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  1. steve-bbb

    Daft as it may seem

    never eat anything bigger than your head
  2. steve-bbb

    ok really boiled my p1ss, need to let off steam

    sounds like a schmaltzy jamie oliver and pukka friends advert with toploader soundtrack
  3. steve-bbb

    ok really boiled my p1ss, need to let off steam

    The t&c’s are there plain as day you can take it or you can leave it simple
  4. steve-bbb

    Bass Cab Power to Weight Ratio ???

    i have two hydrive112's which are quite impressive with a classA 500w head - but together they are still heavier than a barefaced twin
  5. steve-bbb

    Top 10 jazz albums for a newbie

    I'm going to go out on a limb a bit here - if you saw this browsing through a record store you would probably just keep on browsing right? hold it right there! this is sublime Don Thompson on bass and Ed Bickert on guitar doing amazing things while pat metheny was still running around in short trousers https://www.allmusic.com/album/thinking-about-you-mw0000006499
  6. Sold pending - thanks for all the interest
  7. Be warned! Its like active tone on steroids! Can you handle it? Sold pending etc etc
  8. my bad like a complete spanner i put 110 in the post title and 105 in the body of the post to clarify price is 105
  9. steve-bbb

    Threatin, BBC article

    y'all do know that thing about focus/attention/energy dont you? just ignore and starve him of the oxygen of publicity - it's nothing more than he deserves
  10. J-East active board complete on Jazz bell plate with chrome knobs been living inside my fretless j for a couple of years - fully working, reason for sale is reverting the J back to passive, priced according to age (bought it from basschat a couple years back) - light scratching wear/tear on the bell plate nothing deep £75 plus p+p (should be about fiver within UK) or meet in person for delivery if you are anywhere near medway towns (north kent) full spec over here ....https://www.east-uk.com/index.php/all-products/j-retro-01.html just to clarify - am only posting within UK
  11. 3 (black) knob uni-pre no explanation needed - it's all over here .... https://www.east-uk.com/index.php/all-products/uni-pre-3k.html all complete, washers springs screws etc and in full working order - it's been in my status for a couple of years now but i decided i want to revert the status back to as close as original condition as i can get it so im refurbing the original status board - the active/passive switch is also supplied - was never connected up as i didnt want to drill an extra hole through the status body so i just opted for it to be permanent active - this is done simply by means of a couple of jumper pins - remover them and connect the switch and you have the option if you require it third pic shows it sat inside the status control cavity just to give an idea of size etc - obviusly being on separate boards with ribbon cables it is fairly flexible with regards to layout/configuration £105 finest pounds sterling - includes p+p inside UK - will be bubble wrapped and boxed and 'signed for' delivery - or can meet up deliver in person if you are anywhere near the medway delta (glorious jewel of north kent) edit - just to clarify am only posting/selling within UK
  12. steve-bbb

    Recommended Luthiers

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mxeXNw8DO190mbPQVHgTNbfGNyD4ssmw&usp=sharing ive put this up with public sharing at the moment - @Hamster if you ping me your email i can add you as an editor several of the links in the list are dead links a few of the links are flash sites and will ocasionally redirect to non-adobe flash downloads (these have been omitted for security reasons) several of the links are still live business but have no location and have not been included on the map at present some have no address details but have included themselves on google maps already so the location details have been added directly from their own googlemap listing
  13. steve-bbb

    Equipment used for learning by ear?

    defnintely this
  14. steve-bbb

    Bros Doc