out of personal preference
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